CNN and MSNBC Owner Bought 18 Million Comments Undermining US Democracy

"The OAG found that millions of fake comments were submitted through a secret campaign, funded by the country’s largest broadband companies"


Years of investigation of New York Attorney General led to a report reveals CNN, MSNBC parent companies abusing their power and manipulating millions of fake comments online.

“The Office of the New York Attorney General (OAG) found that fake comments accounted for nearly 18 million of the more than 22 million comments the FCC received during its 2017 rulemaking,” the AG’s report reads. “This type of fraud has significant consequences for our democracy. Federal and state agencies rely on public comments to set standards that govern many aspects of our lives, from public health to consumer protection to the environment, and, in this case, the rules that govern how we share and consume content over the internet. Public comments can also influence legislators and the laws they enact.”

“The OAG found that millions of fake comments were submitted through a secret campaign, funded by the country’s largest broadband companies, to manufacture support for the repeal of existing net neutrality rules using lead generators,” the report continued. “And millions more were submitted by a 19- year old college student using made-up identities. The OAG also found that the FCC’s rulemaking proceeding was not unique. Some of the same parties and tactics have infected other rulemakings and processes for public engagement.”

The Office of New York Attorney General Letitia James launched a full-scale investigation in 2017 when it discovered that Broadband for America, which includes major internet providers like AT&T, Comcast and Charter, had poured a whopping $ 4.2 million into creating fake social media accounts and writing tens of millions comments.

Earlier, the Democrats accused Russia of a similar practice of creating fake accounts to interfere in the US presidential election. A group of individuals was allegedly organized to write defamatory comments against Democrats and persuade Americans to vote for Republicans.

Source: USA Really

  1. Ronnie says

    It’s all lies, lies and more lies.
    The entire damned lot of them.
    The only muscle left is sanctions and they are not effective anymore: nor the cheating.
    America keeps digging , Russia keeps pumping and China keeps innovating/manufacturing and……exporting to Mercia.
    Go figure it out yourself.
    It always happens in Dallas Joey….hope you understood their message.
    Be aware, very aware …..the reset cometh !

  2. Mark says

    Well, this…this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    And what’s going to happen as a consequence of the alleged situation of unacceptability?



    Because freedom is untidy.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Freedom ?? Freedom ?? Freedom ?? Freedom is being Selfish …

  3. ken says

    Voices of the American People.


  4. yuri says

    the remainder all created by CIA and parroted by goebbles presstitutes at Atlantic, salon, daily piss water, NYT, zucchini berg, etc
    since the 2014 US /EU sanctions Russia has seen more innovation, reduction of wealth disparities since 1989…sanction has not impeded production or sales of Russian vehicles in 40 nations, increases in export of tech, wheat, medicine, etc…since 2014 Russia has sold most US treasuries, and created more gold, diamond and platinum reserves than ever

  5. Sue says

    I watch you from time to time and can’t believe that you are supporting the false reporting that comes out of your mouth. Your ratings are low and you were banned from the Rittenhouse trial. Hopefully there is justice and MSNBC will be sued for false reporting.
    Now you have Hillary on and she should be in jail for paying for the Steele dossier. 
    It’s time to stop false reporting.
    You day is coming and so are the inept lying reporters.
    Sue Crawford

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