China’s Social Credit System Is at Least Better Than America’s

Not a high bar to clear

The American right-wing commentator and activist, Nick Fuentes was deplatformed from a variety of services and put on a no-fly list. Fuentes still has Twitter to tell us about it…

Therefore, you can basically be treated like a criminal for supporting Donald Trump in contemporary America. Say hello to a one-party state in all but name.

Well, I think the Chinese system is actually better than these waves of woke hysteria in the Society 282 as Egor Prosvirnin called it after the article 282 of the Russian penal codex that related to hate speech and extremism. The Chinese social credit actually gives you clear blueprint on how to become a good citizen. I do not want to defend that system, I personally think totalitarian states are prone to abuse, and I am fine with the weak state of the Czechs but if given the choice now, I would choose China to live instead of US.

The American and by extension Western system of values is still indefinite, you never know which protected group your speech crosses, you also do not expect that in a democratic society supporting a legitimate political force will lead to persecution.

We live in liminal times and the West is, unfortunately, moving in a really unhealthy direction.

Source: Insomniac Ressurected

  1. Craig says

    It is refreshing to see someone who has an inkling of what the Chinese social credit system is. If you are interested in some views of China by Americans not put out by the US corporations you might check out “Here Comes China” There are others but this is a good place to start.

  2. mijj says

    we need to rid ourselves of the notion that we live in a “democratic” society. What the political system has degenerated to in the West may hold periodic “democracy” theatre, but is certainly not democratic in substance.

  3. Richard says

    The lesson is, you never use your real name and contact details.

  4. tobi999 says

    of course, you can get earlier retired in China, you get lower interset rates for loans… etc. and more…. you get at least something in return for behaving…..what do you get in the West???? Nothing…..they even set your retirment age 5 or 10 years up…. rise taxes etc. punishment is getting more and more equal….the reason that so many people in the west suffer from depression is because they believe they are free and can riseup and get better in life…. that is an ilusion to make you ran faster and faster in the hamster wheel and when you get end of 30s or 40s you see you ran for nothing….Chinese people do not live in this ilusion they know life is hard and fucked up….you are just insignificant little worker nothing more….

  5. Jerry Hood says

    You stupido you wete in the US Marines,bearing arms for those who won’t bear you arms, except for them!!!

  6. Carlos says

    China is “better”. Because then you would pay higher interest rates, you can’t travel,by high speed train, you can’t fly, you can’t go outside the country, you would get only low paid Jobs etc.

    But the West is on “the best way” too. In the West restricions will introduced as CO2 and clmate change reasons.

    Of course only for average people.The highsociety and willing and embedded journalists of te “elites” in Davos/Switzerland will live as usual.

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