COVID Lockdowns Are the Most Selfish Act of the Most Selfish Generation

If they are too scared of the world to walk around in it, say our boomer leaders, then no one should be allowed out of the house

If the “greatest generation” were those who set off to fight in World War II, the most selfish generation are undoubtedly their children. These are the ones in our society who are advocating hard for the rest of us to suffer so that they might live. They impose lockdown orders, tell us to cancel our holidays, to stay home, to turn to technology for literally everything that we used to do together—work, education, social life, entertainment.

If they had any sense of justice or sacrifice themselves, they would isolate themselves for their own safety, and let the rest of us live in peace. Every new round of coronavirus cases (neé deaths) is a new reason for elected leaders of my parents’ generation to issue new, restrictive orders that limit our ability to work, socialize, or educate our children.

The global Influenza A pandemic in 1968 was virtually ignored by the boomers, so much so that they held a massive music festival in Woodstock, New York, with absolutely no concern for their own health, or anyone else’s. Now they have shut down the world to keep themselves safe.

And while they tell us it is for our own good, it’s not even working.

Lockdowns in America, now in their 10th month, are not effective. We keep hearing that because people are dying, we need to lockdown more, we need to sacrifice more, that if we just give over our lives even further to fear we may have a chance at surviving. While sacrifice feels good because it feels like we are actually doing something, it is not actually helping.

Numbers are up. Lockdowns have been enforced since mid-March. It doesn’t seem to matter who comes out and says lockdowns are a trash idea, either. The Word Health Organization, after originally following China’s instructions in telling the world to shut down its economic engines, has since said that they meant only a short term lockdown, not these near year long extensions. What the WHO meant, apparently, was something more along the lines of “flattening the curve,” not endless isolation resulting in poverty and starvation.

The issuance of The Great Barrington Declaration was another moment of light that America’s leaders could have used to indicate that they were skipping down exactly the wrong path. Folks like Governors Whitmer, Cuomo, Newsom, Inslee, could have read the document and realizing that depriving their citizens of their livelihoods and earning power was not the top idea. But instead, these boomers doubled down on their plans, saying we have to lockdown more, deprive ourselves more, all for their own fears.

The Declaration calls for Focussed Protection, saying that: “Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health, which is of course the very thing the lockdowns and restrictions were meant to protect.

They cite “lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health,” and say outright that “Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice,” that “Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.”

It is the aged, they say, and not the young who are most vulnerable to fatality from COVID-19. They write that “for children, COVID-19 is less dangerous than many other harms, including influenza.” Yet these are the very people who are being horribly harmed by restrictions and lockdowns. In an effort to protect themselves, the boomers are destroying the lives of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

If they are too scared of the world to walk around in it, say our boomer leaders, then no one should be allowed out of the house.

The baby boomers, those kids born to the returning war heroes, played in suburban yards, were educated in well-funded public schools, and were able to fund their college degrees with summer jobs. These are the ones who took the sacrifices their parents made for them and threw them back in their face, and now they’re telling the rest of us to sacrifice on the altar of their own fears.

The baby boomers burned their parents’ morality, religion, tradition, institutions, and anything else they could get their hands on, and they did it thoroughly. Now, in a wave of self-hatred and righteousness, they are burning western civilization to the ground, not just what their parents built, but their own contributions as well. And they’re doing it because they are terrified.

The baby boomers are well past middle age, and while every new decade was reclassified just for them as “the new 30,” there’s just no way to spin that at 60, or at 70, and as the age of frailty and the elderly last few decades near close, they are finally having to open their eyes to the creeping decrepitude and irrelevance of old age. They don’t like it one bit. So much so that they’ve installed a near octogenarian as leader of the free world—and they’re happy about it.

They have enjoyed decades of telling us what is in our best interests, and somehow it is always to serve their own ends. These lockdowns are just the same.

Source: The Post Millennial

  1. Timmy Seventy-five says

    Dear GOD… what a rasping, blithering, predictable (and therefore exceedingly boring) blatherskite this “writer” proves to be. Yet another asshat believing that emotion is an acceptable substitute for critical thought. Starting from the top, i could go paragraph by paragraph, pointing out the writer’s apparent folly, but to what end? Ignorance can be edified, but it is indeed one of the great paradoxes of humanity that it requires the attainment of a considerable amount of knowledge before one can even begin to comprehend the extent of one’s own ignorance. This writer is obviously a text book example of that paradox. Yes, ignorance can be edified, but stupid is forever, sadly.

  2. Darm Crook says

    I`m am of the boomer generation. I do not see myself or other boomers calling for lock downs, isolation, waring masks, social distancing, border stops and checks when crossing from one jurisdiction to the next or for that matter even hurry up and give us an untested covid vaccination. All of that is not in our [the boomer generation] vocabulary. I and many other boomers that I know would sooner live our lives as we see fit, trust to our own ability to survive and have our own immune system give us the protection we need. That`s the way most of us have lived our lives up until now. On top of that we are confident that our immune system will rise to the occasion on our behalf as it has done through out of life.

    The ones I see calling for all these restrictions are those aged 25 to 50 years. And now some nitwit wrights a piece saying those ones are the ones being destroyed by the boomers. I seriously suggest you take another look at this whole situation and lay the cry for all this protection where it truly belongs.

    Yes many of our politicians are calling the shots on the lock downs and other issues already mentioned. Yes some of them are from the boomer generation but many are not. On top of that since when can you believe almost any politician will take a stance like is being taken for any reason but protect her or his political life. They know where the voting numbers are and they know who is calling for protection. They will cater to the 25 to 50 year old group simply for political well being. Most of them are not really interested in your or our personal well being. If they were none of what has been happening would have been under taken and no vaccine would be rushed to the front like it has been.

    When the governments issue their decrees on voluntary vaccinations but penalties such as no travel, total isolation, no work, no recreation and so forth for those that do not submit to the so called voluntary vaccination you will see it will mainly be the boomers that suffer those restrictions next to none of todays generation will have the back bone to stand up and say we will not submit.

  3. Florentan says

    Painting an entire generation with such a broad stroke of judgment is folly. Why doesn’t the author of this article instead focus on the individual behaviors that produce such a situation? There are a wide range of empaths and narcissists in all generations. It is the sociopathic narcissists who relish in the subjugation and destruction of a noble effort. We have a serious mental health crisis in Western civilization and it won’t go away unless it is addressed head-on.

  4. Afshin Nejat says

    Truly abhorrent.

  5. quick draw mcgraw says

    It is primarily the Vietnam portion of the Baby Boomers who ruined America. Just do a comparative Google image search of people in 1960 and then 1968. Type in “how people dressed and the year”. Never in the history of the world have societies gone backwards in how they dress. Now you have male geriatric teenagers dressing like toddlers and their females dressing like they were teenyboppers–the issue is rampant immaturity. What America needs is a huge collective spanking.

    1. Timmy Seventy-five says

      I’m inclined to think you’re spot on with regard to the maturity aspect of your remarks, but the remainder to be fatuous twaddle, to say the least. Inane much?

  6. SanityClaus says

    Oh, it is not the traitors calling themselves the Democrats and Republicans who are abolishing our legislatures and courts. Instead it is
    some people called “the selfish generation”. Don’t blame the lawyers who conduct proceedings in the court house without maintaining any public records and don’t blame the autocrat Republicans and Democrats who rob our public treasury to pay for the private political party’s private primaries. Some how those who have betrayed us are not to blame when they give Walmart and others
    a monopoly on retail sales if they will endorse and promote the lie that the dictatorship can issue orders to abolish constitutional statute law by abolishing our legislature and our courts.

  7. Jimbo says

    Yes I will donate to this site. I have to be careful though because my card got hacked.

  8. Jimbo says

    The thing that revealed to me that this was fake was the very beginning. The fear and panic put forth by the media and the corrupt reps. It always starts this way. I truly believe these liars get a bump in pay and status when they are successful with these things. The next thing I did was investigate. The O’l man a WWII Vet’s advice, ” consider the source” . I did. Then I spoke in private with doctors and nurses as well as Hospital workers. The radio talk people used to be an alternative voice of truth. That was silenced during the Obama era. As far as baby boomers go, it depends on their level of indoctrination. Dad also said they would take over from within and use the youth to accomplish it. Through the media, schools, government, and even churches.

  9. ke4ram says

    It’s amazing how supposedly ALL baby boomers destroyed civilization. Apparently there wasn’t a good boomer in the entire generation.

    Now that most are retired, in nursing homes, and no longer the largest voting block since about 2010, it would seem all those liberty loving,,, voting youngsters,,, the millennials and other recent generations would have corrected at least some of the boomers horrible mistakes.

    But no,,, it’s still the boomers,,, Boomers are accused of “everything for boomers” yet all I hear today is I want free school, free housing, free jobs, free this and free that.

    What am I missing?

  10. FaunaAndFlora says

    Gretchen Whitmer was born in 1971. So was Eric Garcetti, LA’s Covid despot. I believe that makes them Gen -Xers.

    1. Timmy Seventy-five says

      IMHO not since Huey Long has there been a greater caricature of a politician than Gretchen Whitmer. She’s Cruella De Ville, AOC and Jane Fonda rolled into one putrid blob of toxic waste.

      1. glimmer says

        that shiny stretched face is the stuff of nightmares.

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