Chief Lizard: ‘It’s Either Vaxxed or Masked’

Joe Biden has a deal for you: either get injected or become a secular dhimmi forced into a humiliating dress code

The lizard-in-chief has a little message for you:

This is so freaking awesome. Finally the truth. As we have been saying all along the muzzle (bacteria incubator) has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with compliance signaling.

This is like dhimmitude in Sharia law. You either convert to team Islam, or you pay the jizya to signal your acceptance of subjugation and status as tax cattle (rayah). Of course, it wasn’t just the jizya but a host of other regulations, eg not being allowed to go mounted in the presence of a Muslim, not being permitted to own a weapon or land, not being permitted to wear certain colors and materials…

  1. ken says

    I was raised that this was a constitutional republic. It is law based,,, not rules based. Laws are passed by legislatures even ones that are unconstitutional. This asshole wants to be dictator in chief! F-him, the medical nazis and the new morons trying to rule us.

    This is not a vaccine,,, it is a Frankenstein abortion concoction posing as a vaccine. It does not prevent any disease, nor the transmission. It has killed more in the last 3-4 months than ALL the vaccines combined have in that last 11 years.

    The PCR test does not determine infection,,, who in the hell knows what it does. Everything they say, do and think are outright lies.

    They hung assholes that forced folks to take experimental crap back in 1947. The hanging platforms need to be readied once again for anyone trying to coerce this killer cocktail on those that would rather risk the almost zero chance of dying from this alleged virus.

    And now the new normals (morons) are allowing their beloved children to be lab rats as they have zero chance of catching whatever they say it is.

    And you know what,,, their so stupid that hese idiots cannot be shamed. Risking their children’s lives is one for the cult.

    More kool aid please….

  2. tunamelt says

    “If you’re not vaccinated yet — go to to find a shot, and mask up until you’re fully vaccinated.”

    Talk is cheap. And from politicians, words are worth even less.

  3. gary stuart says

    In violation of HIPPA and Nuremberg Code…coercion is illegal and a Crime Against Humanity… he’s not a doctor and that in itself is a crime…

  4. Jerry Hood says

    This senile pig and illegal squatter in Oval= viginal office does not know about the election audit in Maricopa county in Arizona? Soon,he will be packing out to mentally retarted hospital! Numerous generals and admirals told him that he will be oudted,one way or the other!

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Maybe, maybe, the red blooded American will wake up from his slumber & we will see Joe Dementia & his cohort swinging from trees in the Pennsylvania Av….

  5. Mark says

    I’m hearing here (west coast of Canada) that the members of the Restaurant Association are growing so desperate that if there are signs that the restrictions will be extended beyond the end of this month, some will just open for business anyway. We will see. But the press is grudgingly reporting that people are completely sick of this whole exercise in foolishness, and that’s global.

    Interesting that at the same time Biden is trying to coerce his electorate into vaccination, the United States is one of the countries that has sidestepped imposing the vaccination passport for international travel.

    So…uhhh…how’s that going to work? I bring my family to Disneyland, and we all have to wear facemasks the whole time we’re outside our hotel room?

    I’ll pass, thanks.

    Mind you, that’s from Anthony Falsie, so it could be accurate or it could be completely wrong. What comes out of his mouth depends on who’s paying him and what rumor he heard last. It is, however, implicit recognition of the fact that if vaccination is going to become a dealbreaker and the only acceptable trade-off is face-diapering, tourism in that country is dead as the dodo. Biden knows full well that if he leaves it up to state or even municipal jurisdiction, everyone but residents will avoid that state or jurisdiction, and he’s making a last lunge at mandatory vaccination. He has no legal grounds whatsoever to impose that choice. But it’s good that people get a long look at what a freak he is and what a loony they allowed to seize power.

  6. Pablo says

    Vaxxed or masked, huh? Yes, the truth IS out. The masks have always been about conditioning and compliance. Our Rulers want to test how much abuse we’ll take brfore we revolt. Well they have their answer now.

  7. yuri says

    when did shah gates release the senile lizard from his dungeon?

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