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Can They Hug in North Korea?

Britain longs for freedoms enjoyed by North Koreans

North Korea welcomes Great Britain into the family of Free World governments which permit their subjects hugs:

But in the British case it’s only with family members, and only if you have been vaxxed! What a free country!! The poor sods living in “Outposts of Tyranny” like Syria and Belarus must be so jealous!

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1 month ago

You will never be free obeying every mind boggling stupid edict government goons put out.

Whining, crying and complaining only makes them laugh. They feed upon your misery and cowardice.

Now like V for Vendetta, go out in front of your masters and hug away! Don’t take the fraudulent PCR test and you won’t get covid.

Freedom is not free. Sorry… You have to show a little backbone…

Last edited 1 month ago by ken
Jerry Hood
Jerry Hood
1 month ago

BoJo is khazarian mongrel,born in Jew Yoke City,Lower Manhattan= the local zionist copy of Dark Rift= Eden= Female Grotto in Milky Way, where the biblical Eve got her ” Hairy APPLE” to Adam to conceive…So the local zionists nicked it as ” Big ( hairy) APPLE”!!!

Jerry Hood
Jerry Hood
1 month ago
Reply to  Jerry Hood

And he is the liquid ” seed” …