Communists Rally for Vaccine Freedom in Moscow, the Police Clamp Down

We have come full circle


A dozen people were arrested as Moscow police clamped down on an unsanctioned rally in the Russian capital, on Saturday, against compulsory Covid-19 vaccination for certain workers. It was organized by the local Communist Party.

The march was staged near Pushkinskaya Square in central Moscow and – despite the blazing 34 degrees Celsius temperature – a crowd of around a thousand gathered, according to media reports.

Local Communist politician Valery Rashkin had earlier announced that he would hold a meeting at the site. He had pledged to respect Covid-19 related guidelines.

Videos and photos from the scene captured several people with red flags being detained by police. Among the dozen arrested was Nikolay Zubrilin, who leads the party’s faction in the capital’s legislature. The Communists, heirs to the mantle of the former Soviet Union’s ruling faction, are Russia’s second largest political grouping.

Amid a resurgence of Covid-19 cases across Russia in June, Moscow authorities have demanded businesses in sectors like hospitality, transport and leisure make sure that 60% of their staff are vaccinated or face hefty fines. Employers are also allowed to suspend unvaccinated workers without pay to meet the quotas.

With new daily reported infections in the country standing at around 20,000 and medics warning that hospitals could be overwhelmed, a dozen Russian regions have followed the capital’s example and also introduced compulsory vaccination in certain sectors of the economy. Eight more regions are planning to resort to similar measures starting from Monday.

Source: RT

  1. GMC says

    Pleastsk, RF { Houston } we have a problem ! Are there Russians that are too much pro Western, pro WHO , pro NWO that want to vaccinate 60% of the public ? Are there too many in the Russian gov that knows more about , what is coming , in way of more biological viruses ? Or are there many in the gov. and in the medical industry , that know that SputnikV is a good twin adenovirus vaccine that just works well against the virus that is going around. Too many obvious questions that the Russian government and others should be answering to. And the main one is the BS attached to the phoney PCR tests. Thanks A E

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Not even traditional vaccines work, it is all on money making scam.

      1. GMC says

        I don’t think we are told about any of the research, bioweapons agenda, transhuman research and a dozen other sciences that have taken place in all those secret Labs. Certainly the US nor any other country { including the R F } or scientist group is talking either. At least Russia will put some of the Sputnik V profat in the State coffers. Not to mention that their vax – won’t kill you – down the road.

  2. tunamelt says

    The World Economic Forum simply forgot to send a check to the communists.

  3. ken says

    Yes,,, Russia / Putin has joined the crazed ranks of the Western tyrants and Gestapo.

    So the insanity is finally reaching Russia. Even the communists are against mandatory vaccinations. Go figure.

    Check out the following link… about the 38 minute mark where Russian Gestapo drag a unconscious woman out to their cruiser for not wearing a mask. She was feeling ill, so she removed her mask to breath. Sickening….

    Man. if this crap isn’t stopped hell will be a better place than earth,

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Goy, Sputnik V you’ll survive without harms! But your Western, jew & zionazi Mengele ” vaccine” kills you!!!

      1. ken says

        Don’t know much about the Sputnik jab but regardless,,, for an alleged disease with a 99.87% survival rate, no vaxx should be mandated! If it was a ‘real’ disease with people dying in the streets no one would have to be forced… No?

        There is no doubt in my mind that Russia knows the PCR is useless when used to determine any infection. Yet they use it and state over 130,000 deaths and almost 6 million ‘cases’. All complete bs.

        They are every bit as involved with the 2030 agenda and population reduction as any of the Western nations. When looking at the Deagel forecasts one can see the different levels of population reduction for different countries. Russia was one of the lowest.

        Note: The latest Deagel website no longer contains the forecast for 2025. Apparently just another useless censored site.

        1. flashlight joe says


          They are every bit as involved with the 2030 agenda and population reduction as any of the Western nations. “

          I wonder if the reason other countries are joining the pandemic story is because they know the U.S. will not pay their debts until they steal the people’s money.

  4. Raptar Driver says

    I hated the Soviet Union!
    Now I miss it more than ever.

  5. Dale says

    Rail against the West. Rail against vaccines. But don’t diss my Sputnik!

  6. Mr Reynard says

    Now ?? RT could you enlighten us ?
    On whose orders the Police detained some of the demonstrators

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