CBC Apologizes for Using Footage of Mannequin in Story on Dangers of Overburdened ICUs

After much speculation, the CBC has finally conceded using a mannequin in place of an actual patient to make the situation in Alberta’s hospitals seem more alarming than it is. And it turns out that the carefully crafted hospital scene intended to scare viewers wasn’t even in a hospital!

This concession, coupled with a reluctant apology, comes nearly a week after the CBC broadcasted this deceit and subsequently went viral on social media, with many pointing out the obvious plastic head hooked up to a ventilator.

“Earlier in October, we aired two stories on what patients can expect in a hospital ICU during the COVID crisis and the strain on nursing staff. We shot footage for these stories at two Edmonton training facilities that showed mannequins in beds and a realistic-looking hospital setting due to restrictions,” admits CBC Edmonton.

“Unfortunately, some of that same footage was then used in a different story about COVID projections and modelling last week. Using those images outside the context of the training facilities was inappropriate and we apologize for the error in judgement. The story has been corrected.”

Now that the CBC has admitted their intentional use of set pieces to craft a good narrative, it begs the question: ‘How many times has the CBC used a mannequin to fool viewers?’

Due to privacy laws, news stations have to blur patients’ faces unless they get consent. So, how can anyone be sure if some or most ICU patients recorded in hospitals by the CBC are actual patients and not mannequins?

After all, the CBC said the decision to air the fake ICU patient was an “error in judgement,” not a mistake β€” an error they only conceded after mass public pressure to admit their lie.

Source: The Counter Signal

  1. ken says

    So,,, going to this extent to fear monger, along with all the other bogus bs, do you really believe there is a big bad virus out there?

    Wonder how long and how much it will take to get people to ‘see’?

    1. guest says

      You & I don’t; but you & I would never watch cbc, and wouldn’t know about manequins dying in CBC hospitals.
      The question is: what would it take to detach CBC-viewers from CBC ? what would it take to detach these government-groupies from their idol ?

      As we know; once somebody has been fooled, it is nearly impossible to separate him from his foolishness (just look at these TV preachers and their flock)

      A face-mask can’t protect me from the scent of frenchfries —explain that to the man wearing mask inside his car

      As the man said in the matrix movie, most people just want to be basket-ball players

      1. ken says

        Usually a person has to break themself out of a cult trance. This is unlikely as breaking out of the covid cult would require the knowledge that you were an idiot and you will likely die from the clotshots.

        Not too may willing to do that.

    2. Leisure Larry says

      They will see when the (((NKVD))) arrests them in the middle of the night and takes them to a labor camp.

    3. Virginia says

      Judging by the town I live in, there’s little hope that those believers in their t.v.
      propaganda news will wake up. Twice since I move here May 15th I’ve encountered shoppers without masks at SaveOn. Only two times. Although I shop only once a week. Many even put the bloody muzzles on their small children. I do get the odd stare from fearful ‘believers’. I smile and say a pleasant “hello”.
      I find it stunning that the majority are so completely gullible. And it’s actually
      concerning, based on studies, how far most will go with complying to authority. For instance, “the electric shock” study. That was an eye-opener.

  2. Tony Vorsteveld says

    I live in Kitchener ON and I visited two emergency wards in two hospitals here. Both were empty.

    1. Kieran says

      no mannequins?

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Just the tip of the iceberg, this is proof that you can never trust anything that they say.

  4. yuri says

    fake news for fake people

  5. Dano S. says

    The media and most politicians think we’re all stupid, but from the number of them that get caught doing criminal things, they are the ones that are stupid.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Yes, but the problem is that they get away with it.

  6. L Garou says

    (aka) Sorry we got caught lying to you like the scurvy dogs we are..

  7. Bill Henderson says

    Like everything connected with Trudeau, the CBC is a fake, third-rate television network that has long outlived it’s usefulness and should be sold to the highest bidder.

  8. Neil Sutherland says

    this is what happens when you import the CIA’s ‘white helmets’ as refugees, and use ‘affirmative action for meritless promotion e

  9. Dave says

    This mild lab created cold is as fake as the mannequins used in this story.
    Even the deaf and blind can see that this is a transparent effort at installing Bolshevism across the globe (and that it’s being pushed primarily by the same Jewish satanic tribe of goblins who ran the earlier Bolshevik revolution).
    want to see what the 35 million murdered Christians in Russia went through under the reign of the Jewish Bolsheviks?
    Simply disarm to them!

  10. Goofy says

    Mannequins dying of covid in hospitals – oh my! There’s a new cause – save the mannequins!

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