Check Out This Pair of Memes Anti-Empire Was Zucked For

Very dangerous memes


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Says it’s temporary but it doesn’t say when it ends and it has been 3 weeks now:

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Anyhow, these are the radical, Zuck-violating posts that caused the Zuckening. On June 19 this one was found to be “pro-suicide”:

And then ten days later this one was found to be “extremist” as in bolstering “dangerous individuals and organizations”:


  1. ken says

    Never could figure what everyone saw in Farcebook and Twatter. It was obvious they were affiliated with intelligence agencies. A wet dream for them as people put their life history online. Youtube seemed useful but now they are politicized as well. Older videos are still okay.

    It was obvious the Germans were far ahead of the West in Rocketry and aerodynamics. Operation Paperclip allowed Nazi scientists to come to the USA and continue their work.

    Many look at the Jet age and going to the moon as American ingenuity and resourcefulness but both programs were German. Both programs stagnated after they the death of these scientists showing very little advancement.

    The Soviets did the same but the Russians are far better engineers in these areas than engineers in the US. Reason: The US corporations are more interested in profits than advancement which can readily be seen in several military projects. F35,,, Carriers that can’t launch fully loaded a/c. Ships that have to be towed in…..

    The politicians shown had friends in high places which is always the case. No matter what the situation on the ground,,, these guys stay in contact.

    But I see no reason for being banned. Apparently you were on a list and they just picked a couple of items knowing there was little recourse for you.

    Same happened to me on Zerohedge. Just ended up permanently banned without reason. In my opinion ZH is another intelligence captured site but hell,,, today many are so no big deal.

    1. Fred not Reed says

      Jesus H. God. We are confronted with a globally united genocidal criminal faction that kills us by the tens of millions — without blinking.
      They have sworn upon the altar of their god to slaughter our children.

      And you guys are kicking and whining because “they’re being SO UNFAIR!”

      Apparently you guys didn’t read Solzhenitsyn.
      I for one was there when they killed 10,000,000 Russians in the 90’s.

      Time is short. Your Civilization is already long gone. You’re gonna pay a terrible price for all of this dicking around.

  2. Jerry Hood says

    ZioNazi elite….Some calling themselves as Ash*ke* Nazis…Ash claiming to be in WW2; but the true Nazi survivors!!!!

  3. Ying Jun says

    F-ckbook is a Zionist Fascist website. It is an honour to be banned by them. They are acting like the AmeriKKKnt government. They will ban you for disagreeing with them and they will use bogus national security/violating community standards reasons to do that. Yet they dare to talk about freedom, human rights etc…At least with dictatorship nations, they don’t pretend to be something they are not. They just say these are our rules and if you don’t like it then bugger off. The West is the devil pretending to be an angel.

  4. Fred not Reed says

    If the Germans had won, the Judeo-soviets would have been annihilated for murdering 60,000,000 Christians.

    Then, the Judeo-soviets wouldn’t have immigrated here to later perpetrate 9/11 and the current covid/election overthrow.

  5. Richseeto says

    What’s new in US conspiracy, double standards, lies and hypocrisy?

    It is calling all the shots in converting Nazi war criminals as well as Japanese ones into respectable human officer bearers in the good ole, honest and upstanding US of A. 

    Tell us some thing about the World Hegemon that conscious men and women don’t already know.

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