China Trembling With Fear After Jeremy Hunt Threatens Sanctions by an Obscure Island Known for Bad Weather and Vindaloo

Beijing assures citizens is taking the threat seriously, will try to locate this micronation

UK to sanction…China

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has refused to rule out sanctions on China, as he is keeping his “options open” over how the United Kingdom could respond to developments in Hong Kong.

In an interview with the BBC on Thursday (Jul 4), Hunt also repeated a warning he made on Tuesday, saying there would be “consequences” if Beijing breached commitments it made about rights in Hong Kong stipulated in the handover agreement.

“What I wanted to do was to make the point clearly that this isn’t something that we would just gulp and move on – this would be a very serious issue for the UK,” he said.

The city was a British colony until it was returned to China in 1997 under a handover agreement that guaranteed the territory certain levels of autonomy and freedoms unseen on the mainland.

That “one country, two systems” deal is at the centre of the row between London and Beijing, as anti-government protests over the controversial extradition Bill reached an unprecedented level on Monday, with a group of protesters briefly occupying Hong Kong’s Legislative Council building.

Hunt said that authorities had to deal with the root causes of the protests over the extradition Bill, while maintaining that there was no reason why good relations between Britain and China could not continue.

He also repeated on Thursday that he does not support the violent protesters who stormed Hong Kong’s parliament, but said they should not be dealt with by “repression”.

“We’re just asking very simply for that (Hong Kong handover) agreement that we have with China from 1984 to be honoured,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chinese official English-language newspapers blamed meddling by Western governments on Thursday for the unrest in Hong Kong.

“Ideologues in Western governments never cease in their efforts to engineer unrest against governments that are not to their liking, even though their actions have caused misery and chaos in country after country in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia,” the state-run China Daily said in an editorial.

“Now they are trying the same trick in China.”

Source: Channel News Asia


    Trying to sound stentorian, Hunt has squeaked his interfering response. If the UK had the muscle to go against China, they would not have given up Hong Kong. By his pompous pronunciamento Hunt has give the leadership of the Tories to Boris the Clown.
    The UK public can see a fool when it’s roaring.

  2. DarkEyes says

    Mr. “English, foreign interferer with China’s internal affairs, heinous” Hunt is in the middle of the battle in his own little England to become Prime Minister. The top job.

    IMO, here we see a sociopathic politician doing everything to get elected as a Prime Minster of Britain if elected to give the idea to the people he will stand firm for his country and be able to spread more dangerous acts all for their own glory, to get rich and a lot of political power.

    He is just living in La La Ratschildt’s own land.

  3. silver7 says

    Take a comparison. If violent protesting students broke and entered The House of Commons and trashed the place, wrote graffitti all over and left saying at least we payed for mars bars. That they would treated with dignity in the UK and not repressed i.e. quelled kept under control. Most likely be called terrorists in fact and beaten even shot. Worse, if they tried this against the White House USA – 100% treated as terrorists and shot jailed and tortured.

  4. JustPassingThrough says

    dear dear jeremy, you are used to just gulping things down and moving on so just wash, rinse, repeat you obnoxious fool.

  5. Aurum Cimex says

    Like a dragon threatened by a poodle. The man is a schill for corporations and groups desperate to stop Brexit. He has the common sense of a garden weed and the muscles to match.

    1. Muriel Kuri says

      Seizing an oil tanker from Iran in an act of piracy in Spain’s sovereign waters show the low level thought process of this man with 2 brain cells that refuse to talk to each other!

  6. Andrew Earl says

    for british colony, read illegally occupied.

  7. Augustus says

    Someone should inform Mr. Hunt that the British Empire is NO MORE. It’s gone. Contrary to what Mr. Hunt says….England IS GOING TO GULP AND MOVE ON.
    England and Mr. Hunt are irrelevant.

  8. Carlwilliam says

    Scotland should separate from the so-called “UK” immediately. The rest of that island can be made into a county of the state of Virgina for all its present political significance. Useless little, racist, rear-end-kissing, has-been island. God damn the queen.

    1. DarkEyes says

      And eat chlorine chicken? No thank you for the offer.

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