China Locks Down 15 Million People For 100 Cases of “Delta Variant”

"This planet has reached a level of totalitarian control that is almost beyond comprehension"

The ruling class in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong is carrying out mass testing and has locked down entire areas of the province to try to control a “flare-up” of coronavirus cases in Guangzhou. The “flare-up” consists of 100 cases of the “Delta variant” and 15 million others are now prisoners of the state.

The psychos are not giving up on their lockdowns.

The city has cited the Delta variant of the coronavirus, first detected in India, as a driver behind the uptick in cases it has reported since the latter part of May. The Delta strain is known to be highly transmissible.

Guangzhou, a city of over 15 million people and the provincial capital, has reported 96 of the over 100 cases in Guangdong province in this latest outbreak. –CNBC

Should we do some quick math? 1 out of 15 million is .0000066667% of people. That’s what a Chinese province is locking down for. Yike. We’ve always been slaves to the government, but this planet has reached a level of totalitarian control that is almost beyond comprehension.

Liwan, still the worst-hit district, has imposed strict lockdowns on certain streets. Some areas are not letting people in and out of a certain zone and residents are not allowed to leave their building. Twenty-four-hour checkpoints have been set up to monitor movement in and out of these areas. –CNBC

The mainstream media continues to attempt to normalize lockdowns as something we should just submit to without question. And it isn’t just China.  Australia recently locked down again for 26 cases of COVID and the United Kingdom is threatening to NOT lift their over a year-long lockdown because of the “Delta variant.”

Australia Institutes Strict Lockdowns AGAIN After 26 Tested Positive For COVID

Guangzhou has carried out over 16 million tests between May 26 and midnight on June 5. Of those tests, they found 100 that were positive.

Still think this is about health? It is not and it has not been since day one. How anyone can read those numbers apply logic and critical thinking and still come up with lockdowns as the best solution is beyond comprehension.  We would be delusional at this point to assume another lockdown cannot happen in police state USA.


  1. tunamelt says

    Its highly ironic that some of the most culturally different countries who have a history of rebelling against foreign rule (Vietnam) gleefully take orders from the WEF and WHO to shutdown their commerce and torment their public with terror. The actual disease of our time is tyranny.

    1. Robin says

      All leaders are Freemasons research it.

  2. Dale says

    Something I don’t understand: how to harmonize: (1) staged videos as evidence that China employed a cynical psyop and (2) China continually acting in fear with draconian local lockdowns.

  3. ken says

    But the virus is always real! (lol)

    And we all know how credible the PCR test is… (lol)

    Today’s special kind of morons fall for the same joke everyday!

    Considering ‘critical thinking’,,, ALL that disappeared last year.

    This planet has reached a level of insanity well beyond comprehension

  4. Richard says

    What the fake does Marc Slavo criticize about?

    Does he advocate that China should be like India and let it all hang out to infect the whole frickin’ city and province before taking any kind of action?

    Since he only criticize, wtf has he a constructive idea of how the government should act in order to control the spread of the new Indian strain of highly infectious pandemic???

  5. Joe Rebman says

    It is time to boycott products made in China

  6. flashlight joe says

    We’ve always been slaves to the government, but this planet has reached a level of totalitarian control that is almost beyond comprehension.”

    To quote AH on the power and effects of propaganda:

    “This broadness of outline [of propaganda techniques] from which we must never depart, in combination with steady, consistent emphasis, allows our final success to mature. And then, to our amazement, we shall see what tremendous results such perseverance leads to – to results that are almost beyond our understanding.” 

    It all makes sense when you realize that people have been brainwashed. The most brainwashed are those that listen to TV and radio all day.

    Crazy people spewing nonsense is not propaganda. Propaganda must be designed and implemented with specific psychological methods and implemented on a massive scale. Only governments and other mobsters have this power.

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