British Virus Cult Regime to Make Holidays Abroad ‘Illegal,’ German One to Shut Down Grocery Stores

We're all North Koreans now, but our oppressors are unpredictable cultists

New coronavirus rules will be coming into force next week which include a ban on anyone leaving the UK without a “reasonable excuse”. The new rules were published today, entitled Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2021.

The document reads: “The Regulations also impose restrictions on leaving the United Kingdom without a reasonable excuse (regulation 8).”

According to the new law, no one can “leave England to travel to a destination outside the United Kingdom, or travel to, or be present at, an embarkation point for the purpose of travelling from there to a destination outside the United Kingdom” without a reasonable excuse.

The document also suggests that anyone caught flouting the rules could face a whopping £5,000 fine.

Currently, Britons who are looking to travel abroad – with a reasonable excuse – must fill in a travel declaration form.

Anyone who fails to do this could face a £200 fixed penalty notice, from next Monday.

The form will be a “legal requirement” if you begin a journey where you intend to leave the UK from March 29.

The travel ban will not apply to those travelling within the common travel area which includes the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland – unless this is not your final destination.

From March 29, it will no longer be a requirement to stay at home.

However, you will have to have a “reasonable excuse” to leave the UK.

The permitted reasons to leave the UK have been updated but are similar to what is currently in place.

Reasonable excuses include those needing to travel for work, study, for legal obligations or to vote, if they are moving, selling or renting property, for some childcare reasons or to be present at a birth, to visit a dying relative or close friend, to attend a funeral, for those getting married or to attend the wedding of a close relative, for medical appointments or to escape risk of harm.

The main changes from March 29 are for those attending weddings or civil partnership ceremonies, funerals, educational purposes or non-UK residents who have been in the UK temporarily.

From March 29, you will only be able to leave the UK to attend your own wedding or civil partnership or a family member’s wedding or civil partnership if one of both people getting married or entering into a civil partnership do not live in the UK.

You will still be able to travel abroad for a funeral but not for commemorative events or to visit a burial ground.

If you are enrolled on a course of study, at an institution outside the UK and you have to leave the UK to attend the course then you can.

The Government advice states: “You are permitted to travel abroad if you study in the UK but you are required to travel outside the UK to satisfy one or more requirements of your course of study.

“If you study in the UK but live abroad, you are permitted to travel outside the UK to return home for the purposes of a university vacation on one occasion before 29 April 2021.”

The rules will allow students to return home during the Easter holidays.

From March 29, if you do not permanently reside in the UK and are only in England temporarily, then you can leave the country.

The new regulations will be voted in Parliament on Thursday.

The declaration form for international travel from England from March 29 2021 can be found here.

Source: The Daily Express

Germany is extending the current lockdown through to April 18, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced early Tuesday.

The country will enter an even stricter lockdown from April 1 to April 5 over the Easter holiday period, when shops, including grocery stores, will largely have to close.

Merkel warned that Germany needed to “break the exponential growth of the third wave.” Case numbers have reached levels that authorities say will overburden intensive care units.

Tuesday’s announcement marks a reversal from earlier this month when state leaders agreed to begin a cautious reopening process.

Talks between leaders of Germany’s 16 federal states and Merkel lasted until the early hours of the morning following a lengthy interruption.

What are the new measures?

As well as prolonging existing measures such as the closure of cultural, leisure and sporting facilities, tougher restrictions will apply over the Easter period.

  • Churches will be asked to hold services marking the Christian festival online.
  • No more than five adults from two households will be able to meet over the five-day period.
  • Testing and vaccination centers can remain open.
  • Public gatherings will be prohibited.
  • Almost all shops will be shut during the five days. Only grocery stores may open on Saturday, April 3.
  • Anyone from Germany holidaying abroad will have to be tested before boarding a flight back to Germany.

This “emergency brake” will halt further reopenings and will apply to areas exceeding 100 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants over a seven-day period.

If an area has an incidence rate of over 100 for three consecutive days, harsher lockdown measures will once again apply.

What did Merkel say?

“We are in a very, very serious situation” due to the spread of coronavirus variants in the country, Merkel told the press conference.

“What we have is essentially a new pandemic,” she said. The new virus is “significantly more deadly, significantly more infectious.”

“It really makes you a bit wistful about what we could have already achieved,” Merkel said, adding that the mutated virus has now “basically eaten up” earlier gains.

Germany would have to be “prudent and flexible” and was in a “race against time” to vaccinate its population, she said.

What state leaders said

“We are having a de facto Easter lockdown,” Bavarian State Premier Markus Söder told reporters. The goal is to take the speed out of the virus, he said.

“We are probably now living in the most dangerous phase of the pandemic,” Söder added, saying that many people underestimate the situation.

He cautioned that impatience should not become Germany’s weakness.

Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller said it was important to win time until the vaccine becomes available.

Tuesday’s decision represented a “paradigm shift” on how to proceed in the pandemic, he said. “It is no longer just about restrictions, it is no longer just about ‘open — close, open — close.'”

Stephan Weil, Lower Saxony’s state premier, backed the measures as he spoke of “five days of hard lockdown over Easter.”

“Firms should not produce anything, traveling to work should only take place when it is absolutely necessary. Public life in Germany and human interactions should be reduced to the absolute minimum. A short but consequent phase of stillstand can break and dampen the infection wave,” Weil said.

Source: Deutsche Welle

  1. loongtip says

    This “plandenic” paranoia bullshit has gone too far! ENUFF!

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an article that looks at how China wants to be involved in the development of a vaccine/immunity passport:

    Governments around the world are likely rubbing their hands with glee thinking that this may just be the answer to their pressing need to know everything about us and track our every move.

  3. ken says

    Isn’t it amazing how the lemmings put up with this! Closing grocery stores! Guess their depopulation agenda is coming out of the closet now. This for an alleged virus with a 0.23 kill rate, mostly over 80 years old.

    What can you say, especially if the lemmings won’t even defend themselves, their children, or culture.

    If the vaccines are “so safe” then why are they given immunity to lawsuits? Come on folks… use your other brain cell. Ask the questions!

    The question will soon boil down to “Do you want to die defending yourself, your family, your country, your God, or die a crying sniveling coward?” because many of us are going to die in this democide regardless.

    Surely one can see they want this. They think they have everything in place to win either way. It’s coming,,, whether you want it or not.

    The very first thing to do is trash that smart phone and any service associated with it. They cannot do this without that phone. Get a flip phone if you desperately need one.

    This has to be done before 5g is completed. Afterwards it really gets difficult. It’s either freedom and honor or enslavement and gutless.

    Choose wisely…

  4. Jerry Hood says

    UK= DPRUK….

  5. James says

    Restricting the right to travel is Communism plain and simple. How much more obvious can it be that this is nothing more than a Communist takeover attempt?

  6. Mark says

    Somehow we are always at ‘the most dangerous phase’ of the ‘pandemic’. How is that possible?

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