Chechnya Posts a Totally Made Up Vaccination Rate

Caucasian counting

Russia’s overall vaccination rate is 32 percent. Russia’s adult vaccination rate is 41 percent. Chechnya meanwhile claims its adult vaccination rate is 70 percent:

Chechnya fulfills 87% of coronavirus vaccination plan

GROZNY, October 3. / TASS /. More than 650 thousand residents of the Chechen Republic were vaccinated against coronavirus, the immunization plan was fulfilled by 87%. In total, 757,594 people need to be vaccinated to form herd immunity in the region, Aset Murtazalieva, chief epidemiologist of the regional health ministry, told TASS on Sunday.

“The pace of vaccination in the Chechen Republic has been stepped up. Over the entire period, 659,403 people have already been vaccinated, which is 87% of the plan. As everyone knows, now to achieve population immunity, 80% of the population must be vaccinated. This figure for us is 757,594 of the entire adult population of the region. [Ie, they claim to have vaccinated 0.87 of the 0.8 of adult population = 0.696.] Among persons over 60 years of age, 92,992 people were vaccinated, this is 67.7%, “Murtazalieva said.

There is no way in hell the semi-tribal highlanders of Chechnya have twice the vaccination rate of Russians.

Of course, there is also no way that more than 90 percent of eligible Chechens vote in each election with over 90 percent of the vote going to United Russia, yet that is what the Republic’s election commission reports time after time.

The nature of Russia’s system is such that the center signals what it wants to see, and the regional authorities downstream rush to make that happen. Failure could get you noticed as could success. The impetus is strong enough that soon fudging the numbers comes into play, and once everyone is doing it you’d be foolish not to do it yourself. (Not to mention you would look singularly bad.)

It is in this sort of system that in 2018 the center *publicly* accused the regions of having rigged their health data for years. After the center in 2012 proclaimed a war on cardiovascular disease deaths involving such disease fell every year — just as deaths of other causes and unexplained causes rose by the exact same amount.

So yeah, you could fudge your numbers as everyone does, or you could do like Chechnya and just make them up completely. When Kremlin signaled it would like to see a high vaccination rate the slightly more European Moscow responded by experimenting with a short-lived vaccine passport and mandating it for hospitality workers, whereas the rather less stuck up Chechnya — where Kadyrov supposedly just won 99.7 percent of the vote —simply made up a number and sent it back to the center. They’ve been accepting trash numbers from Chechnya for the elections for years so it’s not like it’s a hi-risk move. At this point, no one expects anything but utter mind-boggling trash from Chechnya and nothing but leniency from the center.

  1. Andra Saltzberg says

    Fudging = Making Up…when it comes to numbers.

    It’s what every CovFraud complicit country across the globe has been doing
    for 18+ months.

    Started by UK Ferguson; continued destructively by US Fauci,; then all
    and sundry mini-Faucis in every gov’t agency…wherever…in a race to find
    favour with satan.

  2. ken says

    Sounds to me like Chechnya is smarter than the average bear. Maybe Kadyrov doesn’t want to kill off the population with shots that:

    Do not stop the spread. [the CDC just recently admitted that AGAIN]
    Do not prevent the disease.
    Do not immunize.

    Do Kill.
    Do Maim
    Do injure.

    48,000 useless eaters dead in US. (Medicare) Approx 16,000 dead in US (VAERS) 28-30,000 dead in the EU.

    Millions injured and maimed with horrifying diseases.

    Yum Yum! Music to Kill Gates and gang.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Goy fromthe degenerated West: Chechnya uses Sputnik V, and that’s the difference! You brain dead goyim populace, you can’t even use your chewed away brain anymore!!!

  3. SteveK9 says

    That is a good thing.

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Sputnik V is safe vaccine! But the Western degenerates getting Mengele’s deadly vaxxes!!! Fu..k the Western obese goyim! Let them make space on this planet for better people!!!

    1. GMC says

      I took the Sputnik Lite a week ago and had a very slight reaction to it – a small temperature at night for about an hour and I was lazy the next day or two. Since I had the flu type virus already, I’ll assume my immune system was working correctly when it noticed the jab. No problem.

  5. yuri says

    another fake assertion by margie—Chechens are not liars like filipinos

    1. Jerry Hood says

      And use safe Sputnik V vaccine, not what they are pumping into the anglo-american white trash goyim populace!!!

      1. Michael Petrovich says

        I don´t hear any negative stories about Sputnik V. No side effects stories. Is it as good as they claim that it is?

  6. drb says

    Well, in a sense the Chechens are freer than most of us. Give Putin the number he wants, and move on.

  7. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Islam asks for obedience (to God), not sure why general obedience, including to the state, is unlikely amongst the Muslims of Russia.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Islam in Russian Federation is just joke…They do not slit throats like the islamic immigrants to Germany,France, Netherlands, and so on….

  8. Mark says

    AGAIN with the prattling nonsense about ‘herd immunity’!! It is not possible to achieve herd immunity against a coronavirus, in the same way you cannot achieve herd immunity against influenza; it comes back in a slightly altered form every year. The geniuses who whip up the flu-shot cocktail every year try to guess in advance what the mutation will be this year, and sometimes they’re completely wrong. But we have adapted to it, and few die. Most just get a little bit sick for a day or two, and suffer no long-term effects.

    The CDC changed the official definition of herd immunity to imply it was only achievable through vaccination. Then they changed the official definitions of vaccine and vaccination to imply it does not make you immune – merely stimulates your immune reaction and lets you handle the disease with less dramatic symptoms.

    They are loading the dice in their favour six ways from Sunday, and setting you up for a future in which you will cede your handling of disease to endless shots from Big Pharma until your immune system is no longer functional. And most of the stupids are going along with it with panting, frisky happiness like the lapdogs they are.

  9. Jerry Hood says

    Western degenerate white trash goyim population: Chechnya uses Sputnik V vaccine, not your Mengele ” vaccines” for eutanasia!!!!

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