‘COVID Zero’ New Zealand Has Completed Its Transformation Into a Biomedical Security State

One that isn't even succeeding

New Zealand, the last of the dedicated “COVID Zero” nations on earth, has completed its transformation into a full-blown tyrannical regime, and shockingly, it has come with the consent of the vast majority of Kiwis.

Once hailed as the media and “public health experts’” favorite COVID-19 managerial “success story,” the puff pieces have been increasingly hard to find, as Wellington has spawned a dystopian concoction of insane, despotic government edicts, claimed as an absolutely necessary part of their everlasting fight against a disease with a 99.8% recovery rate.

Just observe what has happened in the Five Eyes partner nation during this week alone:

1) Virtually the entire country is once again under an indefinite lockdown, after a few COVID-19 cases were reported throughout the nation.  A single case necessitates a “snap lockdown,” in which all rights of millions of citizens are immediately restricted and indefinitely subject to the containment of a seasonal respiratory disease. The current lockdown has been extended over Auckland until at least mid September, with many predicting a much lengthier sentence. According to past precedent, Kiwis will not receive their freedom back until — this is the truly insane part of Zero COVID — there is zero community spread of COVID-19.

And the second another case pops up on the radar, the entire country goes back to square one of the Zero COVID protocol.

2) A man is being shamed by his countrymen for having the audacity to “escape” from a government-sanctioned COVID internment camp. The camps have been described in a more positive, but false light by the press and government officials as “quarantine hotels,” but it is most certainly an internment facility, as leaving is not allowed, and it carries a fine and lengthy prison sentence.

The Hill reported: “The person was charged with failing to comply with New Zealand’s coronavirus health order. Under a new law passed last year, he could face a fine or up to six months in jail if convicted.”

3) The country’s police and military services are installing security checkpoints throughout New Zealand in an effort to make sure citizens are not traveling during the lockdown. Freely traveling during the lockdown now carries a massive fine and/or prison sentence as punishment.

New Zealand is now the only country in the world left that is dedicated to COVID Zero, the pursuit of the total elimination of a virus from their nation, which has been under a government-sanctioned self-siege since the beginning of 2020. All of the other nations that attempted to pursue the pseudoscience behind COVID Zero have failed in catastrophic fashion. New Zealand has transformed from a highly-touted COVID “success story” to a full-fledged house of horrors, and sadly, there is no end in sight to the ongoing madness.

Source: The Dossier

  1. Raptar Driver says

    A face even a mother could not love.

  2. Mark says

    Absolutely insane. Such a policy will have to be maintained forever, or so long as a single COVID ‘case’ remains active anywhere in the world. As long as someone has it, they can pass it to others, and those others could travel to New Zealand, where natural immunity is so miniscule as to be statistically non-existent – it would spread like a forest fire. Therefore no travelers from outside New Zealand can be permitted – ever – and likewise no New Zealanders leaving unless they plan never to return. You would think such a policy would be shouted down as ridiculously unsustainable as soon as it was brought up.

    COVID is at least brilliant at exposing the real lunatics among the world’s politicians. But so far there are only degrees of lunacy – they are all crazy to some extent, except for the governors of Texas and Florida.

    1. Mychal says

      Forever is the point more money.

  3. ken says

    Okay,,, who here believes polls. lol

    Who could have known! Who could have known those nice smiling faces all wrapped up in a flag kissing babies could turn into demonic oppressive tyrants over night trying to kill those that oppose.

    Who could have known that an entire country could be turned into a police state over a non existent virus that over 99.9% survive,,, many not knowing they even have it [hint-because they don’t]

    Looking at Israel where most of the country is now anointed with the shot and now has the highest rate of ‘cases’ [because the shot causes the illnesses] it’s apparent the New Zealand health and political bosses have the intelligence of an earthworm looking for zero covid.

    And right across the sea is another nation, Australia, besieged with crazed tyrants of all sorts. The police and military of both country’s are as traitorous as the tyrants forgetting its their job to enforce law,,, not rules,,, protect from invasion,,, not invade! The whole kitten caboodle needs marched into the ocean without their duckies. But the pussified men down under don’t have what it takes. You women [real women] need to kick their asses out!

    Now I hear they are shooting puppies in kennels because they might spread the covid. What dufuses! Now that really takes some brave humanity there! Maybe those kill shots hyped as a vaccine have a use after all.

    The new Australian Monoploy game

  4. GMC says

    Since the PCR test is bogus , I wonder how they are testing for the flu virus? Everyone else is obviously using the PCR test for mega positive scams. I wonder if they are indeed using the PCR – turned down to 20 instead of 40.???

  5. Voz 0db says

    I honestly hope they all die soon… Just leave the Sheep Free before you wastes of organic matter disappear.

    “There are a lot of sheep in New Zealand. There are in fact an estimated 10 sheep to every piece of worthless shit kiwi”!

  6. yuri says

    anglo nations deriving from the lowest most incompetent classes from other nations excepting Jews, Russians in USA in 1970’s are obsequious and well trained—the most individualistic societies on earth…and Tocqueville long ago observed that individualism produces a self doubting, conformist, antagonistic, anxious fearful people….sociologists have long described amerikans “over-conformist semi-automatons”

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