“Count Every Vote” Becomes “Whatever AP Says”

DNC mascot congratulates himself for regime media presenting him with the crown

When Trump says he won the vote Twitter points out it is yet to be officially called:

But when Trudeau congratulates Biden on winning the election no such warning is forthcoming, or indeed when Biden and Kamala congratulate themselves:

Or indeed when the media takes it upon itself to crown Biden (DNC mascot).

Of course in the grand scheme of thing neither media nor Twitter matter, but a lockstep media narrative is just a symptom of the fact the regime is unified, mobilized, and holds all the cards and that the “election” had always been a foregone conclusion.

Well, that tends to happen when you disturb the swamp but then spend 4 years not fighting it. When you are not at war with those who are at war with you, you can’t hope for anything but a defeat.

In 2016 they were blindsided and complacent, but since they’ve had years to get the fix in, which Trump spent mainly trying to appease and shower largesse on the elements of the power elite from the generals to the Israel/Saudi lobby instead of taking them on.

Sucks for Trump Nation, many of whom deserve better, but as far as the man himself is concerned he’s paying for his limitations and his lack of follow-through on his 2016 promise he would take on the ruling class in a comprehensive way.

He had the means to shake up things in a much bigger way, and surround himself with loyal and energetic people instead of regime rats but golf, lack of imagination, and team-play got in the way.

You can’t team play with those who feel entitled to power and detest you for “usurping” it by winning a popular election with the entire regime media machinery arrayed against you.

2016-2020 was a glitch in the matrix, now back to sleep battery…uhm citizen.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    that half amerikans prefer a corrupt demented murderer speaks to amerikan “morality”—the other half prefer one that is not demented—that did however lie when he claimed the swamp would be drained

  2. Mark says

    That is just as funny as hell. Too bad some role could not have been found in the lower pictorial beatification for sonny-boy Hunter, since he will probably be a Presidential candidate himself one day when Pappy Joe has gone to the Big Convention In The Sky. Why not? Daddy was proof that you could get away with just about anything as long as the networks have your back.

    Just as an aside, perhaps the most comical thing about it all, if you’re fond of irony, is that the sheer excess of the Democrats’ absurd pretense of due process forces us to defend Trump. Trump was a terrible leader and mostly a buffoon, but the way he was removed is so unseemly it almost makes him look like a decent guy. It’s a pity he wasted what is probably the only chance you and I will ever see of the President coming from anywhere but the coming-up generation of a slick-talking political family dynasty, groomed since grade school for national politics. Trump was the regular guy’s one shot. It’ll never happen again while we’re alive.

  3. ke4ram says

    If you want to see the circus of digital voting the Helena website lays it out.


  4. Undecider says

    Trump apparently hadn’t learned his lesson in 2016 with these cheating Democrats.

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