Can’t We Put These Power-Mad Clowns of the Johnson Junta in a Nice Rest Home?

Months ago, I predicted that we would all come to hate the narrow, bossed-about new life the Government wants to force us to live. I was wrong.

Most people have far too readily accepted limits to their lives which the world’s tyrannies would once have hesitated to impose on their citizens.

Well, have you had enough yet? Because the Johnson Junta has only one tool in its box. That tool is restriction.

And it has only one aim, one that has never been achieved by any state in the history of the world – the total suppression of a coronavirus. Who would have thought that the rule of clowns would be so unfunny?

But it now looks as if this will go on for ever, unless we can somehow lead these people away to secluded rest homes where kindly nurses can indulge their wild power-fantasies with soothing repetitions of ‘Yes, dear’, cold compresses and cups of Ovaltine. It is certainly increasingly dangerous for them to be out and about.

Take the Health Secretary, Mr Matthew Hancock. I know I have laughed at him in the past as a sort of crazy prep-school headmaster raging at his tiny pupils. But for goodness sake, the man is a Cabinet Minister, and he has real power over us.

He can smash up your business, make you stay at home, part you from your nearest and dearest at the ends of their lives, destroy your wedding plans, wreck your education, ruin your holiday, take away your job, set the police on you for refusing to wear a pro-Government badge across half your face. He can and he does.

And he has taken leave of the truth. On Friday morning, Mr Hancock said that the number of hospitalisations for Covid is doubling every seven to eight days.

Now, ‘hospitalisations for Covid’ is a slightly tricky figure. It may well be affected by the Government’s endless futile, frantic hunt for signs of a disease which has largely vanished from among us, and whose main symptom is that you feel just fine, thank you.

Deaths, a figure very hard to massage, are low and remain low after a long fall from their peak on April 8. People must at all costs be distracted from this fact.

I have to wonder about the hospital admission figures, given the slipperiness of the Government throughout this episode. Could it be that people who have tested positive for Covid in one of Mr Hancock’s vast trawls, but who go into hospital mainly for other reasons, get added to this total?

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. Could it be that our hospitals are being encouraged to admit mild cases for observation, which they would previously have sent home? Who knows? Just guessing.

But then we come to the hospitalisation figures. Yes, they have edged up a bit since mid-August. But bear in mind that in March they were regularly more than 2,500 a day.

On August 1, the total of Covid hospital admissions in England was 50. On August 8 it was 78. On August 15 it was 38. On August 22 it was 25. On August 29 it was 52. On September 5 it was 94. On September 12 it was 143. This is hardly an established pattern.

Now, I know, because the Health Department told me, that if you took a different and much shorter date range (August 24, 41; August 31, 52; September 7, 84; September 14, 172) you could – sort of – back up their claim. I’d have thought ‘every seven or eight days’ meant over a far longer period than that. ‘Every’ is a powerful word.

But, as I said to the Ministry spokesperson who manfully tried to persuade me that his boss’s claim of hospitalisations doubling every week had been honest, it seems to me to be unscrupulous panic-mongering, which would shame a banana republic.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. nick1111 says

    UK shit hole

  2. ke4ram says

    You get the government you vote for. Now you are gonna have to stop complaining and start doing.

    1. Southern says

      If only voting was done fairly.

      Electoral gerrymandering ensures the working class isn’t fairly represented while the conservatives secure their seats in Westminster pretty much all the time.

      1. XRGRSF says

        There is no labor or conservative; there are only the international banksters, and the peasant class. Who do you think is picking up business, and property as nation go bankrupt from the WooHooFlu hoax? Hint: It isn’t the peasant class.

        1. Southern says

          Just like any other US vassal state the UK government main parties are a duopoly – though it has to be said that it’s predominantly conservatives.

          However the gerrymandering continues it ensures that the English working class isn’t fairly represented.

          1. Kapricorn4 says

            It really does not matter very much, because political party manifestos are not legally binding documents.

            1. Southern says

              Yet what binds them to the corporate agenda?

  3. Steve Struthers says

    We’re having similar problems in Canada in that the various provincial governments are looking at imposing a new round of restrictions despite the death rate being very low, if not virtually non-existent.

    We haven’t yet seen the draconian and unforgivable clamp-downs that are going on in Melbourne.

    Case numbers are going up, but we don’t know how many of those cases involve asymptomatic and likely non-contagious people who are getting tested only to see if they’ve been infected, and how many are actually sick, exhibiting symptoms and liable to pose a danger to others.

    If we had that information, we would have a better idea of how the virus is spreading, who is legitimately at risk and who could be allowed to go about their business normally because they pose no risk to others.

    There’s also a possibility that some who are testing positive caught the virus long ago, their immune systems dealt with it, and the tests are responding to particles of dead virus. There is also some evidence that the tests will cause a positive result in anyone who has had the common cold or currently has a cold. These issues further cloud the true picture of what is going on.

    Take the numbers of false positives, whether caused by previous infection, or the common cold, and we might find the virus is a bit less virulent than we’ve been told.

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Steve, you really hit the nail squarely on the head.

    2. Southern says

      How and what are they testing for?

      What is the gold standard for these tests?

      1. Steve Struthers says

        It’s not clear whether they are using one test or several different ones. The most commonly used test is RT-PCR, which is by no means the gold standard.

        1. Southern says

          Exactly – even Kary Mullis said that the RT- PCR test wasn’t created for detecting viruses.

  4. Southern says

    Talk about power mad morons, AU’s Victorian premier just suspended Habeas Corpus.

    That and much more this is only the beginning !

    ”Daniel Andrews’ plan for indefinite detention – ” ….

    1. ke4ram says

      Yeah, Australia is going to make Hitler look like a choir boy. Same crap in New Zealand and the UK. Not sure if the US governors have the guts to try this as most here are armed. That Andrews character need to decorate a lamp post like Mussolini.

      1. Southern says

        He should have been dismissed by the GG already – that this hasn’t already been the case shows where the power elite truly stand and how little regard they have for civil rights.

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