Council of Europe: No Compulsory Vaccinations and No Discrimination Against the Unvaccinated

Resolution 2361 urges member states to not make vaccinations mandatory and that persons who have not been vaccinated are not discriminated against. If followed this would kill "vaccine passports"

“The Assembly urges member states to: 7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves; 7.3.2 ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated”

The resolution goes so far as to order member states such as Sweden to actively inform citizens of these rights. The resolution has been ignored by mainstream politicians and the media.

Many citizens have been worried about whether the untested vaccines will be mandatory, since it has already been proposed in several countries. In Sweden, however, it has not been, because of a law which prohibits involuntary medical interventions. But despite this law, governments could exert such strong pressure on their populations, that it could become almost impossible to live without being exposed to this experimental jab.

In Denmark, a vaccine passport could soon be required to gain access to malls, sports events and other public places, public transport or travel abroad. Happily, the Council of Europe is now putting a firm stop to these plans, since involuntary medical experiments are prohibited by the Nuremberg Convention.

The Council of Europe is an intergovernmental European cooperation organization with 47 Member States, which, despite its name and the same flag, is separate from the EU. Its resolutions are not legally binding, but recommendations to Member States are almost always complied with. For example, as recently as November last year, the government proposed that Sweden’s laws be amended as a result of the Council of Europe’s convention on cybercrime.

The resolution on forced vaccination briefly describes the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic with the resulting unemployment, economic downturn and poverty. It also points out that there is a certain distrust among the European population regarding a forced vaccination programme. The resolution contains various recommendations for how to achieve a large vaccine intake, but also something unexpected – namely clear provisions for it.

Point 7.3 of the resolution obliges all Member States to ensure that citizens are informed that Covid vaccinations are NOT (the only word written in capital letters throughout the resolution) mandatory and that no one is politically, socially or otherwise pressured to be vaccinated.

Secondly – at least as important – Member States must ensure that no one is discriminated against for not being vaccinated because of possible health risks or because the person simply does not want to be vaccinated.

The latter is particularly interesting given the current propaganda of vaccination passports by the system media and several European governments, which they claim is necessary. The Swedish government announced on February 4 that it has decided to introduce a digital vaccine certificate that will be ready by the summer. But what is it then to be used for, if it becomes illegal to discriminate against someone who does not have it?

When the Swedish government summarized the most important things from the Council of Europe’s winter session on its website on 29 January, this was not mentioned – by far the most important in the entire resolution – in a single word. It is not difficult to understand why, given the unprecedented propaganda for mass vaccinations from the Swedish government and not least the system media, which is inflated to levels not previously seen even during wartime.

In Germany, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder (CSU) is similarly pushing for compulsory vaccinations for certain professional groups, for example in nursing. And he has even called on the German Ethics Council to help him in this effort. There have in fact been rumours that Söder has been receiving kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.

According to the Nuremberg Convention, experimental vaccines can be seen as an experiment on the population. In the case of ModeRNA’s and Pfizer’s mRNA jabs, they have never been previously tested.

The Convention consists of ten points and the first stipulates: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely necessary. But the question remains: Is it really voluntary if you are not allowed to work, send the children to school, travel or even visit the mall if you do not submit to the experimental vaccines?

The fifth point states: No experiment should be performed where there is reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur. Countless health and control authorities in several countries stated how they expected this to happen on a fairly large scale. Deaths serious vaccine injuries have already been listed as a result of the vaccinations, including at the US Public Health Agency CDC.

Readers should download the information on their smartphone to have on hand whenever it becomes necessary to remind government officials of the Council of Europe’s guidelines.

Source: Nya Tider

  1. Jerry Hood says

    The satanic globalists will find way how to enslave its citizens and vaccinate them against their will!

  2. ken says

    “Readers should download the information on their smartphone to have on hand whenever it becomes necessary to remind government officials of the Council of Europe’s guidelines”

    No “Smartphone” necessary. I think I can remember to tell them where to stick their Mengele shot.

    1. Mark says

      Your resolve is admirable – however, I note;

      <i>”In addition, a correlation has just been scientifically established by French doctors between outdoor temperatures and the disease incidence rate on hospitalisations and deaths. The vaccines will no doubt not be sufficient to bring down infection rates significantly this winter – in particular when taking into account that demand far outstrips supply at this point. A semblance of “normal life” will thus not be able to resume even in the best of circumstances until mid to late 2021 at the earliest.”</i>

      The globalists expect to have their way for at least another few months, and that’s taking the most optimistic eventuality. That time will be used to bring every persuasive and coercive trick in the tickle trunk into play.

      If you are fond of jokes, I reiterate the manner in which all the media discussion of COVID-19 was completely geared toward removing all hope that we could ever be free of it. Any optimism offered, such as “Summer’s coming – the virus will subside like all cold-and-flu viruses do” was met with “No, this virus likes heat”. If you said well, then, winter will kill it, you would be told that it loves cold, too. No optimism would be tolerated, and it was imperative that everyone feel hopeless to the deepest degree possible, so that the prospect of a vaccine would appear as a shining ray of light in the darkness (or at least that’s my interpretation of the reasoning behind such enforced depression and desperation). Now we learn it has cycles of transmissibility just like every other respiratory virus we have ever seen, and it is likely very much like the rest in other respects as well.

  3. Mark says

    You can expect the strongest pressure from the globalists to at least create the impression that citizens will not be able to live a normal life unless they submit to vaccination – I have seen several proposals which exultantly mandate that those who refuse vaccination must continue to wear PPE in public while it can be discontinued for those who submit to the jab. How much sense does that make? If the vaccine confers immunity, why should I have to continue to wear a mask in the presence of the immune?

    Quantas Airlines of Australia was among the first businesses to announce that it would not allow international travelers on any of its flights if they could not prove they had been vaccinated against COVID-19, and their announcement included their belief that all other major airlines would quickly follow their lead.

    The entire social order to date has been overturned, not by COVID, but by the incompetent and hysterical response to it. The damage will be felt for a decade at least.

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