COVID Gauleiter Fauci Enjoys Slight Erection From Finally Being Taken Seriously

Working overtime to fan the flames of the hysteria that finally made him an Important Person

Happy to give credence to nonsensical prediction of 100,000-240,000 US deaths if it keeps him in the limelight a while longer

Senior members of the White House Covid-19 task force said Americans should prepare for at least 100,000 deaths from the pandemic, as the US president warned that following distancing guidelines is now a matter of life and death.

“The answer is yes,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), when asked at a White House press conference on Tuesday if the US could really see between 100,000 and 240,000 fatalities in the outbreak. He added that he “hoped” containment measures could reduce the number.

Without the drastic social distancing efforts over the next 30 days – which are already underway in a number of states – the team projected up to 2.2 million fatalities. [Hilarous, so they’ll be congratulating themselves for saving millions.]

Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator for the White House response team, noted that the models used by the task force were based on extending the data from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut – among the country’s hardest-hit areas – applying to other states facing similarly severe outbreaks.

Source: RT

  1. Yar Mark says

    Take a look, again, at the photo and way Trump is looking at Fauci..I think Fauci has that little man syndrome…..

  2. stevek9 says

    This is interesting, if you have a mathematical bent. This is a British Mathematician. He simply looks at the data. He doesn’t try to figure out why one country is different from others, whether their data is comparable. But even without that, the analysis is pretty straightforward, and clearly shows the insane level of exaggeration and lying we are experiencing.

    His last video is sobering, basically ‘they have won’. In the UK figures like 500,000 dead were used to justify the ‘lockdown’. Now they are saying 5,700 BECAUSE of the lockdown. Problem is that he predicted that number very accurately … without a lockdown. This is clearly what you can expect. The results won’t be different, but they will justify what was done, by saying ‘see, we saved you’. Logic and mathematics can prove this wrong … but that does not matter in the slightest.

    1. itchyvet says

      You do realise, these are the very same folks concocting the Climate change disaster as well, right ????????

    2. CHUCKMAN says

      I don’t know too many large human events where logic prevailed.

      War? Famine? Revolution? Natural Disaster?

      There is a plausible notion I read that governments like the UK’s, who were being very relaxed, then got information that stuff from a bio-weapons lab was involved, and they turned on a dime.

      Many scientists, with no far-out theories, do support some stringency of measures.

      I see Putin has tightened up. He’s about the most logical leader we have.

      And talk about logic ruling, here’s an interesting development:

      This is getting nasty.

      Trump-style method of acquiring health gear:

      1. stevek9 says

        Sweden is doing something reasonable (even there, probably a bit much, but not crazy).

        This is the first time I’ve really been disappointed in President Putin. He’s not an expert at everything. They have somehow convinced him to do this. It is a very bad idea for Russia as it is for every country choosing LOCKDOWN. This is the only really stupid decision, I’ve seen the man make in 20 years. It’s pretty hard to stand alone, much much easier to go along with ‘everyone else’. If Russia is fortunate it will become apparent from other countries that this is a gross overkill, and they can turn the nonsense off relatively soon.

        Italy has turned the corner I believe, with some variation, each day should bring a lower death toll. They are on the down side of the classic epidemic curve. Unfortunately it is probably too late to save the West from its suicidal destruction of their economies. Sweden, and maybe Brazil will also be examples if they stick to it. Their epidemic will look exactly like the countries on ‘lockdown’. The only difference will be that they go up the curve faster and down faster. That only matters if there are too many sick people going up, but if they don’t follow insane policies, their countries can probably handle it. Even in NYC there are not even using all their ‘ventilators’ yet.

        This will all be over in a month or two … at least as far as the virus. But, the effects on our societies is probably going to last years, if not forever.

        1. CHUCKMAN says

          In Brazil, there was talk of removing Bolsonaro from office over his handling of events.

          The total effect of all these events jammed together could just end up as revolutionary.

          Here’s something from a former Australian diplomat sketching some possible outcomes from these events. I think he’s just a little too rosy.

  3. Jozo Magoc says

    There are only two TV channels and two radiostations: Covid-19 and Coronavirus…

  4. stevek9 says

    You’re too young Marko, he pulled exactly the same shit with AIDS … millions were going to die. He was on TV day and night solemnly proclaiming doom. Too bad he didn’t die in the interim, but here he is again, like a vampire you can’t kill.

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      You’re right, didn’t know that, interesting!

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        I don’t know whether you noticed, but Moon of Alabama is taking a very dark tone on the virus, about the opposite of yours:

        1. Marko Marjanović says

          Oh, I noticed.

        2. stevek9 says

          I enjoyed his reporting on Syria, but I will never open that site again, because of the over-the-top destructive fear-mongering that is going on there.

  5. ke4ram says

    If you sneeze it’s marked as corona, cough- it’s corona, die of pneumonia- it’s corona, Die at 85- it’s corona, Die in an incubator- it’s corona, have a fever- it’s corona, don’t feel well- corona, spots on skin- corona, testicles shrinking- corona, eye sight going bad- corona, hair falling out- corona, urge to kill- corona, etc

    The PCR tests have never been proven in a scientific way. So what you have the virus on you,,, you probably have many viruses on and about you. What the hell does that prove? In the State of Florida they want it all shut down over 85 deaths, mainly older.

    85/21,000,000 = 0.000005. This is complete insanity!

    Then they say to shelter in place ( house arrest) are to SLOW the spread…. Notice not STOP the spread. You can never stop the spread. The reason they want to slow the spread is so they can keep you locked up longer.

    The politicians are destroying the economies for a new order. These clowns (all of them) need removed from their positions, includes presidents, congress, parliaments etc.

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