Checkpoint Asia’s Plan Is Taking Your Beer Money and Turning It Into Delicious Empire Hatred

I know you love beer but you love Checkpoint Asia too

Checkpoint Asia — Almost as good as beer

Today Checkpoint Asia is a one-man show. One, or at most two, years from now I see it as an operation bringing together 3 talented writer-editors. That is me, and two others.

This will increase the sheer volume of stories the site is able to bring to your attention, but also increase the quality of the presentation you get to enjoy. That is because there are benefits to working in a small team as opposed to alone.

Each editor brings slightly different talents into the mix, and you have a back-and-forth and witty people to use as a sounding board, and you end up with everyone coming up with better headlines, angles and quips than working in isolation.

Luckily I also know just where to find such people— I’ve worked with them before. Before they left for stabler, corporate pastures.

For now Checkpoint Asia with its 3,500 daily readers doesn’t have the financial means to attract them, but there is a sure way around that — it’s called getting your head down and working.

As long as I keep at it Checkpoint Asia will continue to grow. How do I know this? I know it because I helped build a site that was 10-times bigger — and for the last two years produced it on a day-to-day basis practically solo.

So albeit I didn’t own the site, I already had a much bigger audience, it’s just a matter of getting back there.

If I didn’t believe that, I’d already be doing what everybody else is and be plotting my E-commerce store, or go back to being a CNC operator.

Instead I’ve poured three months of my labor working on Checkpoint Asia from March until today without remuneration.

I’ve also spent time and money even before that to get the Checkpoint Asia Facebook page to 25,000 followers (without the contra-productive buying of fake ones) and to redesign the look of the website.

And should we hit the $1500 fundraising goal then for the next three months after website costs I will be working for $400 a month — not that I can actually survive on that but luckily I have a tiny amount of savings I can add to that.

So really if you do think Checkpoint Asia provides some value to your life or to the worlddo click that donate button. It’s not as if I’m growing rich here, or not making major sacrifices myself.

Ideally we would actually blow past the $1500 goal, and really we should. Aside from the several tens of thousands of “parachutists” who wander to Checkpoint Asia halls once or twice a month, there are 800 of you who check in at least every other day.  It’s you guys I’m counting on the most to get through for the website. Thus far 29 of you donated. Let’s get those rookie numbers up

I see it as a team effort, I’m putting in labor and foregoing the monies I could earn selling out, and you guys contribute to the effort by sacrificing some beer money — for our joint enjoyment of the website and its future victories.

I’ve also already contacted the legendary Rudy Panko (he has since sold his soul to corporate) if he would be willing to do something for the site to reward you guys if we manage to pass the $1500 goal and a stretch goal at somewhere above that. In principle he is willing, so we now just have to figure out what exactly that would be.

Your editor in the past life of blogger by night, portal milling machine operator by day

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