‘Build Back Better:’ G7 Honchos Scheme ‘Climate’ Restrictions They Also Won’t Abide By

"The vast number of ideas, inventions and creative leaps that would have otherwise emerged in the past year or so were it not for bans on people mixing informally"

We know that so many of the Covid rituals are pointless. Has a single life been saved by the ubiquitous elbow bump? Does social distancing in the great outdoors really stave off infection? Is there any point to wearing a mask while walking around, only to take it off as soon as you sit down? And now, thanks to the pictures from the G7, we know that our leaders know these gestures are largely pointless, too. The contrast between the official, staged, ‘Covid-secure’ photos of the G7 leaders and the rest of the footage of them could not be more stark.

In one set of photos, we saw our presidents and prime ministers adhering strictly to social-distancing guidance, wearing masks and greeting each other with their elbows. Meanwhile, other footage showed them hugging, slapping each other’s backs and crowding together in large groups – Covid rules be damned.

Some have alleged that the leaders’ BBQ exceeded England’s legal limit on gatherings. The government insists that it stuck to the ‘rule of 30’ for outdoor events. But it is not the possible rule-breaking that should annoy us – it is the persistence of all the Covid theatre.

All of the G7 leaders will have been vaccinated. All have been getting tested for Covid every day. So why do they insist on going through the motions for the camera, only to jettison the rituals moments later? They could not have made it clearer that this is all for show.

Clearly, major diplomatic events like the G7 summit cannot properly function with social distancing or masking rules. Sometimes the informal get-togethers, the quiet chit-chats in between the official meetings, can be just as important for getting a diplomatic breakthrough as the official roundtables.

What the G7 leaders fail to recognise is that the same is true for the rest of society. Social life, business and creativity are all being sacrificed to Covid theatre, even as the threat from Covid recedes. It would be impossible to calculate the vast number of ideas, inventions and creative leaps that would have otherwise emerged in the past year or so were it not for bans on people mixing informally. Spontaneous interactions, chance encounters and rubbing up against each other are what drive society forward.

But these kinds of interactions have been effectively banned for all but the most powerful people on Earth.

All of the G7 nations have instituted lockdowns and social-distancing rules of some form over the past 15 months. And in all of these countries, high-ranking politicians and public-health officials have been caught, in their private lives, breaking the very rules they devised for the public.

We are bound to see even more of this hypocrisy in future. Climate change will eventually overshadow Covid-19 as the threat that most concerns our elites. As with Covid, we can expect them to implement restrictions on travel and on economic activity in response. We are already treated, every year, to the spectacle of private jets and helicopters descending for gatherings like the World Economic Forum, so that the global elites can decide which of our freedoms should be sacrificed for the good of the planet.

Many citizens are currently banned from the skies thanks to Covid restrictions. Perhaps we will be kept out by exorbitant carbon pricing in decades to come. But we know the rich and powerful will continue to travel as they please.

What made the G7 summit snaps all the more galling was that we all knew the prime minister was planning to announce another month of restrictions. Meanwhile, our leaders are only expected to tolerate these restrictions for the duration of a photo-op. It’s time they stopped patronising the public with these phoney Covid gestures, and let people get on with the business of living.

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  1. speciem libertatis says

    G-7: The Broke Club , The Bozos Club, The Evil Club
    NATO or G7 which is the United States and a bunch of its vassals

    And then there is this time thingy, both Russians and Chinese think in terms of long historic trends. They think with historic time scales, the United States lacks this perspective due to its elites being grossly uncultured and badly educated, plus, as I am on record for years, there is this issue with cause and effect, which increasingly manifests in the US scholarship and politics. They really do think that they are that important and attractive as to ignore reality on the ground. But it always bites.there is nothing to discuss any more in this respect, no matter what kind of ridiculous fantasies and delusions modern US elites try to present as a viable strategy.

  2. ken says

    “Meanwhile, other footage showed them hugging, slapping each other’s backs and crowding together in large groups – Covid rules be damned.”

    “All of the G7 leaders will have been vaccinated. All have been getting tested for Covid every day.”

    I can guarantee you they have not been vaccinated nor have they been tested everyday! What you are seeing, if televised or taped’ is the Hollywood needle and swab. They know the virus is fictional and therefore the reason they flaunt their own rules. That injection is the bio weapon.

    I have to add, they love to flaunt their power in any way they can. It’s their way of laughing at the fools.

    Global Warming (GW) is as fictional as the virus but few in the populations today have cogent abilities and therefore gullible. I imagine they will blindly ‘follow’ any GW restrictions just as they have blindly ‘followed’ the covid restrictions.

    Believing anything these parasites say or do is akin to believing there is a tooth fairy.

  3. Oilman says

    The G7 has a member that cannot force others to obey what they want. In the US, many completely reopen without masks and social distancing and even dared to go to the point of making passports illegal. Florida and Texas are perfect examples of States giving the G7 rules the finger and are now far better for it.

    1. Juan says

      We are all Texans now, howdy!

  4. Mark says

    My favourite off-the-cuff immolation of modern climate-change mumbo-jumbo, specifically Biden’s recent ‘climate change summit’. Alexander Bolt’s cutting sarcasm and barely-contained mirth are exactly the mockery-tonic such absurd stagecraft deserves.


    His kickoff line, “…Joe Biden; whose stupidity, by the way, is now a threat to the west” sets the tone for a spanking most of you will not have seen the like of since you were three years old. Bolt is merciless in his castigation of the current religion of idiocy where climate change is concerned, and in his recognition that it has become yet another political hobbyhorse the leaders ride when they want to look sensitive and caring and social-consciency.

    Look, of course pollution is real, and of course it has consequences. You cannot pour waste oil in the bay and expect fish to live in it. Strewing garbage everywhere makes a place unpleasant to live in, and escalates the risk of disease. It’s always just good sense to clean up after yourself and to be conscious of where chemical waste might end up. But the current prattling about ‘indigenous wisdom’ and deification of climate nutjobs is just another acknowledgement that your leaders think you are both stupid and easily distracted.

  5. Juan says

    Are you begging them for mercy? They should be hanging from trees, tongues sticking out, bodily excretions dripping from their twitching dying criminal bodies, not laughing in your face while living la vida loca.

  6. yuri says

    g7 is group therapy for impotent teenagers w pimples complaining about the adults—China, Russia, Brazil, etc that drink champagne while they eat snickers bars made in China

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