Can We Talk About What’s Happening in China?

Or is that a big no-no?

Someone please explain why this is necessary.


Editor’s note: “Control your soul’s desire for freedom” — this video takes the dystopia award for me:

Also why is CNN now sounding like Anti-Empire, reporting on dissent vs lockdown and against pro-lockdown censorship? Why does CNN love freedom only in China?

Personally, my guess is that it’s all about stubborness and saving face. If China stops doing lockdowns just as Omicron is making record numbers of PCR tests turn ‘positive’ it would give lie to the story it was the Party’s strict regime that kept China largely Covid-free for the most of 2021 when it was really non-human, virus factors.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

In mid-March, around 50 million people were put under Virus house arrest in China’s northeastern province of Jilin and in the southern cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan.

More recently, millions of Shanghai residents were ordered into lockdown as hazmat squads carried out citywide testing. These bold “public health” measures have just been expanded to cover all 25 million people who live in China’s main financial hub.

It’s strange there is so little discussion about what the heck is happening in China, considering China’s undeniable importance on the world stage.

So we’ve decided to create an Open Thread where open-minded, thoughtful, very handsome and beguiling people (that’s you) can share their thoughts/URLs/TikToks/etc. on this subject.

Below are a few observations from your humble Moscow correspondent. Please contribute to the discussion in the Comments Section.

Testimonials from westerners: “Food, please”

Let’s start with eyewitness reports from westerners in Shanghai. There are apparently some problems with food acquisition:

A fellow who works for the BBC reported he was gifted government-veggies (and later some chicken) but was still struggling to obtain certain items such as… water:

There’s also this guy, who seems genuinely grateful for his vegetable ration:

And here’s a lockdown hymn made by Chinese rappers:

Slightly concerning videos: It’s what Twitter craves?

There are lots of freaky videos floating around. Have you ever seen a robot-dog inspect a QR code? Now you have.

Are these weird visuals somehow staged or fake or something? Maybe? But… they can’t all be hoaxes:

There are many, many more videos. These are the more “tame” ones, actually. What the heck?

Infants separated from their parents?

There are several reports alleging that children who test positive for the Virus are being separated from their parents.

According to state media, parents can accompany their young ones to quarantine centers only if they also test positive.

But there are a lot of videos which appear to show unattended children—including infants. Authorities claimed that videos showing crying, unattended children were taken at a pediatric ward of a hospital, and are not from a quarantine center. Okay but still…. where are the parents?

Some Chinese people are… unhappy?

Seems so:

Edward’s Official Position

Our position on this matter was perfectly articulated by this Chinese guy who calmly tried to smoke a cigarette as hazmat-goons harassed him:

  1. CharlesHomer says

    As shown in this article, Western governments have wasted billions of dollars on misspending during the pandemic:

    Significant errors in judgement were made which resulted in a very significant level of waste and mismanagement which will take years to correct.

  2. guest says

    If China took over Australia today, the residents wouldn’t notice the difference.
    And this is the China and Mr. Xi, that Alex Jones-trained internet Putin groupies cheer for, because the Peking-Moscow axis will save us from the big-bad WEF NWO.

    Could it be that Mr. Xi and Mr. Putin meant it when they signed that statement in February ?

    “The Heads of State positively assess the effective interaction between Russia and China in the bilateral and multilateral formats focusing on the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, protection of life and health of the population of the two countries and the peoples of the world. They will further increase cooperation in the development and manufacture of vaccines against the new coronavirus infection, as well as medical drugs for its treatment, and enhance collaboration in public health and modern medicine.”

    “The Russian side confirms its readiness to continue working on the China-proposed Global Development Initiative, including participation in the activities of the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative under the UN auspices. In order to accelerate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the sides call on the international community to take practical steps in key areas of cooperation such as poverty reduction, food security, vaccines and epidemics control, financing for development, climate change, sustainable development, including green development, industrialization, digital economy, and infrastructure connectivity.”

    “The Russian side reaffirms its support for the One-China principle, confirms that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, and opposes any forms of independence of Taiwan.”

    How different the China-dominated world will be ?

  3. EstibenDelMar says

    Perhaps chinese government is treating covid19 as a US bacteriological attack?

  4. ken says

    Soon I imagine we will see Chinese dropping dead walking down the street….(remember that?).

    I used to think it was just a Chinese thing obeying every stupid thing government dictated,,, but now,,, after two years and watching the entire FREE West do the same over an ‘alleged’ disease with a 99.87 pct recovery rate nothing surprises me.

    Here in the free state of Florida, USA, I still see retards wearing the mask,,, billboard signs directing one to get the killshots,,, hospitals are still killing people for government bounty,,, there is no end to the comedy.

    I guess there is some angle to the Chinese lockdown but we’ll have to wait awhile to find out. Another batch of “the Cases!, the Cases! on a Disney cruise ship thus following the same events as happened two years ago except this cruise ship was 100% “vaxxed”.

    Yeah,,, the people writing the script aren’t very creative but then they don’t have to be…… do they…

  5. SteveK9 says

    The China fan-boys, like Pepe Escobar, and Godfree Roberts, are constantly telling us how godlike the Chinese are, and how we are really going to enjoy living in a China-dominated World. I had been admiring the Chinese a good deal until Covid started, and then I could see that … no way would I want to live in a World dominated by these ants. The only problem, the West adopted the same policies, with the willing acquiescence of their sheep, I mean people. I have some expertise here, and knew it was all lies from the beginning, which made it all the more depressing.

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