Canada’s Largest Transplant Hospital Says No Organs for the Unvaccinated

mRNA flu cocktail or death.

Editor’s note: The Vaccine Taliban say this is not political but simply meant to give the organs to those with the best chance of success — but if that was actually the case you would be giving them to those with infection-acquired immunity which is the strongest by far, instead of cutting them out.

Canada’s largest transplant centre has enacted a precedent-setting policy requiring that patients be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be considered for a life-saving organ transplant.

The decision – one carefully debated by doctors at Toronto’s University Health Network (UHN) – affects some 4,300 Canadians waiting for a donor organ to become available, as well as those who come after them.

“From a medical point of view, we all felt quite strongly that this was needed. So, we’ve been having a lot of discussion on how best to formulate this policy,” Dr. Atul Humar, director of UHN’s Ajmera Transplant Centre, told CTV National News.

“It was actually a very complex discussion. We had ethical input; we had input from medical leaders and experts in the field.”

And while it may be the first of its kind in Canada, the requirement has already stirred up a life or death debate in the U.S.

Colorado woman Leilani Lutali, a born-again Christian with stage 5 kidney disease, was denied a life-saving kidney transplant because she says she cannot agree to be vaccinated on religious grounds.

Lutali, who had lined up her own donor, says both she and the donor were removed from the transplant list.

“It feels a little bit like my transplant is being held hostage and there’s only one decision that I’m being left with,” she told CTV National News.

While UHN’s policy only came into effect Friday, Humar says the hospital has given careful consideration to those who may be vaccine hesitant, including an educational process to help people understand vaccines.

“The good news is that there are very, very few patients who refuse vaccination,” he said. “Once they have proper education, once they understand what a transplant involves and the risks related to immunosuppression, then most of them actually agree to get vaccinated.

Maude Laberge, a health equity and policy analysis expert at Laval University​, says policies like these are not about making a judgment on people’s decision, but ensuring health-care resources, which are already overstretched, are used effectively.

“From a perspective of wanting to use our healthcare resources… to allocate them to the patients that are most likely going to benefit from them, it makes sense to require the vaccine,” she told CTV National News.

“This is not about making a value judgment on people’s lifestyle or habits or whatever, but more about their capacity to benefit from the intervention.​”​​

It’s unclear just how many hospitals in North America have enacted transplant vaccination policies.

The American Hospital Association, which represents nearly 5,000 hospitals, health care systems and networks in the United States, told The Associated Press it did not have data to share on the issue. But it said many transplant programs insist that patients get vaccinated for COVID-19 because of the weakened state of their immune system.

Humar admits that this is new territory for health care providers; that it would be up to each individual transplant program to decide what is best for their patients.

“Certainly, many other programs are very seriously looking at this,” he said.​

Source: CTV News

  1. Malatok says

    DARK WINTER will see the poisoned sheeple stampede as even the dumbest of these critters will figure out that they have been played for the mutts they are.In the coming year we will see the demons destroyed, Gates of hell, “Soros”, Fauci and the rest of the filth masquerading as human. Nuremberg on steroids is coming, of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

    Evolution is a nasty business and life doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ who lives it or indeed who throws it away.
    Your kakistocracy only wants what’s best for you…..nudge..nudge…wink…sputter…. cackle.

    YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure. Get the covaid$ death squirt and erase your “carbon footprint.” Greta and the rest of the retards luv ya’ll. Your masters know best!

    Professor Mattias Desmet on EweTueb “How can so many still buy into the narrative” The psychological manipulation of the herd is “nudging” the least intelligent to their demise, the rest of us will be forced to fight.
    PfiZer macht frei…permanently.

  2. Cap960 says

    I am glad I moved to Asia 26 ago. Canada is not what it used to be. It has changed to the worst!

    1. Michael Arnold says

      I am heading to the Philippines.

      1. guest says

        Isn’t that the place where they shoot you if you are not vaccinated ? or is it Vietnam, or Singapore, or Indonesia ?

      2. Mr Reynard says

        Forget it ! North Korea is safer man !

  3. Michael Arnold says

    It is time to rise up. I am so tired of this bull! I have the choice of what I do with my body. Who are these people who can tell me what to do and how to act? Nobody! We forget these are just people and we have no idea of their intentions. This is all about trust and why are we trusting these people? Well, in a nutshell most people are lazy and are not fighters but rather follower’s easier to float then to have their own thoughts. It is sad and frustrating mainly because people will always place their place in the false prophets, remember Georgetown. This is not going to end well. People are rising!

    1. Andra Saltzberg says

      “People are rising!”
      Finally. Thank God for these people and the legions more who are using their intelligence by not capitulating, but resisting the fraud…some quietly, some
      with action.

      1. guest says

        Who is rising, and for what purpose ?! 80% of the people in Europe, in Canada, in U.S. already have the Warp-Speed bio-agent in them. No rising (if there were any) can reverse that.

  4. Andra Saltzberg says

    How, by any measure, could the introduction of a helter-skelter trash injection
    to anyone’s system, serve them well…especially in the event of an immuno-suppressing transplant operation & life there-after?
    What are these medics mainlining? Or better yet…follow the money!

  5. ken says

    If any person dies its cold blooded premeditated murder. They wouldn’t know ethics if you slapped them with it. Every one of these “doctors” should lose their medical license and decorate a lamp post.

    This is probably about money. Canada’s health system is broke like everybody else. Even the dumbest among us know the shots will likely kill her. She is dead either way!

    These clotshots are still legally experimental and they know it. I see no difference between what their doing and holding a gun to someones head.

    There should be millions of protesters outside that “hospital” dragging these people out by the short hairs for public hanging.

    I hope I live long enough to see this….

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Is the one in the middle Billy Boy Goetz & on his right hand side Dr Fauciwitz ??

  6. guest says

    >>> “The Vaccine Taliban”

    Don’t besmirch the name of Taliban, they don’t force-vaccinate people —only democratically elected governments do that.

  7. jimbogoofball says

    These so called doctors need to be ambushed dragged from their car and hung. Right where the people catch them. Their families need to get a visit also. From a few hundred angry people. Time to fight back these doctors need to be eliminated.

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