Canada to Double Its Training Mission in Ukraine, Reveals It Had Troops East of the Dnieper

Snow Yankees training snipers in ex-Russia

Left-bank was Russia a hundred years before there were English-speakers in Canada

Canada is extending its soldier-training mission in Ukraine for three years and supplying non-lethal equipment, intelligence sharing and other defensive gear to the country’s armed forces amid fears of a Russian invasion.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement Wednesday at the conclusion of a three-day virtual cabinet retreat, where the Ukrainian crisis was a central topic of discussion, as well as the resumption of Parliament next week.

The current 200-person training mission will also be expanded, he told a news conference.

“To support Ukraine, I authorize the extension of Operation UNIFER for three years and I will be expanding this training mission,” he said. “This is a $340-million commitment. As part of this, I authorized the Canadian Armed Forces to deploy 60 personnel to join the 200 women and men already on the ground with further capacity to increase the number of people on the ground up to 400.”

Source: Globe and Mail

The Canadian military was forced to relocate about 30 per cent of its 200 trainers in Ukraine — including sniper instructors — because of the threat of a Russian invasion [so it has already done at least one good thing], says the Canadian commander on the ground in the eastern European country.

Lt.-Col. Luc-Frederic Gilbert told CBC News on Tuesday that the military pulled 60 troops out of five locations — Odessa, Stare, Mykolaiv, Desna and Boryspil — and moved them to new bases west of the Dnieper River, a major geographical feature which divides Ukraine.

During her visit to Kyiv earlier this week, Defence Minister Anita Anand said the move was being made for the safety and security of the Canadian troops but did not offer any details.

Gilbert said troops affected by the order to move will now restart their instruction elsewhere in the country.

Source: CBC

  1. Maiasta says

    For anyone feeling nostalgia for the pre-Lockdown era, fear not! Candian news has just given us a good old-fashioned blast of Russia-bashing:

    CBC anchor invents conspiracy about Russia orchestrating freedom convoy.

  2. Mr Reynard says

    Quote:Canada to Double Its Training Mission in Ukraine, Reveals It Had Troops East of the Dnieper& when the SHTF , they will go down the memory hole, like those 2000 Takfiris in Kazakhstan ??

  3. Dr Ignacy Nowopolski says

    I do not quite understand this title “Left-bank was Russia a hundred years before there were English-speakers in Canada” under the map of Poland from the year 1686, showing Her eastern border just few kilometers from Smolensk (Russia)?

    1. Field Empty says

      Is there a question?

  4. William White says

    Trudeau the scum will soon be gone, he crossed the wrong protest group and the now the whole Country hates him. Don’t know why it took so long.

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