British Government COVID Cult Experts Speak Out Against Board Games for Christmas

Totally not unhinged, overbearing and drunk with power

Earlier this week, the government announced up to three households will be allowed to form a “Christmas bubble” from 23 to 27 December. [How generous.]

But the government’s scientific advisory committee, Sage, warns coronavirus could easily spread during the festive relaxation of the rules.

They say people should still weigh up if an event could be postponed.

If not, meeting online or outdoors where the risks of transmission are lower, could be a better option.

But if you do go ahead, they say, it’s important to include everyone taking part in drawing up a plan for how to manage the event.

They highlight the particular importance of involving women in the decision-making.

The document says: “Women carry the burden of creating and maintaining family traditions and activities at Christmas.

“Messaging should be supportive of women adapting traditions and encouraging those around them to share the burden and to be supportive of any alterations to adapt for Covid-19 restrictions.”

‘Not a theoretical risk’

The advisers recognise that negotiating these arrangements may “create tensions”.

But they suggest a series of measures, ranging from minimising the numbers getting together to keeping events brief to avoiding physical contact.

Maintaining social distancing, keeping surfaces clean and opening windows to allow in fresh air are all highlighted.

There are also practical suggestions:

  • Children should meet their grandparents outside where possible
  • If staying overnight, children should share bedrooms with their parents, not the children of another household
  • Be aware of the risk of spreading the virus by board games which involve lots of shared pieces – maybe try quiz games instead

But there’s a warning that no single measure will guarantee that Christmas is risk-free.

Scientists warn that, within households, one infected person can pass the virus to as many as 50% of the rest.

And they say that the spread of the disease could multiply as the newly-infected people return to their usual lives after the break.

In one paper, the advisers spell out that “this is not a theoretical risk”.

They point to earlier research into how other respiratory diseases such as pneumonia increase as older family members are exposed during the school holidays.

That’s why they conclude that cases are set to rise.

“The prevalence could easily double during a few days of the festive season, with further multiplicative increases as new infections go back to their “routine” networks.”

Another document published by Sage makes clear that most coronavirus infections happen during prolonged indoor gatherings of people who are familiar with each other. [So what exactly is the point of face diapers and home lockdowns?]

That creates what’s called an “intimacy paradox” in which we let our guard down because we don’t see our loved ones as a potential dangers. [Please see your loved ones as dangers.]

Source: BBC

  1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Ignorant reporters need to be re-educated in proper reporting techniques, like introducing acronyms (like SAGE) in their full forms before inflicting their audiences with them in their short forms.
    Even Google couldn’t find “Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies” as the meaning of SAGE until I booted it in the butt.
    The plant is probably more efficacious than the organization.

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  9. Mark says

    The SAGE boffins should be ordered to wear body cams like the police are supposed to in many cities in the USA, so that we can all parse their actions for COVID carelessness. But that won’t happen, because their oversize foreheads put them above the rules they make for others who are too stupid to get out of their own way, and must be told everything. Some standout examples I have seen just in the last few days: (1) In the supermarket parking lot, a large sign – “Be a Customer Hero! Return Your Shopping Cart here.” Calibrated for a just-learning-to-read level, but it does offer you the chance to feel like a hero for performing a single simple task, even if you do not come home every day covered in blood and ashes and dragon scales, like the real front-line workers. (2) Taped to the large plexiglas screen behind which all cashiers must now hide, yet another sign – soon, nobody will need to speak aloud. “If you are buying cigarettes, you must remove PPE when told so your identity can be verified. Refusal to remove PPE will result in refusal of service”. So grocery stores have been granted the power to temporarily suspend COVID infections while you drop your face-panties so they can see if you are old enough to buy cigarettes. Incredible.

    I’m sure we all remember how the Father of the Pandemic, Professor Neil Ferguson, had to resign from SAGE after ignoring the lockdown rules he helped establish.

    But that’s not as uncommon as you might think. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock tweeted out a warning to all his constituent followers to stay home for Thanksgiving and be safe…and not even an hour after that, got on a plane to Mississippi to join his family for Thanksgiving celebrations.

    But those examples pale in comparison to the sheer cheek of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who attended a birthday party for 12 people at an expensive restaurant in California wine country. He assured his critics that the party was held outdoors and he and the other guests followed safety precautions to the letter. A subsequent photo which was leaked demonstrated that to be a cascading series of lies, as the people shown were indoors, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, nobody is wearing a mask, and right next to Newsom is the CEO of the California Medical Association.

    One set of rules for the bigwigs, and another for the peasant monkeys.

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