China’s State Media Tells US It Picked the ‘Wrong Rival at the Wrong Time’

But Trump says they want a deal "badly" and he's the one holding it up?

The United States has made a “wrong calculation” and picked the “wrong rival” by continuing to put pressure on China, state media said on Thursday as it sought to ramp up the rhetoric ahead of a possible meeting between the nations’ leaders later this month.

In a front-page commentary, Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily accused the US of being more concerned with maintaining its hegemony than seeking growth and development.

“Some people in the US are saying that the coming of a new era for China means the end of an era for the US,” it said.

“Some people are stubbornly putting pressure on nations like China. They have made wrong calculations, and chosen the wrong rival at the wrong time.”

The article comes after repeated warnings from US officials that China will face consequences if President Xi Jinping fails to sit down with his US counterpart Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan later this month.

The White House’s chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Thursday there were no formal plans for such a meeting, but hinted that Trump could respond negatively if he felt he had been snubbed.

“My president has indicated a strong desire to sit and meet,” Kudlow said. “He’s also indicated if the meeting doesn’t come to pass, there may be consequences.”

Trump said earlier that he was ready to impose tariffs on the US$300 billion worth of Chinese goods the US imports that have so far escaped the punitive action if Xi refused to meet in Osaka.

But the People’s Daily article said that, because of the nature of global trade, Washington’s efforts to punish China were actually damaging its own economy and costing American jobs.

It cited the Apple iPhone as an example, saying that while the product had been designed and developed in the United States, its components came from Japan, Europe and South Korea, and the handsets were assembled in China.

“We can say that without the cross-border flow of products, capital, technology and information, Apple would not have become what it is today,” it said.

“Each nation has its right to protect its interests. However, if a nation achieves this aim with the mindset of ‘either you lose or I win’ or ‘either you die and I survive’, it will get into real trouble.

“Without the foundation of equality and common development a nation may be able to get some quick benefits, but they will be short-lived”.

The US cannot retreat from globalisation just because it is facing problems, the commentary said.

“It is regrettable that some people in the US have ignored the trend, and are moving further and further away from the path of globalisation,” it said.

“Only when we seek common development, can we then handle common challenges.”

Source: South China Morning Post

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  2. JustPassingThrough says

    “My president has indicated a strong desire to sit and meet,” Kudlow said. “He’s also indicated if the meeting doesn’t come to pass, there may be consequences.

    Now this is the way you negotiate with people, right?
    You threaten them, right?

    The unbounded ignorance and arrogance of the murikans is a sight to behold.
    Case studies in idiocy.

  3. Mary E says

    This is what happens when one of the participators in the world economy thinks it should get special treatment, but in this case it is worse because US’s trump wants to be the king of all trade..of the world, in fact….he should be shown that the US is failing and part of the reason is because of policies like his! And that attitude! He’s got to lose that attitude..soon!

  4. Natural_Texan says

    America floods the world with weapons of mass destruction while China and Russia seek cooperative development. I can’t see how Washington, The Fed and the MIC will abandon war development and extraction for cooperative development. Perhaps a complete loss of international gravitas due to the lying machinations and a 50% Wall Street readjustment? Yet they will shoot off all their fireworks! Hopefully for the last time.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    “My president has indicated a strong desire to sit and meet,” Kudlow said. “He’s also indicated if the meeting doesn’t come to pass, there may be consequences.”

    Look at how weird that man’s language is.

    It’s not, “the President,” it’s “my President.”

    “Indicated a strong desire”? How about, “wants to meet” or “feels we need to meet”?

    Weirdest of all, and by far: “if the meeting doesn’t come to pass…” That’s absolutely Biblical. The King James Version.

    “There may be consequences” ? What the hell is that, a threat on tiptoes?

    1. Mary E says

      haha…yes, it sure looks like it! This guy in the White House is such a sick narcissist that if the leader of a nation much stronger than his doesn’t meet on the sidelines with him (so he can get some great photo ops of course) there will be ….whaaaaat?!? – consequences! Oh please leave it alone, trump..

  6. Canosin says

    the US has isolated itself from the rest of the world…. the burden of spending gigantic sums of money in the military is no longer sustainable and is the killing factor of the US economy.. . once the US was the biggest money lender, nowadays it is the largest debt owner.. ..the US bases worldwide are consuming huge amounts of money from the treasury…. money which is not there anyway thus borrowing more and more from the j ewish banks…. whilst the cities infrastructure are deteriorating and collapsing….
    in the meantime the Russian Chinese caravan moves on with the new silk road…. the warmongering united snakes of hypocrisy in DC are well aware that the Divided States of Zionist America is now already a fucked up shithole country with no perspective for the future….. the hubris and self-delusion in superiority imposed on almost every nation in the world has lead to overreaching and overstretching of the US economy….. aside the usual bootlickering hypocrites from UK, Europe, Australia and Japan…. the rest of world does not take any longer the imposed humiliation from a sickeningly decaying empire

    1. BillA says

      tired of the US, eh
      me too

    2. Mary E says

      Absolutely right on! Military might doesn’t cut it any longer…the world has moved on to cyber everything, but the US has been caught with its pants down, so to speak!

      1. Canosin says

        US is doomed because of:

        endless war..
        gender amorphousness. ..
        infrastructure decay….
        brains won’t take no education no more. ..
        language has degenerated to ghetto slang, grunts and Trumpian bluster-speak. ..
        robots taking the jobs….
        etc etc etc etc. …..

  7. David Bedford says

    Globalisation has been a huge win for emerging economies at the expense of ‘ffirst world’ countries

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