British MoD Documents “Found at Bus Stop” Are Disinformation

It's garbage alright

This is garbage. The green and red lines were not HMS Defender’s only choices of getting to Georgia. The ship could have easily taken the short, green route, but simply stayed 12 nautical miles from Crimea instead of the 10 miles it opted for. You can easily do the green route without running afoul of the Russians. The red route with the gigantic detour is bizarre alright, but also has no connection to reality and is simply tacked on to make the alternative look like the more practical and reasonable option by comparison.

The regime media knows what to say:

A series of slides prepared at PJHQ shows two routeing options, one described as “a safe and professional direct transit from Odessa to Batumi”, including a short stretch through a “Traffic Separation Scheme” (TSS) close to the south-west tip of Crimea.

This route, one slide concluded, would “provide an opportunity to engage with the Ukrainian government… in what the UK recognises as Ukrainian territorial waters.”

An alternative route was considered, which would have kept HMS Defender well away from contested waters.

This would have avoided confrontation, the presentation noted, but ran the risk of being portrayed by Russia as evidence of “the UK being scared/running away”, allowing Russia to claim that the UK had belatedly accepted Moscow’s claim to Crimean territorial waters.

No, that’s not true. There was no danger of being portrayed as being “scared” because the red route did not need to be taken, but simply the green route but without violating Russian waters by just 3700 meters.

The document also grossly enlarges the actual Russian exclusion zones:

This is either a psyop to manipulate the media and the public, or if it is the genuine document that was presented to the Prime Minister, it is even worse as it would be evidence of the MoD grossly misinforming and manipulating the PM. Giving the politicians two options of which one is designed to be as unpalpable as possible is indeed a favorite and time-tested strategy of deep state manipulators across the globe.

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Again, a nuclear missile capable cruiser is just km away from the main Russian base in the black sea?
    Nobody seems to have an issue with this?
    Do you realize how close we are to all out nuclear war?
    Oh except Putin is in charge so maybe not today.

  2. PJ London says

    Testing the Russian resolve and posturing for NATO.
    The Russians are professional and will neither over-react or back-down.
    Try that on the Iranians or the Taliban and you will be on your knees in a prison before you can say ‘Terribly sorry’
    It was a deliberate provocation. Childish and stupid. It gained UK nothing but derision.
    But then BoJo the clown is good at that sort of thing.

  3. kkk says

    Brits are low life miserable skunks

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