Will You Help Keep Us in the Fight?

We know there is an economic crisis and uncertain times ahead. Hell, we have been warning you that a bust was coming for quite a while. And we fought tooth and nail against the crazy lockdowns that finally triggered it.

We fought to try and spare you this lockdown madness and the disruption it wrought, but unfortunately, it wasn’t up to us.

Understanding this is a difficult time, we appreciate you, our readers, backing us that much more. You are a class act, and we’re delighted to serve you and to help keep you informed.

There are a few days left in our quarterly appeal, and right now it looks like we’re going to miss our absolute minimum target of $1500 to keep us in the fight at the same intensity in the next 3 months, by a few hundred dollars.

Believe us, we hate asking like this, especially knowing it’s a complicated time when you want to, as you should, to hold onto your money, stay liquid, build up even just a tiny bit of savings, and keep your powder dry.

At the same time, if there’s one thing Anti-Empire doesn’t lack it is readers. If everyone who appreciates this site exists chipped in just a little, we would blow past the minimum target with ease.

If perhaps you’re in a position to chip in, please consider it. Any amount helps. Thank you.

Glad to have you following this site, and to have you as part of the Anti-Empire family. Hope this crisis hasn’t hit you too hard, and that you rise up stronger on the other side, hopefully in material terms but especially in human ones. Don’t let the bastards grind you down!





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