Children in the Philippines Have Been Banned From Exiting Their Homes for 68 of the Last 70 Weeks

Ban on children anywhere outdoors reintroduced after two weeks

The COVID cult demands its pound of flesh. To appease the mind virus freaks children in the Philippines have been technically banned from exiting their doorway for 1 year and 4 months now. As soon as the ban was lifted earlier this month it was reintroduced again, courtesy of the “Delta” mind virus rebrand:

The Philippines sent millions of children back into lockdown on Friday (Jul 23) as hospitals prepared for a surge in coronavirus cases fuelled by the highly contagious Delta variant ravaging neighbouring countries.

It comes two weeks after the government lifted a ban on minors going outside that had been in place since March 2020 but often flouted.

Imagine how much damage this would have caused children if anyone actually paid any attention to it. (The ban was observed for the first 2 months then everyone got over it.)

An insane assault on children parading as concern for their wellbeing. Truly sickening stuff.

Imagine being 9-years old and not being able to go outside for 16 months and counting. Now imagine that while you’re living in Filipino slum conditions; in a tin-roofed shack with 10 other family members.

  1. ken says

    I’m sure Duterte would have them shot for sneaking out to play in the sand pile. That seems to be this benevolent leaders answer for everything. And of course his douche bag military and police are happy to assist.

    Torturing children is for sure in vogue the world over these corona days. Here’s hoping the children take care of business when they grow up.

  2. GenX says

    Morons. Where’s the “science” in this?

  3. Anthony says

    Concern for “the children” seems to take a back seat when the situation at hand benefits the State and its corporate cronies

  4. Kieran DSouza says

    Really surprised at Duterte. thought he would exhibit some common in this so called pandemic that he usually does in other situations. Children should be left absolutely alone as they have the best immunity to cope with viruses of any kind and this particular virus is absolutely harmless to 99.9% children

    1. Winston says

      1 in 33,000 chance of death age 0-19, more like 99.9999%

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