Coronavirus Mortality May Be as Low as 0.16%

Data from provinces where they're not as swamped and probably have better numbers indicates

When they start turning stadiums into hospitals you know that they’re swamped and that their numbers give an incomplete picture

Here are a few statistics on the coronavirus outbreak in China:

  • Mortality rate in Wuhan was 4.9%.
  • Mortality rate in the Hubei Province was 3.1%.
  • Mortality rate nationwide was 2.1%.
  • Fatality rate in other provinces is 0.16%.

Why would those who become infected in Wuhan be 30 times as likely to die as those who contract the virus but are outside Hubei? 

That doesn’t make sense. You could argue that Wuhan hospitals are swamped and can not provide the same level of treatment and care, however, there isn’t a cure as such for the virus anyway beyond rest and taking your liquids, so there isn’t much difference the medical professionals, whether swamped or not, can do anyway. Certainly not enough to explain a 30x lower mortality outside Hubei.

The real explanation is that Wuhan is indeed swamped, but this does not so much result in a greater mortality rate, as it results in an artificially decreased number of confirmed cases of the disease. 

Hospitals handle and test only the more severe cases (who are also the most likely to die of it), but unlike outside Hubei, tens of thousands of less severe cases (who are very unlikely to die) go untested and without monitoring by doctors.

In fact, a study for the Lancet medical journal estimated the real number of cases in Wuhan wasn’t 15,000, but 75,000 and that was 5 days ago.

The 4.9% mortality rate in Wuhan is indicative of mortality among only the more severe and therefore confirmed cases.

Mortality rates in other Chinese provinces that are not swamped and are able to examine, test and monitor everyone is a much better indication of how lethal the virus is.

At present, that number stands at 0.16%.

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  2. David Chu says
  3. tapatio says

    Whenever anything bad happens, there is one question that MUST be asked –

    CUI BONO? (who benefits?)

  4. tapatio says

    The mortality of the coronavirus is far less important than its disruption of the Chinese and, potentially, other cultures.

    Corona is a man-made virus. It’s my guess that it was made either in Fort Detrick, MD or Ness Ziona, IsraHELL and delivered by either Mossad or the CIA.

    Trump’s tariffs and sanctions have been ineffective in harming the Chinese economy. Why not use bio-weapons? When you are a cult-ure of sociopaths and its soulless Washington puppet, morality is irrelevant.

    1. DinoN says

      @tapatio. Exactly my thinking!

      1. tapatio says

        IF the coronavirus is really a weaponized flu strain, I would have to assume that it was manufactured in Israel and delivered by Mossad. There’s too much chance of leaks from Ft Detrick and the CIA. Such a leak could easily lead to WW III.

  5. joey n says

    Recently, word has broken out about the death of the Wuhan doctor who “blew the whistle” on the coronavirus. This article from TAC alleges that the Chinese government tried to shut him up for it. Can anyone confirm or dispute this?
    Many thanks!

    1. tapatio says

      That is what the Western media claims. Media that is owned by those who would profit most from a major disruption of the Chinese culture & economy.

  6. Ludwig says

    Indeed: a good metric is the number of cases outside China. There are a bit over 300 till date with 2 deaths (including one in Phillipines of a Wuhan citizen who came sick). So mortality outside China is less than 1% with a small sample size.

    1. tapatio says

      The impact ouside of China could be considered to be collateral damage – to be expected in any war.

  7. Amanda says

    Jon Rappoport has studied these fake epidemics and virus hoaxes for 30 years. Highly recommend his blog on all virus related issues:

    1. thomas malthaus says

      I think only the Chinese know the true numbers and it’s ultimately a national security issue.

      1. BillA says

        the cruise ships will provide some answers, not good for them however

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