China SURRENDERS as The BRITISH ARMADA With the Striking Power of 18 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Enters Its Kill Zone

8 of which are actually British

HMS Queen Elizabeth, a British aircraft carrier, and its Carrier Strike Group have entered the South China Sea, a territory predominantly claimed by China, reports the UK Defence Journal.

Great Britain has sailed a carrier group into the South China Sea! Whoah! A whole carrier group!

Well it’s a “carrier group” of sorts. It has a carrier that has aircraft, sort of. And escorts, sort of.

HMS Queen Elizabeth comes sailing with 18 fixed-winged aircraft, 10 of which are operated by the US Marine Corps. Yes, the “British” “carrier group” boasts 8 British fixed-wing aircraft.

It also boasts the escort of 3 frigates, 2 of which are actually British, and 2 destroyers, one of which is British.

There was a second British destroyer escorting it but its engines broke down in hot water.

That is a thing. British destroyers break down in hot water.

The RN has confirmed that Daring-class Type 45 destroyer, HMS Diamond, has detached from the UK’s Carrier Strike Group 2021 (CSG 21) following ‘technical issues’.

The ship stayed in Augusta, Sicily, whilst the remainder of CSG 21 transited the Suez Canal to begin the second leg of its maiden deployment.

Well, now that the strike power represented by eight British F-35s, ten US F-35s, one British destroyer (that only deploys anti-air missiles), and one US destroyer sails deeper into China’s A2/AD missile umbrella, Beijing will have no choice but to give up Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Apple.

  1. Jerry Hood says

    Those British ” flies” will the Chinese beat up with thier ” Maoist hats”….

  2. Jerry Hood says

    The 3rd world Brits forgot that Hong-Kong is already Chinese???

    1. Ron says

      Hong Kong has ALWAYS been Chinese except for the period (1841 to 1997) where it was a forced British Colony due to China’s defeat in the Opium Wars. What are the Opium Wars you ask. This is when the British (Jews Sassoon/Rothschields) forced their Indian Opium onto China which had laws prohibiting the sale of Opium because it’s an addictive society destroying narcotic.

      Don’t let the aristocratic titles (Sir this and Lord that) fool you. These people are drug dealers and murderes who have killed millions upon millions for the sake of greed and power.

      1. Baked sole says

        You people try to turn the actions of empire, into the sole actions of individuals, Jews at that….. why? it’s nonsense. The British empire was a collective of millions under the control of a very British elite of white Christians in London.

        1. Dorel says

          Yeah Rothschild is a white Christian .?!

        2. Earthrise says

          Learn your history. Venice, Amsterdam, London to New York. Wherever capitalism flourishes, the parasites swarm.

          1. yuri says

            you refer to amerikans obviously
            “as one digs deeper into the national character of amerikans one sees they have sought the value of everything in this world according to the answer to a single question: how much money will it bring in?” Tocqueville
            “amerikans are farcical when it comes to money and force majeure—the 2 things they worship. my country has created 1 art form—the TV advertisement. u should not expect a democracy from a society like this”. Gore Vidal
            “amerikans bewilder Europeans…the double symbolism assigned to money by amerikans is regarded as paradoxical to the European”. Geoffrey Gorer

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Dogs simply follow their masters commands.

    1. geo says

      Those people ere not really “Americans”, they wee Europeans and European descendants – Russians as well!
      So, your posted quotes do not qualify for telling the truth.
      The lead of the Federation was of the Franc-Masonry = Jewish people and their anti-Christians servants (pretending they are Christians!).
      100 years ago, already the USA was the disguised Israel due to the total control of the Finance, Commerce, … of the “American” Economy using usury, blackmailing, corruption, … Learn the history, the real one.

      1. geo says

        This reply is for above text, of Yuri. Sorry

  4. Jim Richardson says

    It requires only ONE MISSILE…JUST ONE…..exploding on a carrier flight deck to put the carrier out of commission. A burning carrier is not much of a weapon of war then… quickly becomes a potential coffin for thousands if the fire is not controlled. Trying to control the fire on a burning carrier requires the efforts of its destroyer escorts to save the ship. Everyone involved becomes too busy to worry about fighting in such an emergency making the entire force vulnerable to an overwhelming attack. Therefore the British carrier should make sure it doesn’t provoke an attack. To see what a carrier on fire looks like just Google…..Youtube Forestall fire 1967. It was a catastrophe.

    1. Danny.white20 says

      But it would be interesting to watch
      How awesome would it be to watch a chinese attack on a british fleet.
      I’d pay to watch that

    2. Tim_2A says

      That fire was caused by John McCain, who had to be removed from the ship VERY QUICKLY, by his Admiral father, to avoid being dragged belowdecks, AND KILLED.

      It was another of his infamous “wet starts” that caused it, and Daddy saved his ass.

      We should’ve let Vietnam keep him, and execute him.

      “Songbird McCain” was a traitorous piece of shit who should never have been returned to the U.S.

      1. Jim Richardson says

        Today, July29th is the 54th anniversary of that disaster. I remember it well since I was in the Navy. There WERE rumors about McCain I remember. I had friends on the Forestall and luckily I didn’t know anyone who was killed. I served on the USS Bon Homme Richard then.

  5. kkk says

    Boy, such a great target

  6. ken says

    Just think of the difficulty of the Chinese not busting out laughing. While trying to embarrass the Chinese the foolish Brits are only embarrassing themselves.

  7. Ultrafart the Brave says

    If the British carrier gets whacked in China’s claimed territorial waters, who gets to keep the scrap? Must be a few dollars (or yuan) worth of salvage there.

    1. Steven Ginn says

      Seem to recall that the Pommy missile target was actually made of aluminium. If so, they learned fuck all about building vessels out of aluminium after the disaster at the Falklands!

  8. Mr Reynard says

    Quote: Beijing will have no choice but to give up Hong Kong, Taiwan,
    I heard that Joe Dementia has given a deal to China ??
    America will get Hong Kong & Taiwan & give China in return, California, Oregon & Washington State…
    Everybody will be happy & it’s a win, win situation

    1. Steven Ginn says

      NOBODY, even the Chinese would want Californicatia, O’Regan or Washington at any cost!

  9. yuri says

    after Brexit UK was annexed by Zimbabwe

  10. raymond lambert says

    It’s just a thought. If one of these F35’s somehow fell into the hands of China they might reverse engineer it, sort it’s many problems and have a working example almost as good as thier own or the Russian variants.

    1. Tim_2A says

      The reverse engineering of the F-35 would be quite a coup, but the ChiComs (most likely) ALREADY have the specs for the entire aircraft.

      Of course, there was an ELINT aircraft they were “gifted” some years back, along with ALL of its requisite operating systems. Whatever data had already been collected before they were forced down was just icing on that mega-million-dollar cake, from the Pentagram to the PLA.

      The craft was returned IN PIECES, when it had been flying only months before. Not immolating the ENTIRE BIRD was a catastrophic failure on that crew’s part, and ample evidence that it was a PLANNED OPERATION.

      As a bonus, the crew chief, or someone like that, FAILED TO SET THE TAPEWORM VIRUS IN MOTION TO ERASE EVERYTHING, especially the software programs. They ‘forgot’ the self-destruct to destroy the hardware, too.

      The Pentagram admitted the existence of all the systems to do those things, AND that they were NEVER UTILIZED. What a surprise.

      Merry “Mao-mas,” from Uncle Sam!

      1. Steven Ginn says

        Haaaaahaaa!! The Chinese didn’t want that POS failure! They wanted one that will actually fly and do what it is supposed to do, not a bloody red herring!

  11. Baked sole says

    China is going to take Taiwan (back?) very soon, & there is nothing the British or the Americans can do about it.

    I personally think Taiwan has earned its independence, but unfortunately it was given that independence by China’s current enemies.

  12. Malatok says

    Delightful to witness the end stage and geriatric death shake of the evil Pirate Rock…today just an overcrowded colonial slum in damp Britland. The gibberish of the gone to seed, in bred, pedovore class going down with the rotten pirate tub that has pillaged and plundered for centuries is beyond pathetic as they wage war on their own unwashed masses at home in the melting pot of gene poisoned Britland while deluded to the point of dementia as they imagine China gives a toss for their rancid rust tubs splashing about Planet China.

    The jig is up but the geriatric demented pirate still sees something to plunder and salvage on a horizon that hasn’t existed since the new mobsters stole their anglozio empire back in the time of Onkel Adolf.

    Onward to all new “treaty of Nanking”, me hearties if’n you be senile enough!

    Karma time!

  13. yuri says

    amerikan sailors now burning their own naval vessels—US LGBT navy assigned to San Francisco in case Oakland BLM invades

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