China’s COVID Xenophobia Theater Is Laughable and Cringe

But there's more to the story

China has a thing going where they pretend they are Zero COVID or just about so, but where the rest of the world is full of disease and risk.

One of the results is that they can be at times spotted outside of their natural habitat sporting outfits like these:

Chinese para-hockey team in Sweden

And these:

Yes that’s a real and up to date photo, it all checks out, see here: link

Aside from being laughable and cringe this is also more than a little bit offensive — if you’re going to enter another country as a guest don’t dress as if visiting there equals being submerged in a barrel of ebola. Then again the very same could be said of those non-Chinese who wear masks and won’t shake hands. — Manners and class have really taken a dive since March 2020.

Anyhow China is able to maintain its Zero COVID illusion/fraud because it has much higher levels of pre-existing immunity thanks to a progenitor virus to Cov-Sars-2 that was already spreading there in 2019 and 2018. And through the typical Communist Potemkin theater where the center declares a policy and the regional authorities on the ground rape the reality by whatever means necessary to be able to report the numbers the center asked for.  I suspect that when cases are found they are swept under the rug and outbreaks are minimized and speedily declared as having been eradicated. In parallel to that, incredibly disruptive and wide-sweeping track & trace and shutdown security theater is unleashed so that Covid’s abrupt end can be credited to something other than it going back under the rug. The regions have every incentive to handle it in this way to avoid Beijing placing them in isolation and then accusing them of being uniquely irresponsible among all the other regions.

(The Songpinganq account is too excitable at times, but if 10% of the material is right it’s already disturbing.)

Thus why the Chinese abroad sometimes sport these ridiculous outfits is partly because they buy the CCP narrative of China as a uniquely clean oasis in a Covid-infested world, and partly because of China’s Covid xenophobia they as returnees from abroad are potentially unclean themselves. Thus it is important for them to keep up the plague theater to back up the narrative that while abroad they had kept themselves separate and clean, and aren’t a re-entry risk. Yes, Communism sucks. When re-entering Stalin’s Soviet Union returnees would have to pass through a filtration system where they had to prove their ideological reliability. Now they’re tasked with upholding their Virus piety and biological cleanliness.

  1. Matrixdissident says

    It’s starting to look like Squid Games around here.

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an interesting look at how one nation is coercing its citizens into getting vaccinated for COVID-19:

    Any excuse to cut health care spending will be perfectly acceptable to the power-drunk sociopaths running the governments of many nations.

  3. Ying Jun says

    Who cares what happens in China. I’m only concerned about what happens in my country and that’s Australia. It is their country and if they are not happy about it then only they can change it. All this scamdemic BS need to stop in Australia.

  4. Guest says

    Where is ken ?

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