Class Warfare: Pupils in Anchorage Will Kneel in Front of Their Chairs, No Recess

"Some of these young students have never been to school before, so they may not see the situation as abnormal"

Some of the youngest students returning to classes today in Anchorage will enter a dystopian classroom world, where they must kneel for hours on end on the floor while masked, and have no recess or art or physical expression.

Pre-K–2, K–6, self-contained special needs programs, and the Whaley School are returning to in-person learning at Anchorage School District classes on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Parents who viewed the classroom their students will be returning to expressed shock: All desks have been removed. Students will kneel on gardening pads and use chairs as their desks for 5.5 hours.

[Parents, send photos of your children’s classroom conditions to this address: suzanne @]

Rather than lockers, they will have to bring a five-gallon utility bucket to store their lunch, jackets, and supplies in. The parents were told all students will be masked over their nose and mouth.

“We wouldn’t allow terrorists to be treated like this,” said one concerned parent, who asked to be kept anonymous.

Another parent has sent in this photo of her child’s classroom in Anchorage.

The new classroom design represents one solution to keeping children apart so they do not spread the COVID-19 virus.

Some of these young students have never been to school before, so they may not see the situation as abnormal. Anchorage schools have been closed due to the coronavirus since last March.

In at least one Ohio school, the desks are in place, but plastic barriers have been placed around each one, to contain moisture coming from students as they breathe through their masks, as shown from this parent’s photograph:

Grades 3–6 will continue with current Zoom and online classes for now in Anchorage. The District has a goal of bringing them back “as soon as possible after our first tier of students.”

Select middle and high school students who need extra support will also begin in-person, small-group classes for 5.5 hours each day on Jan. 19. All middle and high school students will return to in-person learning at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the District says.

“It may be hard to remember what ‘school in school’ was like. That’s okay! We will transition to a new routine together. We are paving the way for a new approach to learning in-person. The District is prepared with Individual School Safety and Mitigation Plans that are in line with CDC guidelines and customized by school principals and staff to ensure the mitigation works for each unique schools’ building and culture,” the district said.

Meanwhile, Anchorage Education Association, the union for teachers and staff, has sent highly detailed instructions to all of its members telling them exactly how to document their discontent with returning to in-person learning, so that they may file a successful grievance against the school district.

AEA has already filed its first grievance, demanding that teachers may refuse to carry out orders that they feel threaten health. The letter to teachers points out the dangerous situation that will occur when students remove their masks to eat and drink in the classrooms:

“With many students returning to buildings next Tuesday, many of you will have difficult decisions to make regarding your health and safety. The District’s position is that they have plans in place that mitigate and minimize exposure to COVID-19. AEA is focusing on student and staff safety as we return to face-to-face learning.

“AEA has filed a grievance asserting violations of Article 421B: “A member may refuse to carry out an order that threatens health (excluding normal childhood diseases including but not limited to colds, flu, mumps, measles, chicken pox) or physical safety; or which is a violation of federal or state statutes. If the member refuses, the member shall have the burden of proof.” Page 48 in the AEA Contract.

“This grievance includes any members who refuse to carry out an order that they believe threatens their health or physical safety. The specific safety violations are in these areas:

  • “Classrooms are being set up that do not have six feet of distance between students.
  • “Student are being allowed to remove masks and eat in the classroom.
  • “SEL mask breaks in buildings do not comply with CDC guidelines.
  • “Classrooms may not meet CDC, OSHA, or other regulatory requirements for proper air circulation and filtration to minimize COVID-19 exposure.”

The entire union letter to teachers and staff is at this link:


Source: Must Read Alaska

  1. ken says

    These nuts are mentally sick and need either hospitalized or taken out back and executed. We’re talking seriously sicko’s.

    All this insane crap for a alleged disease that has a 99.87% recovery and 80% of those never know they have it and children rarely get it.

    This is flat out child abuse. Hell, this would be abuse on a adult level. Their is no way I would send my child to a asylum run by sicko’s like that. Any “parent” that does is just as sick…

    Edit: Even the Nazis and Reds never treated their children like animals.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      IMO the Fathers should take a baseball bat studded with nails & have a robust conversation with those nuts ! There’s no greater incentive for those nuts to become normal as fear & pain !

      1. ken says

        True dat! Back in the 60s schools would spank us for acting up. In one case I was innocent. My Stepfather,,, 6’3 240lbs talked to the principle. No more problems after that 🙂

  2. SSS NNNN says

    Solution ? HOME SCHOOL…this is no longer a choice if you want to
    protect your childrens health and future well being now… Remember,
    masking is very DANGEROUS if done more then briefly, causing
    dangerous oxygen deprivation and respiratory disease…

  3. GMC says

    Alaska has been a US government POlice/military state and have used bioweapons on the native people for decades. Nobody thinks of this because they are 1400+ miles from Seattle and the Gov owns all the right people. Both the Statehood vote and the vote to move the capital to Willow was as fixed as the Trump/Biden election was. It was cool in the 60s 70s 80s but in the mid 90s – everything started to show. I left after 35 years , 1 homestead – 2 planes, and a fishin boat and 2 lifetimes of stories, but Alaska is way to valuable to let the people have it.

  4. XSFRGR says

    The Powerz can’t begin submission training a moment too soon. This for the safety of the child by preventing analytical thought, group planning of thought crimes, and social disobedience. Any mental activity that endangers absolute control of all aspects of life must be punished. Big Brother loves the little children, and demands that they be safe regardless of the consequences.

  5. nnn says

    Psychos are taking over

  6. Jeff Mint says

    These Skinner Box classrooms have nothing to do with Covid. Covid is just an excuse. The “baseball bat studded with nails” would be just the ticket for the psychopaths. After a little tender treatment by a couple male parents, they could attend the next school board meeting and say that those who follow CDC guide lines can’t perform their duties and must be replaced post hast. And if they are not replaced by some real humans the school board will get the same loving treatment..

  7. Eddy says

    And what does the medical profession have to say about this ? Young children with developing muscles and bones, as well as the impact upon knees for kneeling for such long periods, does not bode well for these kids health in the future. How an Adult can come up with such a stupid idea is beyond the pale. Surely the U.S. has become a total mad house.

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