British MP Banned From Pubs in His Hometown for Life for Helping to Impose a Curfew

The people strike back

WARRINGTON South MP Andy Carter has been banned from a number of the town’s pubs and clubs [over 30 of them] for life because he supported the 10pm coronavirus curfew.

National Pubwatch is a voluntary organisation set up to promote best practice through supporting the work of local Pubwatch schemes, including in the town, with the aim of achieving a safer drinking environment in all licensed premises throughout the UK.

It offers advice and support when required but does not get involved in the decision-making processes of local bodies.

Warrington Pubwatch member Daniel – who is the general manager of Hop Co, on Bold Street – confirmed members unanimously voted for Mr Carter to be placed on Pubwatch for life.

It will see the Tory MP banned from entering the town’s pubs, bars, clubs that are members of the organisation.

However, Mr Carter says using the scheme in this manner is ‘totally against what it was set up for’.

Daniel said the 10pm coronavirus curfew has ‘absolutely killed us’ – with the town centre bar’s main trade usually between 11pm and 1am.

He believes there has been no credible evidence provided by the Government to support such a move.

And with Mr Carter supporting the curfew, Daniel says the politician has displayed ‘no support’ for the hospitality industry at a time when ‘we need as much support as we can get’.

He added he is extremely worried about the future and that he has never known anything where the whole industry has been ‘flattened’ like it has now.

But Mr Carter has defended his efforts, as well as the actions of the Government.

He said: “It’s simply not true to say the Government hasn’t supported the hospitality industry.

“I specifically raised the issue in the House of Commons chamber asking for more support for the sector mentioning businesses such as Hop Co and The Red Lion.

“Pubs have received grants, access to loans and Government schemes including Eat out to Help Out and most recently back dated support to August for those areas which were in tier two prior to the lockdown.

“The 10pm closing is a decision taken by central Government to help to reduce the spread of a deadly virus.

“I’m disappointed to see licensees using an important scheme like Pubwatch to keep people who go to licensed premises in Warrington town centre safe, for political aims, it’s totally against what it was set up for and brings the scheme into disrepute.”

Cheshire Police says Warrington Pubwatch is a voluntary organisation and its key aim is to help achieve a safe, secure and responsibly led social drinking environment in all licensed premises throughout the town and thereby reduce alcohol-related crime.

It added that while Cheshire Constabulary endorses the work of Pubwatch, it does not play any role in who is banned from entering any premises.

Source: The Warrington Guardian

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    only possible in small cities–not possible in US where politicians/celebrities worshipped and provided special treatment at the exclusive venues they visit

  2. Mr. Evans says

    What’s Happening In The YUK And Australia Is Pure F’n Evil Fourth Reich NAZI Fascism Folks . . . . Resist Their $hite And Fight For Your Very Lives, And Your Children’s And Families Lives Because They Are In ⁣Imminent & Grave Danger From These Programmed Monsters, And The Real Monsters Behind Them Ordering Them To Do What They Are Doing For The B$ Non Viru$ COVID-OP$1984 . . . ;-0. . . . Do Not Let Anyone Inject You, Or Your Children And Families With Any Vaccine$ Because They Will Have Their Nefarious Tracking Chip$ In Them, Nor Drink Any Kind Of Liquid Drinks Or Medications Because They Could And Most Likely Will Be Deadly To You And Everyone Else Who Take Them, And They Will Have Toxic $hite In Them Which Can And Will $terilize You, And Your Children As Part Of Agenda 21 / 2030 For Their Evil Nefarious And $adistic Realm-Wide UN Population Control Program$ . . . Do You Understand Me ? ;-0

  3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    Outstanding. If possible, this should be done all over the US. However, everything is a corporate chain here, now, anyway. Couldn’t work.

  4. Raptar Driver says

    You should be banned from the land of the living.

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