Chechen ‘Refugee’ Terrorizes France, Kadyrov Plays Foreign Policy, Earns Kremlin’s Rebuke

"Muslim public figures...rushed to condemn and castigate France...while declining to extend a similar courtesy to the physical victims of their coreligionists"

So a Chechen refugee who was brutally persecuted by evil Russian occupiers and forced to flee to France recently beheaded a French teacher for triggering him with Mohammed cartoons. Difficult to care much. The French cultural elites, more so even than usual in the West, have long portrayed Chechens as noble freedom fighters against Russian oppression.

It’s cute how normies believe the Hebdo vs. Muslims spat has anything whatsoever to do with freedom of speech. France aggressively prosecutes anti-immigrant and anti-Zionist activists. Hebdo itself couldn’t care about freedom of speech, having themselves been involved in the campaign against Siné, who lampooned Jewish political power in France. I can only assume his cartoons are not being shown to French schoolchildren, which is what an actual demonstration of respect for the principle of free speech (as opposed to propagandizing an official theology) would involve.

The beheading has since led to some copycat attacks, mostly concentrated in France itself. The biggest one of these was against Christians in France, including the stabbing of three Catholics and the shooting of a Greek Orthodox priest. Muslim public figures from Erdogan and Mahathir Mohamad [of Malaysia] (who said that Muslims have the right to kill millions of French people) to Ramzan Kadyrov rushed to condemn and castigate France for its infatuation with the Hebdo cartoons, while declining to extend a similar courtesy to the physical victims of their coreligionists. Not that they have any particular obligation to, but it does more than hint at underlying priorities, values, and agendas.

Incidentally, this even overflowed to Russia, where a 16 year old Volga Tatar radical (rare occurrence) stabbed a policeman three times before getting lethally shot. Ramzan Kadyrov decided to play foreign policy, promising “severe consequences” for Macron (this is not the first time he has done that; some years ago, he also counter-signalled Russian official foreign policy on Myanmar and the Rohingya, which is aligned with China’s). This, at least, even earned a rebuke from the Kremlin, which is often mealy-mouthed about Kadyrov’s insubordinations, with Putin’s spokesperson telling journalists that foreign policy is exclusively Moscow’s prerogative.

Another notable development was the de facto endorsement of the attacks from MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. There was little surprising about this. Although he is viewed as “Russian” by foreigners and the lower IQ/more apolitical Russians sports fans, reality is that he is a crypto-Salafist who has campaigned against “un-Islamic” singers performing in the Caucasus, and demonstratively refuses to compete under a Russian flag (when asked about it by journalists, he claimed that those who compete under it “rape women, beat up the elderly, and promote alcohol drinking” – a succinct summary of what he thinks, and at least in the case of assaults clearly projects, about ethnic Russians in general).

Incidentally, this is why most non-Caucasian Russians have supported the Irishman Conor McGregor in his fights with Khabib, in case you were wondering.

I suppose I have to make some kind of meta point with this ramble. I suppose it would be that I just don’t understand all these ideologies and policies at a very fundamental level. There are the “based bloggers” who are so obsessed with “Zionists” that they dream of some kind of Christian-Islamic or Orthodox-Islamic “civilizational alliance.” Yeah, good luck with that. You might like them, but they don’t like you. There are the Western “muh free speech” Big Brains (who don’t even follow their own ideology – as per above, draw a cartoon about actually protected groups – report back when out of jail) who think it’s a great idea to pick a fight with a billion “fragile” Mohammedans, when 20%+ of births in their own country accrue to Muslims of whom two thirds in turn support blasphemy laws. I’m, like:

Now speaking of Based Chinamen. Literally the only civilization whose actions make any kind of rational sense to me is China which avoids gratuitously provoking Muslims with stupid cartoons while herding millions of them into camps where they are educated on how to be civilized and patriotic human beings. Best of all, the global ummah has no issues whatsoever with China’s highly rational and enlightened policies in Xinjiang.

Source: The Unz Review

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