CNN Activates a Software Developer to Lay Down the Law on Mind Virus-19

Who's really "anti-science" here?

This is fresh. We are “anti-science” and “coronavirus denialists” (never mind all the scientists on our side), yet CNN educates itself on what is the proper course of action on a biological virus (martial law of course) by rolling out a software developer from the 1980s and giving him the podium for 10 minutes:

When exactly did Bill Gates, only a very modestly talented computer programmer, become an authority on virology?

We’ve got rigorous scientists like Mölling, Bhakdi, Ioannidis, Wodarg, and they’ve got Bill Gates.

Gates is someone who made his riches as a rent-seeker, courtesy of archaic and extraordinarily unjust monopoly laws that violate your very real property rights for the benefit of state-constructed “intellectual property” and Gates’ deep pockets.

Now he’s using the stature he enjoys courtesy of the money he extracted from you using the iron fist of the state, to argue that that same state which has been so good to him be given even more power over you. Yeah, no conflict of interest there whatsoever.

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  1. Mikhail Garchenko says

    …f***ing bug…

    It´s just a “game” for (((them))) and all of us are the “playing cards”, miserable SOB.

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