Canadian Warplane Intercepts Russian Aircraft Over Black Sea

What is wrong with this sentence?

What would the response be not only in Ottawa but in Washington and Brussels if a Russian Sukhoi fighter jet intercepted a Canadian military plane over the St. Lawrence Seaway or Hudson Bay?

Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 Hornets Intercept Russian Air Craft Over the Black Sea:

The Canadian detachment deployed in Romania since the start of September have carried out their first intercept as part of their enhanced Air policing mission.

Canadian CF-188 Hornet over the Black Sea: NATO photograph

The CF-188 Hornet fighter jets working alongside their colleagues in the Romanian Air Force intercepted two Russian Su-24 Fencers operating near Romanian airspace over the Black Sea on September 23, 2021….

“…With an all out effort supporting flying operations day and night, this first visual ID is a great example of how Canada is helping NATO and Romania protect the integrity of NATO’s airspace,” said Lt Colonel Corey Mask, Canadian Air Task Force Commander.

This intercept was the first for the Air Task Force which started its mission earlier this month following a NATO certification ceremony on September 8, 2021.

Source: Anti-Bellum

  1. Mr Reynard says

    OMG !! Russian Air Force recklessly flying over the Black Sea ?? I’m horrified ??

  2. Raptar Driver says

    If I were in charge of Russia I would Declare the Black sea a Russian lake. You can come and play but only by our rules.
    That would take king Kong balls, not Putin balls.

    1. Quartermaster says

      They tried. It was ignored and Putin has enough sense to realize he doesn’t have the power to shove it down the throats of the rest of countries on the black sea littoral.

  3. Oleg says

    Looks like the Canadian jet missed the directions and appeared in the wrong part of the planet? It would not be bad to learn geography better for pilot and his supreme commanders

  4. Steve Ginn says

    Haaaaahaaaaaaa!!!! Bloody useless Canucks!!!

    1. Michael Arnold says

      Not useless just greatly misguided.

  5. Oilman says

    The Black Sea which is just north of Quebec, right?

  6. NovaNight says

    Looks like Romania needs a reminder of how their last encounter with Russia at Stalingrad
    turned out.

    1. Quartermaster says

      They were not alone. Most of the forces there were German, with some being Italian as well.

  7. Malatok says

    Ka na duuuuuuh…the Bear is most likely so scared of these Turdeau canooks that he ran all the way back to Siberia. Meanwhile the emasculated cretins in Natostan sewer Brussels are howling for more Russian energy to keep their wobbly asses warm in the fast approaching Dark Winter. Let the fun begin as begin it must now that the bankrupt, depraved and dying “Western democracies” have gone full ape.

    The real story is of course elsewhere as the debauched and evil anglozionazi empire of filth burns and then some—video-1089479602.html

    1. freddie Toor says

      Were you referring to Turdeau/Castro?

    2. Quartermaster says

      Citing Sputnik outs you as unserious. Sputnik is a Russian propaganda outlet.

  8. Steve Kastl says

    Warmongering Canada trying to mimic the USA warmongers.

    1. freddie Toor says

      Potato potato. Tomato tomato

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