Congress Takes Biden’s $33bn Ukraine Bill and Makes It a $40bn Ukraine Bill

It's all Ukraine, no "covid"

Source: Associated Press

In what would be a setback for Biden’s push for more COVID-19 spending, the measure would not include any of the additional billions in pandemic spending that the president has wanted included in the plan.

The measure was described Monday by people who could speak only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly.

Democrats’ movement on the proposal comes with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in its 11th week and showing signs of becoming a grinding, long-term war. Heavy fighting in Ukraine’s eastern and southern areas is causing widespread damage and significant losses on both sides, but the Russian offensive is showing few signs of progress.

Still, U.S. officials in and out of Congress have stressed that it will be critical to continue speeding assistance to Ukraine, whose forces are outnumbered.

While Democrats say more spending to combat COVID-19 is also crucial, their plan to seek votes on a package omitting those funds underscores their thinking that rushing assistance to Ukraine is their top priority. A push for a separate pandemic measure would come later, Democrats say.

The officials said Democrats’ Ukraine measure would include $3.4 billion more than Biden had requested for defense spending and another $3.4 billion over what the president sought for humanitarian aid.

  1. Anonymous says

    All while their own country disintegrates: roads, highways, bridges, and more all crumbling away; homeless citizens living in cars or under bridges, record levels of public and private debt; violence in every major city; runaway drug use; child abuse, domestic violence, abuse and neglect of women and of elderly; dysfunctional “woke” schools and universities that serve no constructive purpose anymore … and on, and on, and on.

    There is no end to profligate spending on war and weapons and killing machines, but general practice doctors, dentists, a decent education, and housing is affordable to no one – apart from Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, and the rest of the human excrement that makes up America’s ruling class.

    1. Jubarex says

      Well said!

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