COVID Antibodies Found in up to 40% of US Deer Population, USDA Study Finds

There are 30 million white-tailed deer in the US. 12 million have had COVID

“The infected deer appeared to be asymptomatic”

Oh, deer — Bambi never had these problems.

There’s new evidence that wildlife are a potential breeding ground for COVID-19, where it could continue to evolve despite control efforts in humans.

Between January and March 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture tested 385 white-tailed deer found throughout the states of Michigan, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania, where they detected antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 in 40% of the population, both National Geographic and Nature reported on Monday. An additional three samples from January 2020 also showed antibodies.

The data was collected as part of the department’s regularly scheduled surveillance of white-tailed deer, the most widely distributed deer species in the US for a total of approximately 30 million individuals. Their new report, available to read on bioRxiv while awaiting peer-review, also said the infected deer appeared to be asymptomatic.

“Given the percentage of samples in this study that had detectable antibodies, as well as the high numbers of white-tailed deer throughout the United States and their close contact with people, it is likely that deer in other states have also been exposed to the virus,” a spokesperson for the USDA also told Nature.

Researchers hypothesized that the deer outbreak could be thanks to humans, as “multiple activities could bring deer into contact with people,” they wrote, such as field research, tourism and hunting. Mink were also implicated as a potential source.

This is the first study to show that deer are passing COVID-19 to each other in the wild. So far, the only other animal known to have contracted SARS-CoV-2 in nature are mink. Scientists have previously detected the virus in a number of animals including catsdogsotterslions, tigersleopards and gorillas — all of which originated while in captivity.

Scientists worry that wild animals could become a “reservoir” for the burgeoning virus, and potentially undermine public health efforts to control the virus in humans. [How can they “undermine” something that isn’t working and never could??] Yet, the USDA told Nat Geo in a statement, “The risk of animals spreading SARS-CoV-2 to people is considered low,” and cited “no evidence” that humans can be infected via eating contaminated meat.

Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan, a Michigan State University veterinary medicine professor, told Bridge Michigan that hunters should use “good hygiene” and wear a mask while handling and processing the carcass. [LOL. —  The holy mask makes it into hunting.]

“Even if the virus is not present in the deer, there are other things that you can get from deer,” Sreevatsan said. “So it’s best to have good hygienic practice.”

While respiratory transmission between human and animal remains a possibility, wild deer are a lot easier to avoid than people. As zoonotic diseases expert Daniel Bausch told Nat Geo, “For humans, our infinitely greater problem is spread from other humans.”

Source: New York Post

  1. GMC says

    Boy, those Wuhan bats are some bad ass flyers – made it all the way from China to infect America’s deer population too. What ? us humans infected them – lol lol. National Geo, Nature,US Dept. of Agri and Fish and Game, all have the same influences/Bosses – the USGov and big corporations.
    The Establishment is going to Milk this one out , for all it’s worth = $ and control.

    1. Michael l Javick says

      They will NOW start to kill ALL WILDLIFE…watch !

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Yupp it’s possible GMC & those bats did carry some Green Monkeys as well ?
      See quote: A tiny British bat has made a record-breaking journey, flying more than 2,000km (1,200 miles) from the famous London Zoo to Russia’s northwestern region of Pskov – only to meet its end at the claws of a stray Russian cat.

      1. GMC says

        What ? I have to retract my flying Bat Post ? LOL LOl

  2. SteveK9 says

    What it means is they can survive just fine, without ‘vaccines’ and so can we.

    1. Michael l Javick says

      no it means they will NOW SLAUGHTER ALL WILDLIFE—to kill us all..

    2. GMC says

      Absolutely , Herd immunity at its best. A round of Ivermectin Salt licks for all !

  3. ken says

    The president of Tanzania they killed,,, sent them a mango and oil sample that tested positive as well before he kicked their lying asses out.

    What, No one thinks animals catch colds? It’s still a corona virus albeit a different version. They’ve already said that the antibodies from a everyday cold and Sars were the same and considering Sars Cov2 doesn’t exist I imagine what their seeing is in fact the cold virus antigen.

    Are they gonna stupidly kill all the deer like they have other animals in the past or no deer hunting? And for Gods sake,,, why were they looking for covid in deer to begin with. More fear mongering or just plain stupidity? Both IMO.

    Why don’t they put their energy into finding out what’s in those injections that is killing so many. Oh, that’s right… It’s secret!

    I have lost all respect for anyone that wears a lab coat. Most are out to make a buck or get their names in some medical journal. Either way, making lives miserable.

  4. Bodean says

    Stay 6 feet away when field dressing the deer, tape knife to end of stick, use rubber gloves, 3 cammo masks, clean all gear with whatever alcohol you have not drank yet, rember we all in this togather..

    1. Michael l Javick says

      fear porn..that’s all this IS !

  5. Michael l Javick says

    THEY will SLAUGHTER the DEER ALSO…so we have no food when the COLLAPSE STARTS..

  6. Thomas Lash says

    If they used the PCR test then they will find this piece of DNA in everything and everywhere they look. It’s what makes this more about bringing down one economy and replacing it with something else. #thegreatreset #buildbackbetter #globalgovernance #cryptocerency

  7. edwardi says

    Have they reached “herd” immunity yet. not sure if that is funny ?

  8. Richard says

    Many animals carry the Corona virus of which there are many strains and have never been proven to infect people, even from the Wuhan wet market. So all reference to Covid-19 as the virus is wrong, it’s the pulmonary infections caused by what is called SARS-CV-2. But there are no scientific papers that this virus has ever been Isolated, cleansed and sequenced to be able to make a Vaccine, it’s all propaganda to control by fear.

  9. Jasper says

    It sounds like a load of donkey biscuits, or deer droppings, whichever flavor you like best.

    ‘Globalist Geo-Panic’ is, and has ALWAYS BEEN, about ‘saving the animals,’ NEVER THE HUMANS. It might as well be called ‘Earth First’ magazine.




    Drag them ALL from their offices,


    HANG (((ALL!!!))) THE TYRANTS!!

  10. Robert says

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture previously infected deer in captivity with COVID. This showed that they could get the virus. In the latest study, they analyzed blood samples from wild deer looking for antibodies for SARS-CoV-2. SARS-CoV-2 is the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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