Checkpoint Asia Is Now Anti-Empire

A rebrand! is shorter than, is a .com domain, and probably better reflects what the site has always been about. Except for the rebrand the site will remain as it has always been. Opposing the criminality of the empire is one focus, but broadening our horizons and learning new things is another.

As is it has done until now, the site will continue to cover more than just the latest imperial outrage. Equally important is to:

  • debunk the propaganda that enables it, and re-humanize its chosen targets,
  • understand past empire growing that got us to where we are,
  • cover important developments in its main rivals that are the main checks on its power,
  • and in its target countries where most of its biggest victims live and die,
  • the current state of its hegemony,
  • potential sources of weakness for it on the horizon,
  • ideological currents that may become useful to it, or conversely a threat
  • and sometimes also unrelated historical episodes that have something to say about the nature of imperialism and resistance.

Anything in fact which helps to reveal a more accurate picture of the reality than the one official narrative managers are selling, and gives us a better idea of where the empire and the world are headed.

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PS.: The migration went fine but I still have to solve the missing comments issue.

  1. Roger Bratt says

    It has been 20 years since Google out-yahooed Yahoo.

    The main lesson of disruptive technology is, turnover in who the biggest companies are.

    I wouldn’t bet against any start-up run by people with genuine good honest intentions.

    It is a little premature to suggest that Anti-Empire could become the entity that out-Googles Google.

    ( Google had access to 1/2 the bandwidth of all of Stanford University, who gets a lot of bandwidth anyway. That’s millions of dollars in bandwidth, for the price of graduate student tuition. )

    Yahoo, yet another Hierarchical Oracular Organizer, was just a collection of links.

    Supposedly, Google used a page rank system.

    However, Google started modifying their page rank at the request of advertisers in October 2002, if not sooner.

    I witnessed it, and it was in relation to the censoring of adverse event results from American biotech. i.e. patients badly injured by the technological Frankenstein biotech creations of Silicon Valley. Google censored that.

    It is absolutely possible to out-Google Google.

    I wish Anti-Empire & the Entire Staff some surprisingly Positive results from your Reporting Efforts.

    I notice that there’s a lot of smarter people people who are SICK of manipulated news.

    I also observe at some websites that the accumulated knowledge exceeds what is available on Google. Because in the Google-verse you get 20 to 100 ads shoved in your face, which does kind of hinder the user interface.

  2. Roger Bratt says

    Imagine, a job where you get paid to criticize the US !

    I’ve been training for that job for about 30 years.

  3. Savely says

    It is not a name, it is what behind it. You could pick a trashy kiddie name, like, and if you give a right set of content, people will remember you and follow you. I think Checkpoint Asia were cool enough.

  4. CHUCKMAN says

    “Anti-Empire,” okay for a banner or slogan, sounds a bit poppy and youngsterish as a publication title for my tastes, granted, the tastes of an old man.

    “Checkpoint” had a more authoritative sound. A bit of heft.

    Une question de goût.

    1. Roger Bratt says

      Anti has a second meaning, although usually spelled Auntie.

      Your parent’s sister.

      So Auntie Anti-Empire, which I am sort of proposing as the Mascot, would be a radical old lady with her hair in a bun like Irene Ryan in the Beverly Hillbillies.

      Give her a rocking chair and fresh print-outs of portraits of American presidents. On the wall, for her to use as Target Practice.

      And give her a shotgun, just like Granny in Beverly Hillbillies.

      It might make more sense if I could draw a cartoon of a radical old lady in a rocking chair.

  5. Rilme Hakonen says

    Uniting Asia is a positive move.
    The new name is ugly and stupid.
    I will not return.

  6. Andra Salzberg says

    Call it whatever you feel expresses your direction!
    It remains a central “checkpoint” for your unique perspective.

  7. Canosin says

    maybe it’s a mistake……checkpoint asia was all anti empire all along already……and as a site name a stand alone “trademark” which had gained already its own reputation and growing… it is too late to reverse back again…..however, it’s not that tragic

    1. Roger Bratt says

      Could always sell Checkpoint Asia coffee cups ?

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