CDC Wanted 87 Million “Essential Workers” Vaccinated Before the Elderly. Stop and Think Why That Is

It has now cut it down to "only" 30 million who will be vaccinated before those between 65 and 74

The CDC initially “hinted” (ie released a trial balloon) that after health care workers the next group to be vaccinated, was not the vulnerable elderly population, but the 87 million “essential workers”, The New York Times:

The C.D.C. committee hinted last week that it would recommend essential workers be next in line. About 87 million Americans work in food and agriculture, manufacturing, law enforcement, education, transportation, corrections, emergency response and other sectors.

After essential workers, the priority groups likely to be recommended by the C.D.C. committee are adults with medical conditions that put them at high risk of coronavirus infection, and people over 65.

This caused enough of an outrage that it could not be made policy. Instead, the CDC’s official guidance is that a smaller pool of 30 million “essential workers” along with the 21 million people over 74 should be vaccinated first.

On the face of it, this still seems insane. Why slow down the vaccination of the 21 million over 74 by inter spreading it with vaccinations for 30 million who are not vulnerable?

Why prioritize the 30 million not vulnerable over the 33 million in the 65 to 74 bracket?

And why in the hell try sneaking in the guidance to prioritize vaccines to 87 million (!) not vulnerable?

If the vaccine is this super-safe and 95% effective wonder, then obviously it would be highly criminal to deny it those who are actually at risk because you got it in your head that 87 million (or 30 million) doses need to be spent before they get it.

It seems incomprehensible until you consider two things:

  • The elderly were ridiculously under-represented in the COVID vaccine trials.
  • Flu shots are notoriously ineffective in the elderly. So much so that massaged efficacy ratings in the 20-30% are bandied about as huge successes. A vaccine works by stimulating the body’s own immune response, but if that immune system is sluggish to begin with there isn’t much to work with.

The latter point means there is no way for the CDC to know whether vaccinating the elderly will grant them any direct benefit whatsoever. It could all be for naught.

The former point means there is in reality no way for the CDC to know receiving the vaccine is safe for them. With innately less active immune systems they’re theoretically less likely to experience allergic reactions, but there’s really no way to know there aren’t other hazards, since they were barely included in the trials.

So in reality the CDC desire to postpone the vaccination of the elderly may not have been a diabolical woke plot to set up more elderly white people for death, but has a simpler explanation. The CDC is:

A.) Afraid of bad press for the vaccine. If the 54 million of the over 64 went first and this did barely anything to reduce the number of cases and deaths, while causing adverse reactions, that would be extremely bad advertising for their private-sector friends.

B.) Aware that jabbing the elderly may work no better than a placebo, the CDC is doing the rational thing and hedging its bets by protecting them with herd immunity. The 87 million “essential workers” weren’t actually going to be vaccinated to protect the 87 million since they’re not at risk to begin with. All along they were going to be prioritized to protect the elderly for whom the vaccine might be entirely useless directly. (And cleverly the middle and upper classes again managed to force the productive toiling classes to serve as their test bunnies, all the while presenting it as a nicety and a privilege.)

In other words, the CDC is pursuing precisely the herd immunity strategy that has been demonized the whole year, except only through an artificial vaccine stimulant. Were it politically feasible it would have ideally chosen to keep the elderly away from the mRNA virus simulation entirely and for their sake inject everyone else instead. (Just as anti-lockdowners suggested to hide away the elderly for a while and everyone carry on and not fear exposure to live virus.)

Of course, the problem here is that if you’re asking someone to take on a risk to participate in the building of herd immunity the least you can do is leave it to them to decide what type of a risk they want.

Do you want to do it by taking your chances with a natural virus, or with a design of human technology?

It’s not actually a choice you have. If you want to contribute by getting over the virus naturally you will be denounced as a terrorist super-spreader one step down from Antichrist.

Betting on the infallibility of our present understanding of the human body and its interaction with tech is the only moral path you have.

Funny. If your hunch is that asymptomatic spread is a thing and that you’re sacrificing for the whole by wearing a muzzle and “sheltering at home” you are free to do so. No anti-lockdowner will smash your front door and throw you out into the street.

If your hunch is that this is a very deadly virus, but that there is almost no chance the human tech on the way could backfire you are free to inject yourself with it. You can inject yourself with machine oil for all we care.

It is only they who will not allow us to act according to our conscience.

If you want to during a mild respiratory virus pandemic keep on keeping on, and carry on to keep the civilization going, and as a natural side-effect eventually contribute to herd immunity in a tech-free way (that depending on your age might present as little risk as a couple of dozen bicycle rides) then that is verboten.

Because you know, the people who believe this is the first-ever virus where the healthy are drivers of the spread and that it is impossible for lab coats to ever get anything wrong, know better than you, and are more moral than you, and have therefore the right to decide for themselves,  but also for yourself.

Funny that. The people who can’t permit you freedom of conscience even as you grant it to them, as insane as they are, are the moral ones.

  1. Garry Compton says

    If they start the vaccinations on the elderly first – they may have an unexpected large amount of deaths , in the first month. This means , they have to do one huge cover-up. Of course with todays media, politicians, and pods – they probably could get away with it. snafu

  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    Cuomo and Boris already killed all the elderly

  3. Le Ruse says

    Quote:“Essential Workers” Vaccinated Before the Elderly.
    I mean by “Essential Workers” those that the country can’t do without ?
    e.g. Politicians , top echelon in most of public services, nearly all in the MSM, & of course most of teaching & university professors, lecturer,akademics …
    I’m all for it, that they get priority in the vaccination for Covidiot …& I will be positive that lots of people will second that ?

  4. ke4ram says

    I guess they haven’t killed enough oldsters yet. Oh yeah! This is science fer sure! Take the elderly who are frail and their immune systems weak and give them shots they admitted will make the young and healthy “sicker than a dog”. Bye Bye Gramps.

    The new 21st century science! Lock’em in their huts,,, tell them to wear masks which will reduce oxygen and number of brain cells, Stay six feet away from another human because,,, well because. Wash your hands 72 times a day until they rot off. Don’t travel 5 miles from your hut unless of course you are tyrantus Americanus. Don’t protest unless its against racism and White privilege. Close your business and fire your employees as it’s for the greater good and since you are not a international conglomerate like Walmart your business is non essential. And whatever you do take their experimental DNA changing concoction they came up with in just 30 days.

    Oh,,, and have a lousy christmas and an even lousier New Year. Get on your knees and thank the little tyrants for saving your lives,,, until they become non essential.

  5. Undecider says

    It just means who they want to sterilize/kill first. “Essential workers” are likely younger and more resilient towards the dangers of vaccines and won’t drop dead as fast. Vaccinating the elderly will make the dangers of vaccines too obvious and too quickly.

    1. voza0db says

      That and the SIMPLE FACT that THEY still need moron uman slaves to produce Their food and provide the SERVICES They also depend on.

    2. Aurum Cimex says

      Thats the best explanation I’ve heard. In the end they only want enough people left to keep them in luxury, the rest are surplus to requirements.

      1. Afshin Nejat says

        Simple as that. It is the only way they can gain their pretentious delusions to godhood. But yet, they did it BY HOODWINKING THE VICTIMS… When someone is pulling wool, a man is supposed to notice. It was such a simple thing to say no to the bad war, but people sold out to some pompous propaganda then, and still do answer to the same tunemasters. This is only par for the course, really. It is and has always been about MIND CONTROL.

  6. voza0db says

    Easy… The Secular Ruling Families & Billionaires and Their jesters in office NEED FOOD for living. And since They still don’t have ROBOTS working in agriculture producing Their FOOD they still need the herd of modern moron slaves alive… After the major goals of the 4th I.R. are reached there won’t be any need for uman slaves in those quantities.

  7. freewheelinfranklin543 says

    I am old and am not taking one. Have an autoimmune disorder and 2 really bad vax reactions in the past and have allergies. Have to work so I guess they plan on starving me to death.

  8. fresnoman4man says

    “If your hunch is that this is a very deadly virus” NO , my hunch is the virus does not exist so a diabolical injection that terminates lives on a massive scale can be repurposed with the new identity of Covid 2 or whatever nom de plume the controllers have concocted for phase2 of the world economic juggernaut aka Great Reset aka Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka Fourth Reich.

  9. L Garou says

    “essential workers” (aka) The Bureaucrat Plague.
    (the worst plague ever)

  10. says

    1918 Spanish flu CAUSED by SMALLPOX VACCINES. Stories out there saying new COVID variants popping up near VACCINATED AREAS. Get it?

  11. JohnF says

    “Guys like Fauci, for instance. And millionaire governors and mayors like Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo in New York, and Gavin Newsom in California. Worse, some of these bozos keep getting caught violating their own lockdowns and COVID mandates requiring the wearing of masks and mandated social distancing.

    How can Americans take these people — and this disease — seriously when those who are making the rules a) aren’t losing any money themselves; and b) don’t seem to take it serious themselves?”

    Culling the Population

    Took out the Very Elderly on Social Security in the Nursing Homes; 70 -80 Percent of Plandemic Deaths.

    They Are Trying to Save Their Side of the Balance Sheet by Getting Rid of the People They Call – ‘Useless Eaters’…!!!!!

  12. Afshin Nejat says

    Well, don’t hand it to them, then.
    Grow a pair.

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