Canadian Soldier Faces ‘Mutiny’ Charges After Taking Part in a Protest

The first 'mutiny' charge in 80 years is of course against someone who dissented against the virus freaks

A military reservist has been charged after he allegedly asked soldiers to disobey orders to distribute the “killer vaccine” for COVID-19 during a speech at a Toronto anti-lockdown rally.

Officer Cadet Ladislas Kenderesi faces charges of “endeavoring to persuade another person to join in a mutiny” and “behaving in a scandalous manner unbecoming of an officer,” the military said.

A member of the Reserve Cadet Instructor Cadre in Borden, Ont., Kenderesi was charged May 12 by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, the Canadian Forces said.

The military confirmed the charges were “in relation to a 5 December rally in Toronto. An investigation was initiated shortly thereafter and the individual’s uniform was retrieved in December 2020.”

GoFundMe page created for his legal defence on May 14 shows a video of Kendeseri saying he was about to learn the results of an investigation he said was launched by the Canadian Forces in December.

The video also shows a man dressed in a military uniform with the nametag Kenderesi taking the stage and speaking into a microphone at a Dec. 5 protest at Toronto’s Dundas Square.

After praising the crowd for telling the government that “freedom and tyranny doesn’t rule over Canadians,” he said the military was working with Ottawa to distribute a “killer vaccine” with unknown side effects.

“For us to take the vaccine, I think it’s criminal,” he said.

In a video posted online, Kenderesi said he had been under military investigation since December. YouTube

“I’m asking military right now, serving, truck drivers, medical, engineers, whatever you are, do not take this unlawful order in distribution of this vaccine,” he said.

He added that his job was to protect Canadians, including from what he called domestic threats.

“I might get in a lot of sh-t for doing this but I don’t care anymore,” he said.

Under Canadian military law, offences related to mutiny carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, while the maximum sentence for scandalous conduct is five years.

Kendeseri was in the Cadet Instructor Cadre, part of the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service.

A sub-component of the Reserve Force, the training service is made up of officers and non-commissioned members who “have undertaken as their primary duty the safety, supervision, administration and training of Cadets or Junior Canadian Rangers.”

“The member was not currently active with a cadet corps/squadron, and was therefore on the Cadet Instructor Supplementary Staff (CISS) list with the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central), which is located at CFB Borden,” a military spokesperson said.

“As for rank, an Officer Cadet is a junior rank which is right before that of second lieutenant.”

Kenderesi remains on the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers “non-effective strength list pending the outcome of the charges laid May 12, 2021,” the military said.

Source: Global News Canada

  1. Ronnie says

    I thought Canada became a state of America ages ago. So why does the media still talk as if it is an independent country?

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Canada(Can= Snake,serpent) is modern jew Canaan, and still zCanada is the US PROSTITUTE…….

  2. Jose says

    “I might get in a lot of shit for this, but I dont care”
    **shit starts**
    “Now I care”

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Jose Chicano Gonzales tries to say???

  3. Andra says

    “The truth shall set you free.”
    Unfortunately, not in this heroic stand against the cov-shot-idiots.

    1. Eddy says

      Maybe so, but his consience will be clear, and his DNA will also remain originaly human, not patented. Plus, this guy’s got big testicles. Well done man.

      1. Ronnie says

        Wish I could give you 20 up ticks.

  4. Mark says

    I didn’t watch his remarks, but so far I have not heard any lies. Is it a killer vaccine? I wouldn’t go that far just yet, but it is indisputable that people who have died after receiving their ‘jab’ are often in groups whose risk of dying from COVID was so small as to be almost non-existent; they would nearly be as likely to die from falling down the stairs. Is it experimental, and its results unproven? Yes and yes. We have to take the companies’ word that it is safe, and accept the urging of politicians who lie to us routinely.

    World government is completely invested in everyone getting vaccinated, and will tolerate no dissent. It would change the minds of the hesitant a lot more quickly if the government were to systematically and methodically, without threatening, prove his argument wrong point by point. But they’re not going to go that route. Persuasion is out, fear is in, baby. And the press continues to lie and lie in support of the government narrative. For example, in Canada’s National Post, I saw this monumental lie: “Moderna and Pfizer have been working on mRNA vaccines for 10 years”. Moderna was only founded in 2010, and until 2018 it was Moderna Therapeutics, and had nothing to do with vaccines at all.

    1. Eddy says

      Sorry to burst your bubble, Mark, you need to see/read this ;
      Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, Inc., one pharmaceutical company manufacturer of the experimental mRNA technology injection, confirms mRNA injection for COVID-19 can change your genetic code or DNA. This TEDx Beacon Street talk occurred in 2017. H/T to YouTube channel Silview Media Backup Channel.
      Take note of the date of this interview.

  5. Jerry Hood says

    I wish to jab that killer vaccine to the Faucí’s jewish nose!!!

  6. Helga Weber says

    Wow, a canadian Hero under all these thousands of sheep.
    There is no real opposition in Canada, Trudeau is not a leader, Ford is not a leader, they are all followers. So we are governend by followers. What a sad country.

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