China and India Took Part in Russia’s Navy Day Parade

China with a destroyer and India with a frigate

Chinese missile destroyer “Xi’an” of the 32nd Chinese naval escort fleet participated in a military parade here marking Russia’s Navy Day on Sunday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reviewed the Chinese warship along with Russian vessels and an Indian frigate on the sea near Kronshtadt islet off the shore of St. Petersburg.

The audience stood up cheering and applauding when the Chinese missile destroyer with its sailors in full dress lining up on the deck passed them.

A total of 12 Russian warships and submarines as well as dozens of aircraft took part in the parade. [Ie the Chinese are now invited even for relatively small events.]

Source: Xinhua

Commanding Officer of INS Tarkash Captain Sathish Vasudev on Sunday gave returning salute to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the ceremonial steam-past during Russian Navy Day celebrations at St Petersburg, Russia.

“Bridges of Friendship Captain Sathish Vasudev CO Tarkash returning salute to President Putin during the ceremonial steam-past during the Russian Navy Day celebrations,” Navy Spokesperson tweeted along with visual of the ceremony.

Towards bolstering the robust ties between Russia and India and in recognition of the ‘Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership’ between the two countries, Tarkash had arrived at St Petersburg on July 25 to participate in the Russian Navy Day parade. The ship was welcomed into the harbour by officials from the Russian Navy with a live performance by the Russian Naval Band as a part of the Welcome Ceremony.

The Indian Navy was represented at the event by a delegation led by Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar P, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command and INS Tarkash. In addition to attending the Navy Day Parade, the Flag Officer had also called on the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy to review Navy to Navy cooperation and explore new avenues for collaboration.

During its stay in harbour, the ship was berthed at Lt Schmidt Embankment and remain opened for visitors from July 26 to 27. The ships’ crew also had professional interactions with the Russian Navy towards enhancing co-operation between the two forces.

Source: Asian News International

  1. CHUCKMAN says

    Those Chinese naval officers look really sharp. Handsome uniform worn by very proud men.

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    a lot more impressive than the collection of nato scrap iron on maneuvers in shallow water.

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