Checkpoint Asia Comes Alive

Month in review

This site technically came online in April last year, but really only got off to a very pedestrian start at the time. February which saw 27 updates changed all that.

In that time Checkpoint Asia recorded 50,000 unique visits or almost 2,000 average daily visits, which for a new and still quite unknown site is good indeed. On its record day it also saw a totally respectable 7,000 visitors.

Ironically a big chunk of that was due to Churchill’s Indian famine article which was published last December but got picked up on social media in a big way only a few weeks ago.

I’ve noticed the views counter for articles is not working correctly. The hits number it displays is a few times greater than page views recorded by Google Analytics would allow. I don’t know why that is.

My programmer friend who implemented the counter assures me the number displayed is taken from WordPress’ own database and is the usual way to code such a thing. The counter is still useful as a measure of how articles are doing compared to each other, but I need to have the issue looked at when I can hire a techie.

In any case creating Checkpoint Asia in February has been a blast and I’m excited to continue doing it and see where it goes.

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