Chicago Teachers Union Leader Pushes for Schools To Remain Closed… While Sitting by a Pool in Puerto Rico

This is Sarah Chambers:

Sarah Chambers is a special education teacher who sits on the Executive Board of the Chicago Teachers Union. She is also the Northside Area Vice President (Area A).

Comrade Chambers is a revolutionary who has led four teacher strikes, and by PURE COINCIDENCE she doesn’t currently want to go back to teaching school in-person because it could be unsafe and people will literally die of Covid. She does, however, still want a full paycheck.

Wow, Sarah must be really concerned about Covid. It seems like the health and well-being of her wonderful students and committed staff are, like, top priority.

By now it’s probably clear that Ms. Chambers is taking Covid very seriously.

So she’s probably following all the Covid rules, right?

No. She’s not.


Yup, that’s really our favorite teacher Ms. Chambers over there just chillin’ out poolside working on her tan in Puerto Rico.


Here’s something funny: this photo was taken just a few hours before the above tweet. That means Sarah Chambers, maybe the most dedicated teacher on Earth, tweeted in defense of remote teaching and making kids stay home, WHILE SITTING BY A POOL IN PUERTO RICO.


I’m glad Ms. Chambers can vacation in the Caribbean and risk getting Covid FOR THE SECOND TIME (yes, she already had it) and possibly spread the virus literally around the globe, but her students are supposed to just stay home, do nothing, and maybe talk to her on the internet every once in a while. That must be a really great experience for them. I’m sure their parents would be satisfied if Ms. Chambers maybe just Zoomed the kids every once in a while and showed them the view down in Puerto Rico. What is it, about 80 or so down there? Sweet. It’s 32 in Chicago. But that’s cool. I hope she’s having fun on her vacation!

The highly esteemed educator took to Twitter a few hours after making these hypocritical posts in order to defend herself, even though nobody had really said anything about it.

That didn’t go so well for her:

Ms. Chambers basically just admitted that Covid can be contained if we take the right precautions and that the virus will be over once enough people get it.

Great work Ms. Chambers!

Now lets send the kids back to school!

And yes, unfortunately that means you will have to go back to work.

Sorry bout that.

Here’s Dr. Anthony Fauci to play us out:

Source: Not the Bee

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  1. ken says

    Yeah,,, it’s so in your face that even stupidous Americanus should see the con but alas apparently not. Remember the doctor advising emperor Cuomo was down in Miami partying with all the chicks on a boat?

    The maskholes love to pretend to be sick,,, pretend there’s a killer wompas disease running amuck. They love their $600/$300 added to their unemployment for not working. They love their free rent/mortgage that probably will be forgiven. Yes, Hard working Americans are a thing in the past. Today they are hard ‘woke’ Americans sitting around wanting more free crap and trying to come up with more pronouns.

    To those socialist maskholes I say,,, The day of reckoning is coming,,, soon.

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