China Pulled English Soccer TV Coverage Over Pro-Ukrainian Messaging

"More than allies." Chinese TV with Donbass rebels in Mariupol

They told you that they were “not real allies” and that China could be invading Siberia

Manchester United and league leaders Manchester City clash in one of the biggest games of the English Premier League season on Sunday, but fans in mainland China will not be able to watch it or any other matches this weekend.

Chinese rights holders have told the league they will not broadcast matches because of its planned show of support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, the BBC said.

China is a close political ally of Russia, which calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation”.

Earlier this week, the Premier League said teams would show their support for Ukraine at games, with all 20 captains wearing special armbands in Ukrainian colours.

Fans are also being encouraged to join players, managers, match officials and club staff in a moment of reflection and solidarity before kick-off at each game.

The screens at stadiums will display “Football Stands Together” against the backdrop of the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag.

In 2019 China’s state broadcaster CCTV removed an Arsenal-Manchester City game from its schedule after comments made by then-Gunners midfielder Mesut Ozil.

Ozil had posted on social media about the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China.

Source: South China Morning Post

  1. Kointel Killah says

    Did China pull the clot shots from walmart?

    Two shots good. Four shots better.

    1. Ron says

      The “gene therapy” mRNA shots you get in the West has nothing to do with China. China is supplying “old tech” Adeno virus shots. The West is supplying mRNA shots. I hope you understand what I’m writing and not oxygen deprived from wearing a face diaper all day. You do realize the “gene therapy” shots are for a pathogen that has never been isolated or proven to exist except in mass media. If you have some brain cells left, use them.

  2. Mr Reynard says

    Maybe China , should have replaced the pro-Ukie coverage with the following picture ??

  3. Ragde says

    Good! China’s not falling for the usual US lies, nor should they. Together with Russia they will break America’s global Dollar hegemony and send them down the tubes where they belong.

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