COVID Is Gone but Past Lockdowns Keep Killing Scots. Deaths at Home 36 Higher Than Where They Should Be

Respiratory virus went away, excess deaths didn't

Deaths in Scotland have been above average for months despite the decline in Covid-19 as more people die at home of heart attacks, strokes and substance abuse.

The hidden cost of the pandemic and the collateral damage of lockdown is becoming clear in the official statistics.

Deaths from all causes have been above the five-year average for 12 successive weeks but coronavirus accounts for a declining proportion of the fatalities as the weeks go on.

There were 1,090 deaths from all causes in the week to August 15, compared with 1,003 deaths in an average mid-August week, leaving an excess total of 87. [87 each week in a small nation of 5 million. Also, this is excess *after* many of the frailest had already passed away in the last 18 months of covid and lockdowns.]

Coronavirus accounted for 38 deaths, and there were 31 additional fatalities from heart disease and stroke and 32 excess deaths from other unattributed causes.

Most of the excess deaths took place in the home, prompting concerns that the pattern that emerged in 2020 of people drinking themselves to death or dying alone from drug overdoses has continued into 2021. [Or they don’t want to go to a hospital because family members might be barred from seeing them, including if they’re on their death bed.]

National Records of Scotland revealed last week that these other causes in 2020 included spiralling drug and alcohol fatalities and a rising number of deaths from rare illnesses that are rarely fatal if treated early.

Hospitals have been buckling under the strain of coronavirus patients and a diminishing number of staff forced to self isolate [Pure lies. Hospitals have never had it easier and the unions intend to keep it that way.], meaning non-urgent operations were cancelled and some patients shunned treatment for fear of going to hospitals while Covid cases were high.

The national records statistics reveal that in the week to August 15 there were 13 fewer deaths in care homes, which is 6 per cent below average but 102 excess fatalities at home or in non-institutional settings, 36 per cent above average. There were three fewer deaths in hospitals, which is 1 per cent below average.

Source: The Times

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  1. ken says

    Exactly what the killers want. Anyone that thinks they can be shamed or they would be saddened is seriously in la la land. These are killers, anywhere, anyway you die is fine with them, after all, that is the point of depopulation. Correcto?

    Changing the picture to Kill Gates, Soros, Schwab and their assistants would be more accurate.

    By ‘claiming’ the hospitals were/are full is just another way to kill you. Now they’re firing staff for not getting the kill shot, reducing capacity and is another way to keep you away. Let me explain it for you… The medical systems are broke. The retirement systems are broke. The welfare systems are broke. Governments are broke.

    Covid is not a virus,,, it’s a tool to put down the tired worn out machine and start anew with a totally different machine.

    For those that still can’t get it,,, The leeches have sucked this patient dead… Time to find a new patient.

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