Change of Pace — Normal Service to Resume in a Week (Early February)

There'll just be one original per day for a short time while mind decluttering is in process

This site does aggregation and curation because I think that is how I can be most useful to you and how I can stretch myself the farthest. As much as we all love the sound of our keyboards, I think this site is more valuable to the internet as a polished “aggregator” than as yet another blog.

I think the service of Anti-Empire, namely:

  • monitoring numerous sites and finding and picking out worthwhile stuff (tons of stuff that I read doesn’t quite make the cut),
  • reproducing the selections with reworked headlines that get to the core of what the story is about (numerous authors write horrendous headlines nobody would ever open)
  • equipping them with informative subheadlines that frontload a ton of information to the index page serving even those who will never open the article
  • bolding the key parts of the text for faster skim reading in this busy age
  • providing the all-important context, and tone-setting graphic, as well as the odd quip, or additional commentary…

is more valuable than what I (or anyone) could do as one writer. Especially since in this way I can bring you 35 to 50 weekly headlines as opposed to just 6 or 7 if I was writing.

Actually, in this day and age, I don’t think there is any lack of news or good commentary and good writing. On the contrary, there is a flood of both. What *is* difficult due to time and energy constraints is keeping track of it all, separating the grain from the chaff, and appreciating the full significance and the context of individual stories and bits of information and news. That is where Anti-Empire comes in.

So to get to the point, albeit I normally prioritize reproduction and write only very rarely — usually only if something important isn’t already being said by someone else, lately so many potential stories that I need to get off my chest have accumulated in my mind that their jumping around in my brain is starting to distract me and is having a negative effect on AE’s republishing output. (You may have noticed the output dropping to 25 headlines weekly.) Rather than trying to juggle between curation and writing, and accomplishing neither, I will take a 7-day republishing “vacation”. I’ll write up these stories (a few I’ve had in my head for a year) so as to declutter my mind, and then I can get back to aggregation at full speed, and with a respectable number of weekly headlines. 

So for the next 7 (to 10) days, there’ll just be one original headline per day (except for any urgent Russia-Ukraine stuff) after which normal republishing service will return. 

In the meantime supplement by reading Edward Slavsquat, and visit Fourth World by another fellow reader of Anti-Empire.

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Everyone needs a vacation.

  2. XSFRGR says

    Take a well deserved break, Marko, because after the first week of Feb you may be really busy ………. or not.

  3. Maiasta says

    Enjoy your rest and mental decluttering, Marko. You definitely deserve it. Anti Empire has been on the frontline of commentary and analysis for what feels like an age. I look forward to those forthcoming articles of yours. And thanks for the shout-out.

  4. London says

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