Covid Test Swabs Found Contaminated With Aluminium, Silicon and Dangerous Chemicals

Bad news for the uninjected who are being forced to test twice-weekly to keep their jobs

A public sector trade union in Cyprus has called for the suspension of rapid lateral flow tests after analysis found multiple times the permissible trace level of ethylene oxide.

The analysis by Cyprus-based Food Allergens Lab found 0.36 mg/kg of ethylene oxide in one swab, over seven times the limit of 0.05 mg/kg imposed by E.U. regulations.

According to the European Chemicals Agency, ethylene oxide is toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic, including when inhaled. It is used to coat and sterilise PCR and rapid test nasal swabs.

A separate analysis by A-D Research Foundation in California found aluminum and silicon at concentrations as high as 7.25% and 14.06% respectively in some spots on PCR test swabs. The author, Peter Grandics, explains that aluminum and silicon can both be hazardous to health, and suggests this may explain the “rapid-onset nasal bleed and strong and lasting adverse reactions reported by the tested individuals”.

It follows concerns about why the bristles in LFT swabs so easily break away and remain in the body, as shown in this video.

As reported in the Daily Sceptic in August, Professor Anthony Brookes and Dr Kees Straatman from the University of Leicester put some material from a LFT swab under a powerful laser microscope and sent us the videos showing what they found. They explained:

To shed further light on the bristle structure of the swabs provided in LFD testing kits, we examined examples via confocal microscopy. The bristles were easy to separate from the swab itself, about 15 micrometres in diameter (the size of a large nucleus in a human cell), and clearly comprised an outer tube layer with an inner filling. The inner material does not seem to exude or flow or deviate from a cylindrical shape when the bristles are dissected, and so we would provisionally conclude this inner material is solid or semi-solid in nature.

In his paper, Peter Grandics is scathing about the standards of the manufacturers:

Our results revealed a disturbing pattern of noncompliance with regulatory requirements, combined with the lack of concern for the well-being of test subjects. It is ironic that the medical establishment that now strives to control human health is incapable of producing a safe and simple product in conformance with current regulatory standards.

Considering how widely these tests are being used and how often, Government ought to be taking much greater interest in how safe they are for human use.

Source: The Daily Sceptic

  1. Raptar Driver says

    The worst part is that these contaminated swabs are brushing these toxic chemicals up against your penal gland.

  2. NEV says

    Hard choice, but the jab will kill you as evidenced by the runs on emergency rooms with people having all of the claimed side effects including death. Soon, the unvaxed will be in control and the demand for rope will be astronomical.

  3. Kieran says

    what the hell are they testing/swabbing for, are they insane? You have to check for ANTIBODIES. 80% of the general population would be exposed to the virus 2nd year running since the ‘pandemic’. if you have antibodies to COVID thats it. you are better than vaccinated who are shedding viruses and variants like confetti. Israel study shows natural immunity is 13 times better than the crappy vaccines

    1. Arjan says

      You have a link to that study? It would of great help 🙏

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