Cops Are Harassing Russians Who Issued an Appeal to Vladimir Putin to Rollback QR Codes

Australia comes to Russia

“Excuse me sir, we’ve received reports that you think you have human rights?”
  • Citizens who filmed a video appeal to Putin were called to present themselves to police one by one
  • A mother who sent a letter to Putin had local cops trying to intimidate her
  • An organizer of an anti-vax pass protest was fined 20,000 rubles

When Duma Deputy Mikhail Delyagin recently warned the Russian government was “already talking to us in the same way they usually talk to animals” and Russians were being handled like an “occupied” people who for some reason “do not understand” that they are occupied—maybe some of you thought he was being a bit too dramatic?

Think again.

With Russia poised to implement a nationwide digital vax-tag system—which will be required for all aspects of normal life—citizens across the country have started to attend rallies and issue video appeals to the Kremlin.

These so-called people think they have the right to gather in small groups, in public, and issue polite appeals to Vladimir Putin? Fools:

Several residents of Chita, participating in the gathering of citizens against QR codes, were called to the police. Protocols are drawn up in relation to residents, according to the VKontakte group “Protest Transbaikalia”.

Recall that on November 21, the townspeople gathered in a forest in the Severny district and recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the regional governor Alexander Osipov. Residents demanded to cancel QR codes across the country.

How dare these feral peasants gather peacefully in a wooded area and ask nicely if they can be treated with dignity!

Elsewhere in Russia, a mother-of-five who had the audacity to write a letter to Putin was declared Local Public Enemy #1. A cartel of friendly cops banged on her door all day:

Nizhny Tagil police officers came to the home of a local resident, mother of five children Tatiana because of the prepared appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin against the law on QR codes. As lawyer Nikita Sorokin wrote on his Instagram page, the woman is an activist of the Immune Response movement, and local law enforcement agencies “did not like that people want to appeal to the president.”

According to Sorokin, who specially came from St. Petersburg to the Urals, the security forces knocked on Tatiana’s apartment for a long time and wanted to take her to the prosecutor’s office without a summons.

People in uniform were banging on Tatyana’s apartment all day long in order to take her to the prosecutor’s office. They had no summons to the prosecutor’s office. The officers threatened Tatyana with arrest. They intimidated the mother of five children so much that they had to call an ambulance. Today the police made another attempt to reach Tatyana and other activists. I met the police officers on the doorstep and ensured that the pressure and intimidation stopped,” Sorokin wrote.

[Thank you to Moscow Exile for the tip/translation]


The government of the Primorsky Territory reported that the organizer of the rally against vaccination against coronavirus and the introduction of QR codes, which took place in Nakhodka, was fined 20 thousand rubles. The action was held in the city on Sunday, November 7, and gathered several hundred people.

“An uncoordinated rally was held in Nakhodka on November 7 , at which about 300 residents of the city protested against vaccination against coronavirus and the introduction of QR codes. The action took place without notifying local authorities, which violates federal law. Police officers identified the organizer of the rally, who was found guilty of an administrative offense by the court and imposed a fine of 20,000 rubles,” the government’s press service said.

Don’t worry, just a few bad apples (we’re talking about the peaceful, normal people—moms, and other shady types—who don’t want to be QR-tagged, of course).

There are petitions, protests and video appeals popping up in all corners of Russia. Where is the coverage, protest-loving RT? Ha-ha. It is a joke.

Lots of other things are happening.

In the Duma, a Communist Party deputy straight-up accused the government of trying to abolish the constitution, and then asked if Putin and his cabinet have QR codes of their own.

Interesting question.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. Dacian says

    Yes, it seems that the 5th Column is in full control of the coronavirus narrative in Russia. Not clear if Putin is onto it, but most likely he is. See this from Algora_blog:

    1. Mr Reynard says

      You want to know, who’s the V Putin Handler ?

      Picture say’s it lot ? Words not needed ?

    2. GMC says

      Thanks for the new site. Also today the Gamaleya folks are saying that their new teenager sputnik M, which has been only in clinical trials since the summer, are in their final { 3rd } phaze. Looks like Russia has thrown out science and medical history , when it comes to thorough, efficient trials for ” experimental drugs” – also. Yes, of course the WHO has told Russia that the unvaccinated are the ones spreading the virus, but how would they understand this, if there has been no data or stats collected on this ? The Bolsheviks are back – strong White Russian Army – needed.

  2. Dacian says

    From the article by Algora_blog:

    It looks like the WHO is preparing to rule the world. Not only over the West, but through the 5th column, over Russia as well and the Russian liberals are ready to toss away Russia’s sovereignty on behalf of the clique at the head of WHO. The article below is from a Russian website dedicated to fight Sputnik V vaccine mandate, which, as it turns out, is just as deadly as its Western counterparts, Pfizer, Moderna, etc.
    The site was originally set up to track the devastating effects on the vaccinated in Russia, the number of deaths and the injured; we invite anyone to visit their site in Russian: However this article by itself is the most disturbing piece of news. It presents former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arguing in a recent press conference for no less that deposing Russia’s state sovereignty and placing it under direct external control of WHO (of course to the benefit of its Western controllers).
    Here is the English translation of the article titled: Threat to National Security: Dmitry Medvedev Proposed to Surrender the Country Under the Direct Control of WHO In Russia”

  3. GMC says

    We now notice that when President Putin moved to keep dual citizenship people out of high ranking political offices, Medvedev and his boyz chose to leave. But it wasn’t long for the pro Western dual citizens to make it into unelected Russian offices, just like in the USA.
    The WHO, Gates Foundation, and the rest of the murderous Globalists had their Russian Puppets in place years ago. So, Putin has to be in on it and made that dual citizenship law , in order to make it look like he was trying to save Russia – nice try. How about a law on HET World Organizations allowed in Russia, just like the Laws that were set up on, No Monsanto or Genetic foods or MEDICINES ! Is Sputnik really a GMM edicine ?

  4. Jax says

    You know it’s a bunch of lies if you can’t even ask a question! Liars!

    1. GMC says

      And those places that the people have gathered aen t tiny towns or villages, they are from the cities as well.

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