Coup Attempts Are How Civil Wars Get Started

Not always, and not all of them, but they do

Someone in Impeachmentville is not paying attention. Of course, diverting the rubes is exactly the point of the latest CIA operation to negate the 2016 election. Has nobody noticed that there is treaty between Ukraine and the USA, signed at Kiev in 1998 and ratified by the US Senate in 2000. It’s an agreement on “Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.” Here, read the cover letter for yourself:

What part of the following do Nancy Pelosi and the news media not understand?

The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the requested state… ([etc].

How does this not permit Mr. Trump asking the president of Ukraine for “assistance” in criminal matters arising out of “collusion with Russia,” as specified within the scope of Robert Mueller’s special prosecutor activities?

For instance, the matter of CrowdStrike. The cybersecurity firm was co-founded by Russian ex-pat Dmitri Alperovitch, who also happens to be a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, an anti-Russian think tank funded by Ukrainian billionaire, Viktor Pinchuk, who donated at least $25 million to the Clinton Foundation before the 2016 election.

Crowdstrike was the company that “examined” the supposedly hacked DNC servers, while somebody in the Obama administration prevented the FBI from ever seeing them. Does this sound a little like part of the origin story of RussiaGate? Is that not exactly the potential criminal matter that the current attorney general, Mr. Barr, is officially investigating?

Perhaps, under the year 2000 treaty, Mr. Trump was within his rights to ask the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, for assistance on that. And also, the question of former vice-president Joe Biden’s levering US aid to Ukraine in his demand to fire the prosecutor investigating the company, Burisma Holdings, that just happened to hire his son, Hunter, to a $64,000-a-month seat on the board of directors, not long after the younger Mr. Biden was kicked out of the US Navy reserve for cocaine use — what a sterling fellow!

The foregoing ought to be self-evident. Speaking of failures to pay attention, Director of National Security (DNI) Joseph McGuire testified in Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee last Thursday that the “Whistleblower” and his or her allies in the Intelligence Community who fomented the latest crisis “acted in good faith.” Admiral McGuire omitted to mention that the IC’s Whistleblower complaint rules were surreptitiously changed sometime around August 2019 to allow second-hand hearsay in Urgent Matter” complaints, where formerly it had been prohibited. The change was only posted on an IC website on Sept 24. Did Admiral McGuire not get the memo on that? Was he out of the loop? After all, he is merely in charge of the entirety of US Intelligence operations. Who kept him in the dark?

Now there is yet another new “bombshell” out of the CBS 60-Minutes show (reported by Scott Pelley) alleging that the “Whistleblower” had been placed under federal protection due to “threats” made against him or her. We’re to infer that the “Whistleblower” is in a safe space— perhaps hiding out in the CIA’s Diversity and Inclusion offices, with some teddy bears, crayons, and chips ahoy to keep the heebie-jeebies away. Only, one of the “Whistleblower’s” own lawyers, Mark S. Zaid released a letter today saying that the 60-Minutes report was “not accurate and misinterpreted the contents of our [earlier] letter.” Mr. Zaid added in a tweet that CBS was “literally making stuff up.”

Well, let CBS and the “Whistleblower’s” pro bono lawyers slug that one out in some safe space. More to the point, how long do you suppose the charade of protecting the “Whistleblower’s” identity will go on? If impeachment moves to a trial in the senate, Mr. Trump will enjoy the right of being faced by his accuser. But I don’t think we will have to wait that long. Rep. Schiff (D-CA) has already declared that this person will be called into a closed session of his committee. The chance is about zero that his or her identity will remain unknown. By and by, the “whistleblower’s” confederates in the CIA will also become known and the perfidy of this latest CIA operation in the ongoing coup will be understood.

UkraineGate is the equivalent of Fort Sumter in Civil War 2.0. Charges have been flying and tempers flaring for three years now, much as they did between 1858 and 1861. Once again, what seems to be at stake is the integrity of the Union. As in the previous enactment, one side is dangerously deluded, and that is liable to lead to its destruction.

Source: Clusterfuck Nation

  1. Mary E says

    Im reading this as two countries sharing intel on various does not mention individuals in those countries and their legal or political problems ….Trump would not included in this at all…he was an individual dealing on behalf of himself using $USD to intimidate a foreign government to help him in his campaign for re-election..that was definitely not a situation to benefit his country.

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    ‘…the latest CIA operation to negate the 2016 election”

    i’m actually getting quite tired of that assertion, coming largely from the Alt-Right.

    I could accept it, given a motive for the CIA and a little evidence, not mere suggestions.

    Here are my reasons in a response to another article suggesting this:

    1. Robert Ferrin says

      One thing you must understand and that is that the C.I.A. is a law unto itself,they can and have murdered a sitting president and his brother,created the biggest drug cartel in the world, gone against a presidents order, killed people all over the world that don’t agree with our parasitic type of government/capitalism as we try and impose it on them.So why do you believe that they aren’t trying to remove another president who may stand in the way of the 1% and the MIC.!!!

    2. che guevera says

      Sorry Mr. Chuckman, but at this point you’d have to be willfully blind not to connect the dots. Obviously Killary and Obomber were neck deep in facilitating use of the CIA and their schemes throughout those 8 years and the deep state i.e. CIA fully assumed the chump Trump would lose and the Democrat dynasty continue on, and they were overtly transparently reckless never assuming they would be investigated. The most interesting paragraph here I thought is regarding Crowdstrike on page 3, ” For instance, …CrowdStrike. The cybersecurity firm was co-founded by Russian ex-pat Dmitiri Alperovitch, who also happens to be a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, an anti-Russian think tank funded by Ukrainian billionaire, Viktor Pinchuk, who donated at least 25 million to the Clinton Foundatin before the 2016 election.” LOL so this is the neutral party brought in to do forensic analysis of the DNC server. Utterly laughable, yet somehow taken so seriously no government body bothered to independently verify it. Why not ? The ? answers itself. And F you and anybody who refers to serious Journalism as the “Alt Right,” your use of the term implies to me that you are not a neutral impartial fair observer. Do you work in a cubicle at Langley. ?

  3. John C Carleton says

    Of DAM yankee Carpetbaggers, Treasonous Scalawags, and Mexico Firsters Occupying The Republic of Texas

  4. temujin1970 says

    Lets see the exceptionalists tear themselves apart. It may give our poor planet some respite for their depredations.

    One can only hope.

  5. John C Carleton says

    Who wants the pedophile bastion of war crimes and evil, Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac?

    My ancestors told the zionist pigs of DC to shove it where the sun don’t shine 159 years back.

    Then the evil of DC came down, gang raping children to death, gang raping African American women to death, gang raping ministers daughters, while burning the churches and parsonages, cause their minister fathers obeyed the bible, and prayed for their Country, and leaders such as Jeff Davis and Robert E Lee.

    American dictionaries have been wiped clean the true meaning of a Civil War, to cover the war crimes of their invasion of a foreign Nation and Her States, and the lies of that War Criminal mass murdering, arson, and theft on an industrial scale.
    Go back to a real older vintage British Dictionary, not a wiped clean USA dictionary, and “Civil war”, is defined as “when two or more factions try to control the same government”.

    The 1861-1865 war crimes and 154 year criminal occupation of militarily conquered people, was NOT a CIVIL WAR, it was War Crimes for Economic and control reasons.

    I plan on seeing the Republic of Texas freed from the evil of DC, not by war, but by the truth being exposed to the world of the evil and crimes of DC.

    When a people, a Republic, tries to get her freedom back from an evil war crime conquer and occupier, that is not a civil war, that is a cry for justice and freedom!

    Anyone wants DC and the evil goes with it, can have it.
    The occupied by force and lies, by the evil of USA/DC, Republic of Texas, sure as hell don’t want DC, the evil ones can have it.
    The Republic of Texas, just wants the criminals out of Texas.

    Thats NOT a CIVIL WAR!

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