“China Is Not a Cow” — Beijing’s Ambassador to Australia

“China is not a cow. I don’t think anybody should fancy the idea to milk China when she’s in her prime and plot to slaughter it in the end"

Official Canberra thinks it can earn money off of China all the while posturing against it and plotting its US-led demise. Beijing begs to differ.

The Australian government has used newly enacted foreign veto laws to force the state of Victoria to cancel two agreements in principle with China. The decision provoked an angry response from China, with one diplomat complaining that his country was “not a cow … to be milked when she’s in her prime”.

No specific projects were agreed by Victoria, but in 2018 the state signed memoranda of understanding with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRD) to develop infrastructure schemes as Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects, China’s programme for improving global trade routes.

Those agreements cleared the way for cooperation on trade, finance and development policy. They were followed the next year by the formation of a working group, chaired by Victoria premier Daniel Andrews and NDRC head Ning Jizhe. One aim of the group was to increase the participation of Chinese companies in Victorian infrastructure schemes.

Victoria also agreed to send its construction firms to China to “better understand opportunities”.

As well as construction, greater cooperation was envisaged in manufacturing, biotechnology, and agriculture, as well as improved market access for Chinese and Victorian goods into each other’s markets.

Victoria and China were due to agree a “Cooperation Road Map” in March last year, but this was delayed by the pandemic.

Andrews came under pressure to cancel the agreements after a trade war broke out between China and Australia last April, following Canberra’s call for an independent inquiry into the origins and handling of Covid-19. Andrews responded that the relationship was “far too important to farmers, to manufacturers, to workers, to profits for Victorian companies and therefore prosperity for our state”.

China’s embassy in Canberra described the decision as “another unreasonable and provocative move”.

Wang Xining, deputy head of the embassy, told the National Press Club yesterday: “China is not a cow. I don’t think anybody should fancy the idea to milk China when she’s in her prime and plot to slaughter it in the end. We are open for collaboration and cooperation, but we’ll be very strong in defending our national interest.”

Marise Paine, Australia’s foreign minister, said Victoria’s arrangements were inconsistent with the country’s foreign policy. She cancelled them using powers given her by the Foreign Relations Act of 2020, which grants the government power over international agreements struck by states, territories, councils and universities.

Payne said she had been notified of more than 1,000 arrangements that may be reviewed under the legislation. She thanked the states and territories “for their cooperation and for what is developing as a cooperative approach under the scheme”.

She added: “I will continue to consider foreign arrangements notified under the scheme. I expect the overwhelming majority of them to remain unaffected. I look forward to ongoing collaboration with states, territories, universities and local governments in implementing the Foreign Arrangements Scheme.”

Source: Global Construction Review

  1. ken says

    The Aussies are going down. Simple as that…

  2. Jerry Hood says

    But the satanic jews,owners of most of the Chinese banks, are milking the Chinese, just like they did the Germans or Americans…The parasitic jew always moves on a fat cow !!!

    1. XSFRGR says

      The Jews do not own banks in China. China threw the Jews out during the revolution, and have not nor will they ever let them back in. The only religion that Mao refused to allow in China was Judaism. The Chinese are depending on the predatory, parasitic Jews to destroy the West, and China’s faith in the Jew is not misplaced, but the Jew will never be allowed to destroy China.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        As well, XSFRGR they do have long memories & the humiliation of the Opium Wars aren’t forgotten & they know very well, who was the instigator of it to pillage China of its Silver ?
        Ohh… XSFRGR no lollipop for guessing who ??

      2. goyim 1 says

        Exactly right. China would not have been able or been allowed to move so many of its people out of poverty if Jews owned their banks. This is why the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship is now so hostile to China because China won’t let them have Chinese banks and won’t let them become involved in the Chinese economy in any meaningful way.

  3. XSFRGR says

    Australia must very rapidly wake up to the fact that the future lies with the East, and not the morally, and financially bankrupt West. Australians should remember their history, and how the West bled them in both wars, and peace. Australia, you aren’t a colony any longer, and you had better start acting to benefit Australians if you plan to survive.

    1. Andra says

      There’s a similar lesson for the current Canadian political element…in particular the last statement as applied to Canada.

  4. Roy says

    Hilarious! Talk of shooting off one’s foot…

  5. Ronnie says

    Jerry Hood.
    Where you pushed around by a small Jewish kid in school or something ?…. You really are in need of some therapy.
    I recommend reading historical facts about China first, then swallow the turd in your throat and rejoin the discussion.
    No one takes the hate ranters seriously. It really is a psychological disorder….for the record ..no I am not Jewish or Russian or a turd swallower of any kind.
    It’s the physically weak male that squeals like a girl. Think about it…everyone else does.

    1. jm74 says

      what is the difference between a hate and troll ranter? None! One is entitled to there opinion without being stifled but I do agree with the manner it is presented.

  6. nnn says

    Australia………..political whore

    1. Andra says

      Ditto Canada!

  7. yuri says

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